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  1. Your correct evil will find a way. But do we have an obligation to limits the tools that evil choses?
  2. I started a very similar thread on another site to collect thoughts and ideas from OUR community and I hope this post does just that. Have no doubts what so ever there will be a ban of some sort on semi-auto rifles and likely at a later time pistols. I assure you that we as a society are left with no other choice. Much blame can be spread around for us reaching this point and I will agree the largest portion lay with the intolerant left. The Schumer's, Pelosi's, Obama's etc. Their ilk gave us this society but on the other side we did little to stop it. Gun owners also bear a certain amoun
  3. It is important to remember that all of these shooting involve a law abiding citizen and a legal purchase. They were not criminals until they pulled the trigger.
  4. Its not the randomness it's the deaths. I started this thread on another site mostly to gauge the communities feelings and get some ideas on how to prevent these shooting from occurring. I'll disagree that they are rare for they are not. These events occur much more frequent then imagined or reported and their impact on our society is boundless. These horrors not only ( and obviously ) end lives but change them forever. I will agree that we can not go back to an earlier more refined time. The internet and media in general has guaranteed that. So then we must deal with the cultural cesspoo
  5. Excellent condition with a rather low round count. This fine queen of the safe sits idol and sadly will do so in the future without the advances of a proper suitor. She offers unblemished wood furniture and flawless nickle finish. Her only baggage is several NJ legal Ruger factory magazines. A loyal and worthy companion for a mere $600.00 Naturally all NJ laws for firearms purchase apply as they should...
  6. Nice gun. Somewhat surprised it has not sold of yet.
  7. As I said great price poor timing!!!!
  8. Does not matter if he actually said it or not. The media's obsession with this man is pathological bordering on the insane. I feel no need to defend his remarks in the same way there is no need to defend any truth that is based on facts. Again immigration is but a tool to progressives who's ultimate goal is absolute power and who better to help them consolidate that power then a collection of people starved of life's basics who make for great election day fodder. The ultimate irony is that progressives, liberals ( what ever these fascists fancy themselves ) are the true racists and intolerant
  9. I must disagree the target is Trump and has been since the election. What is occurring is nothing short of an attempted putsch by progressives to overthrow the President and to undermine what is left of the Constitution. It's about endless, overwhelming central power and of course control. None of what is occurring was meant to happen. Clinton was going to win and the progressive were going to finish the work set forth by Obama. Immigration is just a tool for that goal. Trump is correct in calling some of these countries shitholes. If they were not why then would their people be so desperate t
  10. I think the Presidents most recent comments are right on the money. We are under no Constitutional obligation to commit national suicide via unbridled immigration. European leaders might feign outrage over Trumps shithole comments but their populations would agree with him. Germany, France, Sweden are just a few examples of the progressive nightmare that is immigration. Judging a man by his enemies I would say that Trump is doing just fine.
  11. More then a shame it's a damn sin.
  12. Legitimizing societies vices in an attempt to offset the states financial mismanagement and corruption just ain't no way to run a republic.
  13. To say addiction is not a disease because some are affected and some are not is compatible with saying the flu or say cancer is not a disease process because not everyone suffers their ravages. Drugs, legal or otherwise are a billion dollar industry which has and continues to erode the nations core values and we need not go very far back in history to see the outcome of republics who abdicate their morality.
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