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  1. Got 22 crows this season in 1 spot, pass shooting in the evenings as they flew to their roost. My 20 cent shotgun shells worked great like my old Olt mouth call and camo headnet. Gave some crows to a pizza parlor owner but he said there wasn't much meat on them and his wife thinks that eating crow is bad luck. Only saw 1 flock yesterday and didn't fire a shot. They may have migrated north with 3 weeks left in the season. The previous season I only shot one crow. //www.crowbusters.com is a great website.
  2. Lots of killies are in salt marsh tidal creeks now. I saw many dead killies in a little dead end ditch after a recent freeze. Winter kills a lot of wildlife.
  3. Got 4 Canada geese while pass shooting in a South Jersey salt marsh during the 2019 NJ Winter Canada Goose Hunting Season. One of a double was very light colored with white markings on the underside of its wings and a white stripe around its neck.
  4. I jump shot 0 brant this year. Of the > 7,000 waterfowl that I shot in NJ the past 52 years, 246 were banded. You sound like a young punk who has no respect for the elderly.
  5. When I returned the next day I didn't see or hear another hunter and managed to get a 12 lb and 6.75 lb Canada goose. The small one was probably a lesser migrant from Canada. My best waterfowling is where there are no hunters.
  6. Got a pair of mallards with one shot on the last day of the South Zone duck Hunting season yesterday afternoon. Only got 6 mallards, one Canada goose and 11 Crows in the South Zone this season. The ducks didn't arrive in my spot until the last week of the season, but duck hunters also arrived. Intruders were there the past 4 days. I put a sneak on mallard decoys and a duck hunter Monday afternoon. Could of got decoys and an intruder with one shot. Hunting with decoys in a public walkin spot is really dangerous. I saw hunters stalk my decoys in the past. That's why you should never shoot sitting ducks.
  7. I ate a stew made with tiny pieces of brant and merganser with lots of Polish sausage. It was good.
  8. I paid $100 for my first DNA test then was paid $200 for my next 10 tests. I am > 3% Neanderthal. Liberals are correct when they say that hunters are Neanderthals.
  9. Returned the next day and got a double banded brant on my last shot of the day just before sunset with my Triple Threat by Chiappa shotgun and 3.5" bismuth shotgun shells. That's the fourth doubled banded brant that I shot in NJ.
  10. After a waterfowl guide put his boat blind in my spot, I had my best 2 waterfowl hunts for this season the past 2 days. Got an adult female Atlantic Brant that was banded 7/29/2011 on Southampton, Island, Nunavut, Canada, for my 245th band and second this season from 51 birds bagged.
  11. Fiddlers were still out on January 8, 2019, but cold weather is on the way. Got pinched by the big claw.
  12. Fiddler crabs were active on an Atlantic County salt marsh yesterday afternoon. 2 egrets were looking for them. When does winter start?
  13. I use an old Faulk's CH-44 wood goose call. It works on both Canadas and snows.
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