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  1. Delaware River.Got one today and found a turtle.
  2. Unlucky crows. Downed 63 this season.
  3. Saw 4 bald eagles attack a duck on the Delaware River Sunday morning. The duck escaped. Most of the eagles that I see in NJ are better scavengers than predators
  4. If you anchor a boat in the bay alongside the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, you can shoot snow geese as they fly between the refuge and islands in the bay.
  5. Charles Daly Chiappa 3.5” 12 gauge magnum. It worked great for a few years but doesn’t function well anymore.
  6. I saw a fiddler crab today.
  7. Got one while pass shooting in a tidal salt marsh late in the day. Killed 8 in 11 trips. Didn’t fire a shot in 7 of the trips. It’s snow goose time.
  8. Saw a big flock in a snow covered field alongside Route 206 in Burlington County this week. Some landed in my Special Winter Canada goose spot today.
  9. Got a double with my first two shots of the day while pass shooting in the salt marsh after not firing a shot on my previous four trips. Salt marsh pass shooting is very unproductive.
  10. In the 1980s in November I got my limit of snow geese and Canada geese one day. The Canadas flew overhead in v formation over my snow goose decoys and I made a triple on the first three birds which were banded males. Two were from Chase Mills, NY, and the neck collared goose was from Trenton, NJ, where I lived at the time. Carrying 94 lbs back to my car through the salt marsh was very difficult for a 142 lb guy. Never made another triple on banded birds again.
  11. Two Veterans at the Absecon public boat launch this afternoon said that they got two shovelers. I didn’t fire a shot the past three days after getting a pass shooting Canada goose double Wednesday.
  12. I got two cases of lead shotgun shells from Natchez and Rogers with free shipping recently. Most websites were sold out or don’t ship to NJ.
  13. My last duck for this season was a green winged teal this afternoon.
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