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  1. Downed four in the afternoon near AC on the incoming tide. Heard five shots out in the islands at 4:33 PM. Two deer were out in the marsh at 3 PM. Fiddlers were on the mud. Saw a dead gull. Northern Harrier was hunting. Lots of dead deer were alongside the roads. Brant were flying over the bay. Few ducks flew. Got a two shot double on blacks.
  2. NJ219bands

    Snakes are cool!

    Last summer while fishing out in a park lake in knee boots, a garter snake swam between my legs, slithered onto the shore, checked out my two 5 gallon buckets, then swam back to me and stopped while between my legs again. By the time I got out my cell phone camera, it swam away. I gotta start wearing a GoPro while fishing.
  3. Their biting on metals in the Manasquan River.
  4. Approximately 4 dozen assorted decoys for sale. 6 new, never used Hardcore Pro Series snow goose shells, Greenhead Gear Pro Grade Life Size Series feeder snow goose shells, 6 brant, blacks, mallards, teal, Canada’s, callin’ crow, owl, etc. If interested call George for pick up in Bordentown, NJ.
  5. They love to eat bluegills.
  6. I see fish kills below the dam of that lake every year so I keep and give away the rough fish and pan fish that I catch there.
  7. I gave them to a Chinese restaurant.
  8. I saw as many as 10 fishermen there at one time. It was good for bass a few years ago with black plastic salamanders. I caught and released an 18" bass on an unbaited #14 gold treble hook near the outlet once. When the water is hot, many fish hit unbaited hooks there. Never saw a pickerel there. Caught common carp, feral goldfish, brown bullhead, yellow bullhead, gizzard shad, golden shiner, black crappie, white perch, largemouth bass, bluegills, pumpkinseed sunfish, snapping turtles, red-eared sliders, painted turtles, etc. there on my homemade corn meal bait or an unbaited hook on 2 or 4 lb test line.
  9. 5/28/2019 from Robert G. Martin Lake, Hamilton, NJ, with my homemade corn meal bait on a #14 gold double hook.
  10. Caught a 9 lber on my last cast for the day in the same spot last night. Only one carp in > 4.5 hrs isn’t very good.
  11. Cooked up my first batch of corn meal bait for this year this afternoon, then caught 19 lb, 14.5 lb and 2 lb carp in Carnage Lake this evening.
  12. Gave it to a guy who knows somebody who makes snapper soup. I don't know if he released it or made soup. A few years ago I gave a snapping turtle to a Chinese restaurant that made a clear broth with delicious white meat in it. I thought that it was chicken soup but they said it was my turtle.
  13. > 20 year old mono. Got really lucky to land it. Got water in my knee boot while landing it.
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