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  1. Mathews Z7 right hand 70 lb. 29.5" draw. In great shape. New string and cables (less then 25 shots on them). Montana Black Gold sights. Ripcord rest. 10/ 340 ACC Pro Hunter Arrows (3 with Nocturnal nocks. SKB bow case. (Bow fits like a glove) $600.00. Hillsborough area
  2. Shot a few years back opening day shotgun season
  3. I sent my muzzleloader stock to RR Hoffer in Wisconsin. Quick turnaround and a good price.
  4. I had cortisone shots two series of gel shots one before arthroscopic surgery one after arthroscopic surgery and it still did nothing ended up with a total right knee replacement at 55 years old then later the same year a total right hip replacement it was a bad year
  5. Big game hang on treestand sold pending pick up
  6. Not sure which one but it's made of steel
  7. The summit bucksteps are sold pending pick up
  8. Forgot I am located in Hillsborough
  9. Summit viper climbing treestand 150.00 Big game hang-on treestand. 40.00 17' ladder stand (no cushions or connector pins). 40.00 Set of four summit bucksteps. 50.00 SKB bow case. 125.00
  10. I've been using Jimmy 4 years he's the best butcher around hands down
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