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  1. Only used 5 times and is in brand new condition. Super light weight weight stand and comes with a stick quiver for the climbing sticks. I am selling it for $225.00, it's worth $300.00 brand new, see following links: https://www.lonewolfhuntingproducts.com/shop/Products/Assault-II-Backordered-Up-to-2-weeks__ASHO-spc-II.aspx https://www.lonewolfhuntingproducts.com/shop/Products/Alpha-Tech-Stick-Quiver__AT-SQ.aspx Located in Bergen County
  2. I just enjoy taking my muzzleloader for a walk this time of year! I look forward to getting deep in the woods, scouting and getting plenty of exercise.
  3. I always debone the meat off the thigh and cook that, the legs are too bony.
  4. I hunt a 300 acre ranch. I and the landowner know the population extremely well. I bow hunt regularly and run trail cameras. The destruction we have seen this year is unbelievable. Waterfowl hunters are stepping over dead deer in the rivers and ponds. Like I said, this particular area was ground zero. Don't rely on DEC, rely on yourself and other experienced hunters to see it first hand.
  5. Be careful what you wish for, remember Big Pharma are corrupt crooks. Besides this is a hunting forum not a politics/vaccine forum. We come here to get away from this madness. https://web.archive.org/web/20201116115450/https://www.jpost.com/health-science/could-an-mrna-vaccine-be-dangerous-in-the-long-term-649253
  6. Yes the area I hunt was ground zero for EHD, it is really sad to see the woods so empty.
  7. EHD killed about 80% of our deer herd there, unbelievable!! It will take years for the herd to come back.
  8. Yes, I also hunt in Orange County NY. Estimates 1,500-3,000 dead deer. I personally have seen many dead in the woods, rivers and ponds. Very sad, 2020 blows!
  9. Thanks but this has that mesh lounger chair when flipped up doesn't allow you to stand tight against the tree.
  10. I loved the older ladder stands where the seat flips up against the tree and you can stand tight against the tree. The new ones have that lounge seat and when you flip the seat up it sits away from the tree too far. Does anyone have any reccomendations for the older style ladder stands, can't seem to find them?
  11. One of coolest things I have ever seen in my 35 years of bowhunting!
  12. When they lift the mask mandate that's when I will go back. I will stick to my basement for now, working out with a mask can't be healthy.
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