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  1. I caught and released 90 turtles this year. A few years ago I gave a Chinese restaurant a big snapper, then they gave me snapper soup. It was very good. I didn’t know snappers had white meat. Caught and released two yellow bellied sliders today.
  2. Caught and released 16 bluegills, a redeared slider and a 9 lb snapping turtle with corn bait on a #8 gold hook and 4 lb test line. Lost a big catfish. Caught 87 turtles this year. 20210921_191744_17401941143204.mp4
  3. Caught and released a Jersey sunfish slam this evening in 78 degree Carnegie Lake with corn bait on a #8 gold hook and 4 lb test line: bluegills, pumpkinseed sunfish, red breasted sunfish, green sunfish and hybrid bluegill x pumpkinseed.
  4. Cheyennemtnoutfitters didn’t have them this morning in Bordentown but they had a lot of customers.
  5. Yes, I got some from Quebec.
  6. I gave them to a couple from Bangladesh who make fish cakes.
  7. Fill a pot halfway with water. Add vanilla flavoring, brown sugar, Quaker yellow corn meal, flour, and corn starch. Stir and cook until thick.
  8. Cooked up a new batch of my homemade corn meal bait, then caught 4 common carp (29.5) lbs to 10.5 lbs, a 13” brown bullhead and 2 golden shiners in 74 degree Carnegie Lake in the evening rain. Also lost 2 carp in the candocks.
  9. Caught and released a 6.5 lber this evening in the same spot with the same bait.
  10. Caught and released in a muddy, flooded Central New Jersey lake in the evening with my homemade corn meal bait.
  11. Natchez has Federal Heavyweight for $69.49 a box of 5 or $13.90 each. Unbelievable.
  12. Caught and released a yellow bellied slider and redeared slider with corn bait in Colonial Lake today. Never saw a yellow bellied slider before today. Reported them to the Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Program at //nas.er.usgs.gov.
  13. Just bought my stamps at Cheyennemtnoutfitters and saved $5 because of this post. They were very busy and had ammunition on the shelves. Hunting digest wasn’t there yet.
  14. I found a poacher in my tree stand on the Saturday before opening day of the Firearms buck season.
  15. Saw as many as 50 crows in fast food parking lots in Central Jersey recently. I usually don’t shoot any until December.
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