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  1. I killed 2 bloody mosquitoes on my arm while fishing in Mercer County recently.
  2. Turtles like my corn and corn meal bait. I caught as many as 89 turtles in one year as bycatch. I’m surprised that they didn’t always bite off my hooks on light line. I hope that I don’t get bit. Got an infection from getting clawed by a turtle a few years ago.
  3. 5/12/2020 caught and released a 22 lber with corn on a #8 gold hook and 4 lb test line in a NJ park lake.
  4. 5/8/2020 after catching, tagging and releasing a striped bass with a flutter spoon rig in the tidal Delaware River this morning for the second consecutive day, I caught, tagged and released a sea lice infested bluefish in Barnegat Inlet in the evening with a Cabela’s metal on the low tide in the rain of a nor’easter to complete a NJ tidal fish tagging double header for the day. Had a bluefish double but the teaser fish escaped. Also lost a third bluefish.
  5. Caught 78 fish the past 3 days with corn on a #8 gold hook and 4 lb test line in a municipal park that was closed until last Saturday. Constant action fishing is lots of fun.
  6. Caught and released two to 20” in the tidal Delaware this week. I have flutter spoons for sale for a dollar each.
  7. After Governor Murphy closed most of my fishing spots and a State Trooper told me that my only open spot was private property, I found 2 sewer pipes that weren’t in State or County Parks or Forests. Found 3 dead bluegills and a dead pumpkinseed sunfish there. A few years ago sewer pipes were installed in my Millstone River fishing spot in Plainsboro.
  8. Jersey is famous for sewer trout.
  9. I got 7 abandoned vehicle tickets when I parked off the road in Mercer County over the years.
  10. Caught and released 27 fish while ultralight jigging in front of a sewer pipe in a tributary of a tributary of the Delaware River this past week. Also had some action in a beaver pond.
  11. Caught and released two largemouth bass and five pickerel to 19” this evening in 56 degree Turnmill Pond with a chartreuse 1/8 oz leadhead jig and 2” chartreuse twister tail on 4 lb test line. Saw a herd of 8 deer while walking back to my car. Found 2 burnt turtles in a controlled burn.
  12. 4/11/2020 since Governor Murphy didn’t close all of the Wildlife Management Areas in NJ yet, I made my one and only trip for this year to Turnmill Pond in Colliers Mills WMA this evening. Caught and released a small pickerel on my second cast of the day with a jointed Rapala plug. After missing a few fish, I caught and released another small pickerel late in the day. Since the lily pads are up already, I probably won’t return until March. The Guv closed four of my fishing spots recently. Discovered that my LL Bean chest waders leak. Got wet and cold.
  13. Saw snows on all eight of my trips to Delaware Bay and Coastal but got nothing on seven trips. Hunting on foot in the afternoon on NJ tidal public hunting areas for snow geese is usually no good because the geese are on islands.
  14. 3/1/2020 caught and released 24 white perch and 7 yellow perch with Walmart red worms on two hooks and a 1/16 oz unpainted leadhead jig on 4 lb test line in 42 degree Carnegie Lake, NJ , in the evening. After I caught a 19” 4 lb white catfish for the third time, I kept it then gave it away. Caught catfish on my last seven consecutive trips. Landed 314 fish in NJ this year for my best start ever.
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