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  1. NJ219bands

    merganser part deux

    I ate a stew made with tiny pieces of brant and merganser with lots of Polish sausage. It was good.
  2. I paid $100 for my first DNA test then was paid $200 for my next 10 tests. I am > 3% Neanderthal. Liberals are correct when they say that hunters are Neanderthals.
  3. NJ219bands

    Coastal photos

    Returned the next day and got a double banded brant on my last shot of the day just before sunset with my Triple Threat by Chiappa shotgun and 3.5" bismuth shotgun shells. That's the fourth doubled banded brant that I shot in NJ.
  4. NJ219bands

    Coastal photos

    After a waterfowl guide put his boat blind in my spot, I had my best 2 waterfowl hunts for this season the past 2 days. Got an adult female Atlantic Brant that was banded 7/29/2011 on Southampton, Island, Nunavut, Canada, for my 245th band and second this season from 51 birds bagged.
  5. NJ219bands


    Fiddlers were still out on January 8, 2019, but cold weather is on the way. Got pinched by the big claw.
  6. NJ219bands


    Fiddler crabs were active on an Atlantic County salt marsh yesterday afternoon. 2 egrets were looking for them. When does winter start?
  7. NJ219bands

    Hunting the high seas

    great pics
  8. NJ219bands

    Goose Call?

    I use an old Faulk's CH-44 wood goose call. It works on both Canadas and snows.
  9. NJ219bands

    Christmas miracle pics

    It's a Charles Daly Chiappa 3.5" 12 gauge magnum shotgun. I bought it for $1,800 from Mike's Gun Shop in Levittown, PA, last year because my Benelli Super Black Eagle II Performance Shop Waterfowl Special Edition malfunctioned 42 times last waterfowl season. The triple barrel malfunctioned twice this season. Every shotgun that I ever owned malfunctioned. I guess I need to clean my weapon after shooting.
  10. NJ219bands

    Christmas miracle pics

    Killed 2 mallards with one shot while walking out into the salt marsh Christmas afternoon. The drake was banded near Atlantic City, NJ, 2/14/2017 and hatched in 2015 or earlier. Banded on Valentine's Day and died on Christmas Day. Also got a bufflehead and black before sunset. Heard a few shots to the south. I now have 244 bird bands. Only got 27 waterfowl this season.
  11. NJ219bands

    Anyone Duck Hunting?

    This was the worst waterfowl season that I had in the past 52 years. Maybe the next 5 months will be better. Starting to see more migrant birds from Canada.
  12. NJ219bands

    Bird shot buck

    Many years ago on the opening day of the firearms buck season I shot the second of 2 bucks walking together thinking that the second deer would be the bigger of the 2 but it only weighed 96 lbs and had several healed bird shot wounds. I once saw a doe with an arrow sticking out of its rear end hobbling through the woods. Antis love posts like this. Hunters are cruel.
  13. NJ219bands

    South Zone Season 2

    Got a double on mallards with my triple barrel shotgun this afternoon from a tidal tributary of the Delaware River. Only saw a few local mallards and Canada geese. Got 2 crows yesterday.
  14. NJ219bands

    coastal Reports

    Got a drake mallard and Canada goose near Atlantic City yesterday afternoon. Only saw a few blacks and brant on the bay.
  15. NJ219bands

    fish pic

    Caught, tagged and released a fish with no eyes yesterday evening.