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  1. No issues paying more for a tag of the money was actually used for what it was supposed to be......conservation and not welfare. The state should however change the price for non resident, its absurd that folks get to come to NJ and take advantage of our older age class bears for a fraction of the costtheywould pay in there own state.
  2. Made Goose pastrami in the smoker, came out great, it's all in the brine. Dont over cook, I used a meat probe to get the ideal temp.
  3. Tj, Are you just checkin in the boxes of frozen meat? Are you packing the meat out yourself or are you going with an outfitter? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies! When you fly back with meat, are you driving it to a processor ahead of time? Are you using a packer to haul the meat out or are you backpacking it out? Seems like at a certain point you have to stop hunting to realistically be able to get out off the mountain and to a meat processor to get frozen before you can bring any meat back. Do you guys bring coolers out with you? Thanks
  5. Congratulations to all the guys who were drew a tag for this upcoming Elk season. Quick question for you, are you planning to drive or fly? Are you going solo or with a group? If you ate flying what is your plan for bringing the meat and antlers back?
  6. Real simple way to deal with this issue, you get caught selling/smuggling Herion you get a fatal dose, see you later. You would see that the war on drugs would end real quick.
  7. HELL YEAH!!! It's become a tradition to have out annual tuna party celebrating the first catch of the season! I personally like sashimi better, hard to beat Sea Bass or Porgies.
  8. tommymo

    Prime Logic

    I shoot a Prime Centergy, the fit and finish on the bow is second to none, some folks say that the Prime bows have some what of a ping to them on the shot due to the specific aluminum allow. I can tell you that I heard it on a demo bow at a shop where I went to test shoot it, sounded like a tuning fork. I ended up buying a new left over on Archery Talk for half the price, so I decided to give it a try, the bow is dead silent. I'm really trying to love this bow, it continues to be a journey, the bow for me is hyper sensitive to the correct grip. I had to completely retrain my hand to the bow to get the right tear out of bare shafts. I'm going to hold onto it through the Spring and continue working with it, if it dosen't work out I 'll be back to shooting Mathews, absolutely love the Triax/Traverse.
  9. While I agree with kids not spending any time out side unless its scheduled in advance,I don't believe it's the reason for the decline in hunter recruitment trends. I grew up in a time very much like all of you, where you came home at dusk, covered in dirt begging to stay out for 5 more minutes, kids playing up and down the street. I have to say, out of all of those kids I'm the only one who hunts, truthfully I only know a couple of folks who do. I honestly believe that there is a "Hunter" gene, and some folks have it, others have lost it due to 100's of years of industrially provided convenience, they've lost their need of the pursuit. It's sad but I get it all the time from folks when the topic of hunting come up. Comments like, you wake up at 2 in the morning to sit in the freezing cold waiting to shoot something, NO THANKsS!! Why don't you just go buy a steak? I can't believe you shoot Bambi......no I shoot his father! I have 2 boys, I selfishly pray that both of them will take up the passion that others call a sickness, I would love the company! Honestly, all I can do is take them out and expose them to nature and show them where food really comes from. Unfortunately, only time will only tell if they have it or they don't, either way I'll be fine with it, its not going to stop me. I think the bigger issue at hand is how society is producing a level of weakness that defies common sense. My wife and I had to go see the principal this past Wednesday to pick up our 7 year old because he was caught talking to a student about stabbing something in the eye. The teacher or principal didn't even care to ask what they were talking about, they were immediately separated and my son removed from the class. The end result was my son was sharing a scene from a fictional story based on the NJ shark attack of 1916. We were told he shouldn't be reading those kind of books..........I lost my shit.
  10. That's so funny me to, been thinking about it ever since I shot one with a bow this fall, amazed how good it was. Have been considering buying. Cheap air rifle as well, to many things in want to do not enough time lol.
  11. tommymo

    3D archery

    Hi guys looking to get into some serious 3d shoots this year in preparation for my Western hunt this year. Question is, are their any courses with in 2 hours of Bergen county that would offer some incline, decline, and +40 yard shots? I typically do Lincoln Park every summer, which is alot of fun and simulates NJ hunts, looking for something a little bigger. Thanks, Tom
  12. i have an axion for sale if your interested in loss camo! I shoot a 10' B stinger with 3 oz out front
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