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  1. Want to buy Ruger PC9 Carbine.
  2. UncleDaddy


    Price drop $650
  3. Even from your links: upper - $240 BCG - $80 Equals $320 plus a charging handle $10 plus my brake $30 and paying ocean armory to pin and weld it another $30 that puts us at $390 for the upper, which is what you were implying my entire gun should cost. you weren’t asking because you were interested in buying you said I need to “justify” my price, if you don’t like the price then keep scrolling.
  4. Oh thanks for your expert opinion, tell me exactly where you can get a complete upper with BCG and CH for $240? Better yet, where can I buy an NJ compliant AR for your genius estimate that it’s worth $400 total? I’ll be sure to consult you before I list anything.
  5. These will be impossible to find in this state sooner than we can expect, the bills are passing lightning fast.
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