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  1. Saw two turkey vultures eating a snake in Bordentown Township this morning. 20210610_110909_143754293799956.mp4
  2. NJ State Record 7 lb 2 oz smallmouth bass was caught in Round Valley Reservoir in 1990.
  3. I’m > 3.7% Neanderthal and I scored a 780 out of a highest possible score of 800 in the Quantitative Section of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).
  4. Lots of turtles in the Millstone River yesterday evening.
  5. Saw a toad calling alongside the Delaware River near Titusville this afternoon. I think that it was a male Fowler’s toad.
  6. 6/2/2021 Caught a 14 lb common carp in the 70 degree Millstone River this evening on the south shore in West Windsor with my homemade corn meal bait on a #10 double hook. Fought hard for a long time. My Mitchell #300 spinning reel and 7’ Ugly Stick worked great.
  7. I fish or hunt nearly every day and the best knee boots that I ever owned were Aigle from France.
  8. Mitchell #300 made in France. Most of my fishing equipment is old, worn out and broken.
  9. Cooked up my first batch of homemade corn meal bait for this year today, then went carping in 69 degree Carnegie Lake this evening in the cold rain. Threw out a can of corn for chum. Saw two carp jump. A 9 lb mirror carp picked up the bait, swam away and hooked itself. If my drag was tighter, it would have pulled my rod into the lake. The fish stayed out of the snags and I was able to beach it. Donated the carp to the Ukrainian National Home. Only had one other bite. Didn’t get a hit on a jig. The secret ingredient in the corn meal bait is organic black mulberry syrup from Turkey.
  10. Made a run halfway to the dolos in the very swift outgoing full moon inlet current. I was very lucky that nobody was fishing to my left. I think that nowadays most inlet fishermen won’t get out of the way when a 37” bluefish is on your line. It went far past a rock pile that was sticking out far into the inlet. I was going to follow the fish down the inlet but at age 74 I took a chance, stayed on my rock and the fish cooperated by swimming around the barnacle covered exposed rocks. I thought a boat would cut off my line but few boats were in the inlet because of the small craft advisory. It wa
  11. Lots of 17” bluefish were caught. I didn’t see any other big ones. Caught, tagged and released two more bluefish to 19” and a fluke today. Had my Ava and teaser rig bit off. Saw a fisherman put a big striped bass in his trunk this afternoon. Ava A-17 is my favorite lure.
  12. 5/25/2021 caught a 37” bluefish with an Ava A-17 in Manasquan Inlet, NJ, on the full moon low tide.
  13. 5/22/2021 took 57 minutes to reel in this common carp with a 1/32 oz twister tail leadhead jig on 2 lb test line in the swift, tidal Delaware River behind Arm and Hammer ballpark in Trenton, NJ, on my last cast of the day at 7 PM. It was a milt leaking male. Gave it to Tara from Vietnam
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