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  1. I had been using the amsteel for a few years and last yr bought the daisy chain web straps. The amsteel was a pain in the ass to loosen the knots around the versa button, especially during winter bow when it was really cold. The daisy chain is easy to get off but the holes dont always line up and you have to twist it up or have more sag in step. Both are better than the straps that come with it and worth the upgrade.
  2. My son killed this 5pt. He has been putting lots of time in with the bow trying to get his 1st buck. Made a 40 yrd heart shot. Got a big hug from him and kept telling me how great of day he had with me.
  3. My buddy and I had out our kids out to hunt some public ground up near walpack. My son missed a bird earlier in the am and we thought it was over. We stuck it out in the blind for a few more hours and when the rain stopped we regrouped and made a plan. While heading to our new spot I saw several birds in a small opening a few hundred yards away. We backed the trucks up, bailed out and headed down the creek bottom. We set up either side of the creek and started called. Birds hammer back right away and came in on a string. Ended up with a double and my son redeemed his missed from earlier. Good times and great memories with the kids. Huge smiles all day and the entire ride home we got to talk about all the details. Pretty cool listening to them call mom and tell their friends what they did.
  4. Thanks for the bow Dan! Cant wait to shoot some fish with it.
  5. Where ya located bacon?
  6. Looking for a recurve to use for bowfishing. Don't want to spend a ton and dont want anything fancy. 50# min right handed
  7. Sign woob up. I will sign up as well
  8. Free !!!! Pick up in middletown, monmouth county. Brand new
  9. System wasnt working yesterday. Tried to get my muzzlegun permit and it said I needed my 2020 license. Bought that early december. Ended up not going out, was kinda pissed. Checked back today and now it lets me add it to cart.
  10. Been a few years since I've been there but if they still have the voodoo shrimp appetizer its awesome.
  11. Myself and two other guys hunted the water gap for deer / bear monday tues and weds. We saw bears on every sit and my one friend could have shot but elected to pass (smaller bear he already killed two). Its crazy the numbers of bears up there. good luck to the guys still going after them.
  12. I’ve got JBK’s on my vertix and they haven’t moved at all
  13. I have a mystery ranch nice frame pack. Right now I switch between the metcalf and mule bags. Packed out a few deer and bears off the AT with it. Not cheap but will last as long as I can use it.
  14. Check out YouTube for elk hunts. Those guys Quarter and pack out all the time. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and works great 01B5593C-C60F-4FD4-90FB-B87DC77A0B31.MOV
  15. Switched to this set up last year and works great for one handed use of lineman’s rope.
  16. Been doing that for years and it works awesome. Doesn’t take long at all and once you do it a few times it’s like riding a bike.
  17. Selling a sure loc Xpress bow press. $125 and needs to be picked up. Located in Middletown, Monmouth county. Pics up later
  18. I hunted up there on Monday. Killed a 4pt. While waiting after the shot I saw a beautiful 8pt. Shoulda waited, hehehehe. Then when I got down I saw another basket 8 pt. Two guys where we parked musta killed something cause we saw the drag marks. Barely anyone up there where we were. Love that place.
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