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  1. If money were no object, I would put a Trijicon, Leupold vx5, Nikon Monarch, Burris, Nightforce, S&B, Zeiss etc. If my eyes were better I would put a 3-9x40, 1 inch tube. As it stands my eyes suck and I am frugal so I just picked up a Weaver 2.5-10x50 with Illuminated reticle for $189 at Natchez Supply. Has 30mm tube. If it’s trash, I’ll use it on something else and bite the bullet on one of the above. I really like the fov and the illuminated reticle on the Leupold vx5 HD 2-10x42 Firedot. The Vortex hog hunter was mildly interesting as well for low light hunting. Price wasn’t too bad but I think the bell was 56mm. You can get lost for days in all the info available. Pineracer
  2. Probably right. I saw a kid get unfairly doxxed by a hoard of anti’s the other day on our local Facebook page. It was very unsettling and there was no defense. Don’t get me wrong, as I said I am hoping for max justice but not counting on it.
  3. Those here wishing for harsh sentencing and a sense of “justice served” may wind up sorely disappointed. I know of someone who did the same thing last year and walked away with 1 F&G ticket. Crossbow from ground within 150’ of 4 houses, without a zone permit, cut head off deer and supposedly put a bolt into a neighboring yard. I won’t out this person because He has paid his penalty, even if I think it was far too lenient. I hope this poacher gets his due, but doxxing him and miss huntress1234 brings us all down a slippery slope. Far too many folks unfairly doxxed these days by overzealous online crusaders who don’t care how damaging their actions are. I prefer not to participate in the practice as the unintended consequences oftentimes outweigh the original charge. Great buck, sad to see him go out this way. Pineracer
  4. I’ll take it. Can we meet on Friday night or Saturday afternoon? Pineracer
  5. Also make sure you get the remote 12v battery. Check the signal in the area before you put it out and if its marginal get the booster antenna.
  6. I enjoy hunting over decoy. The does can be wary but when the big buck shows up, he is gonna check it out. In this pic I set up on the downwind approach and had a few nice bucks fall for the ruse. good luck! Pineracer
  7. Was he hit back /high like you thought? How come they wouldn’t let you keep it? Congrats on 2nd buck. Quite the spread. Pineracer
  8. Thanks, I will check it out!
  9. Thank you all. I will start checking online. Regards Pineracer
  10. Looking for a Savage 220, any color. I am located near Great Adventure. Thanks! Pineracer
  11. At this point all we can hope for is another Supreme Court Justice before the swing back to the left. Pineracer
  12. Wayne, in case you didn’t know it, you are a pretty damn good dude. People noticed! What goes around, comes around, and I have seen you be more generous than most deserve over the years. Great post, enjoyed it immensely. Pineracer
  13. Perfectly legal to ride a bike on any improved (dirt/paved) roads in State Forests and WMA's as long as bike is not classified as "off road use only", has tag, insurance and meets criteria for on-road use (headlight, taillight, high beam, blinkers, horn). Pineracer
  14. For Deer my favorite place so far is South Texas. I have consistantly had more exciting encounters and witnessed more deer behaviors than anywhere else. The rut is non-stop excitement. For fowl, I have to give nod to northern Saskatchewan. Been just about everywhere for ducks/geese and you cannot beat the area for numbers and quality. People are friendly, land is plentiful and birds are tasty! Pineracer
  15. Opening Day Goose from one of our fields in Central NJ. Couldn't figure out how to hyperlink, so just cut and paste. Pineracer Hey Pineracer, embed that puppy! Just click the when you post and select the video source, pop in the URL and BAM! [video=youtube]
  16. Off-season is family time. Beach, crabbing, pool, etc. I do try and get out on the dirt-bike to blow off some steam. My gears gets stowed and I don't look at it until August. Keeps the wife happy, and thusly, me happy. I do spend time looking for new properties to lease. All the farmers are outside and it's easy access. Pineracer
  17. January 2013 9 pointer. Foggy morning, tough shot. Hope to have the Euro Mount back tomorrow. Pineracer
  18. Rutting Buck- THAT is exactly what I need. Thanks for the link. Update: Wow, $1,000 per day from Central Jersey Bobcat! Gonna make some more calls. Pineracer
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