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  1. Would love to meet their parents, tell them what a great job they did raising model sons........
  2. Sous vide is the oy way to cook wild meat, it's an absolute game changer.
  3. I've caught alot of big mean fish in my life ranging from offshore, inshore and freshwater. Nothing beats a smallmouth on a stiff rod!!!
  4. I bought the Jewel sous vide last fall and all I can say is that its a game changer when it comes to cooking red meat, especially venison. It basically makes it idiot proof for you to over cook meat over what your preferred doneness is. I basically take a loin or steak, lightly coat it in olive oil, throw a couple of springs of thyme, couple of garlic cloves, and throw it into a heavy duty 1 gallon freezer bag that I compress all of the air out by dunking it into a tub of water. At this point it goes into the bath for about 2 hours at 125, after its done I try it off, coat the meat in a nice layer of salt and pepper and into a hot cast iron pan for 1 minute on each side. The results are amazing!!!! I want to try and make an entire shoulder roast this summer, will let you all now how it comes out. As far as flavor, I agree there is some sacrifice, I think dry seasoning works better then wet marinates, but as far as the sear nothing really changes in my opinion.
  5. Congrats Ron! Love the tried and true A5!
  6. So back in zone 6, on top of a knife ridge 3 miles back 30 min before legal. Right around 630 a gobbler sounds off way off in the distance down one side, I drop down about half way down the ridge and start out letting some soft yelps, he hits be back and for the next hour I try to slow play him in, after that not a peep. I end up staying put till about 10 calling about every 20 minutes with no love. Ended up makeing a slow loop back to the car teying to strike a gooble between 2 mountains and a swamp. No Love. Going to have to wait till next Saturday to get out again, E season from here on end.
  7. So this is going to be my second year of trying to hunt Turkeys in the mountains of NJs vast public lands, so far it’s not been so much hunting as it has been hiking. Last year I exclusively spent my season hunting E and would constantly run into gobbling at first light, but was never able to get any to commit. After an hour or so of sitting and calling sporadically I would go off running ridges, unsuccessfully trying to strike a gobble via a crow call or a series of yelps. This year I decided to take a couple of days off during A week in hopes the birds would be unmolested and would have a better shot. Well that idea didn’t work out so well, on opening morning I hiked back 3 miles well before legal, into a valley were I had heard gobbles in the past and setup, to only have another hunter walk down the opposite side of the ridge at first light. I couldn’t believe that even though I shined my headlamp to notify him I was there, he continued to walk down the ridge 40 yards in front of me and setting up not 60 yards away. The only turkey sounds I heard that morning was his constant attempt at yelping, needless to say it was an uneventful morning. Determined not to be discouraged and waste a day off I shoved off trying to do some running and gunning in hopes in striking a gobble. Well after 12 miles and 2 pieces of public land the clock ran out without a peep or sound of any bird what so ever, another eventless day in the turkey woods. These mountain birds aren’t easy, seems like the folks hunting areas with more fields are having better luck. To the guys that hunt the big woods are you mostly staying put waiting for something to walk by or are you doing a mixture of sitting and running ridges trying to strike a gobble? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, heading out tomorrow AM to another part of the same public hoping not to run into anyone at first light. Thanks, Tom
  8. Dont wate your time, I dont hunt there, but do hike there alot with my family along with the other 100 families and bike riders. Of all the hours up there, I have kicked up 1 deer.
  9. Hey man where did all the fish go?.......WE ATE THEM!!!! Our current management practices suck balls, this time of year bass fishing should be closed all together, we should leave them alone and let them do their thing. We should actually adopt that to all species in which we know when and where they are breeding. Slot limits make so much sense, we use to have them on bass and it worked. We maintained the stocks we all sacrificed to rebuild during the moratorium , wonder what idiot thought it was a good idea to change it. Same thing with Fluke, we keep increasing the size limit and killing off breeding females, a Rutgers study proved this yet we do nothing with the facts, must be the new American way. I got into a spirited discussion with a friend of mine who can't stand the commercial fishing fleets and even has a bone to pick with the charter captains who are out there every day pounding stocks. While I agree whole heartily with the corruption of the commercial fishery as they continue to rape our natural resources, the charter guys in my opinion provide a service to alot of folks that only get out a few times a year. The fact is, he kills more bass in a season then most charter patrons kill in a life time. We all have a part in this, one thing is for sure, we are heading down a perilous path by killing off our breeding stocks. Kind a sounds like a familiar tune you hear on this site with the unlimited doe seasons, where did all of those go?
  10. Lone Wolf Sticks and Stand I got tired off not being in the perfect tree because a climber couldn't go up it. I hunt some random public land spots based on a map location, been burned to many times where a climber failed, with sticks thats not a concern anymore. Seriously thinking about getting into a tree saddle this year to cut down on weight even more.
  11. No issues paying more for a tag of the money was actually used for what it was supposed to be......conservation and not welfare. The state should however change the price for non resident, its absurd that folks get to come to NJ and take advantage of our older age class bears for a fraction of the costtheywould pay in there own state.
  12. Made Goose pastrami in the smoker, came out great, it's all in the brine. Dont over cook, I used a meat probe to get the ideal temp.
  13. Tj, Are you just checkin in the boxes of frozen meat? Are you packing the meat out yourself or are you going with an outfitter? Thanks
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