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  1. Looks like great news, something really needs to be done. We are a private lake and tried applying for this but there was too much intricate detail they needed and would have costs us too much money up front just to apply, sad.
  2. Would love to come but always too far from north NJ.
  3. https://www.buckcuffs.com/about-buck-cuffs Just get a pair of these, they work like a charm.
  4. This is why everyone needs to vote and tell their friends and family to vote. Get the word vote, voting is the only power we have to turn this state back to red.
  5. I would definitely be interested in having events up north. I live in Bergen County but bowhunt in Sussex and Warren and NY. I currently shoot at the Mahwah range, something could be hosted there. You did have a dinner a few years back that I attended up North and it was great. I agree, we all need to stick together and promote the sport of bowhunting, especially for the youths. I am a lifetime member of UBNJ.
  6. I will be out there with my son, this will be his 2nd time. Great way to get the youths into hunting, not much pressure yet and they can shoot anything.
  7. I tried this last year, braised them for 5 hours. Meat was great but the only issue was all the silver skin melted down and made a jelly-like form on the meat, not appetizing.
  8. My kids love the bone in chops, very simple to do. Who else here has some fancy cut ideas to share.
  9. anthonyap

    Getting A Flu Shot ?

    Just read the list of ingredients in the flu shot. We all here to hunt for clean, lean natural meat so why would you inject chemicals directly into your blood stream. The flu is not a disease, you get over it fairly quick.
  10. I wish this was closer to North East NJ, I would definitely be there.
  11. Always great to see people getting into the sport of hunting. I've been hunting for 30 plus years and I am still learning. Thats the beauty of it, the challenges, the adventure, the memories and the things we see and get to experience that most will never understand. Keep scouting, keep hunting, keep learning and carry on the tradition!
  12. I stopped buying from Dick's a long time ago and never step foot into that store and I make it a point to tell other fellow sportsman.
  13. Unfortunately the weather doesn't look promising, might have to take my son during the week, but let's hope we see some breaks in the rain!
  14. Been hunting Monday in PA for 25 years now. I don't mind changes if for the better, but having opening day on Saturday and no Sunday hunting makes no sense!
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