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  1. I support law enforcement to the fullest, but will have to disagree with this move. The residents taxes paid for that land and we don't even get a chance to bid? The municipality is suffering from massive debt and they now make it a freebie to a select group (mostly made up of non-residents)? Decisions like that and the new hunting proposals are just a small example of what drives the residents nuts, but it really is our faults. We complain about them all the time, yet the same people run unopposed every election.
  2. Another example being the deficit. The only time either side cares is when they have minority power.
  3. You summarized today's politics perfectly. All both sides do is highlight what's wrong with the policy the other side created, yet do nothing to fix it after they get elected and have a chance.
  4. ESetter

    Go Pats!

    Hats off to the Pats as they are the model of consistency and winning. With that said, any championship run takes some things to break their way. Yesterday it was a neutral zone infraction which reverses an interception that would have sealed the game for the Chiefs. The Jets don't get those types of breaks lol.
  5. No picture of the entire family with black face paint? Great buck congratulations
  6. Very nice buck. Does that place get pounded during deer season if theyre driving already?
  7. I went out after the big push this morning. Upon pulling into the parking lot and getting out, i got the "this state sucks, fish and game blows, it's not what it used to be, years ago there were birds running everywhere, this new allocation sucks" etc etc from the remaining groups packing up. I took my dog away from everyone and got my limit in 20 minutes. This was my first time on state land this year so not a large sample, but my experience was different.
  8. Nice shooting, My cz 28 throws the fiocchi hv's the best too.
  9. Was there a lot of shooting? Whittingham was always good to me.
  10. My thought is that everything is so serious and everyone is now a pro. Spending money on on thousands of pounds of bait, 30 cameras, scent free this and that, the new camo, broadhead, etc. etc. The list goes on. I'm not even old, but when I started, you sat still and played the wind. This advice still stands today and will kill you more deer than any other gimmick out there. My two cents....
  11. That is always a fear of mine when I am hunting / hiking off the grid there. It is a shame what has become of a once proud place. Squatters, looters, vandals, and arsons ruined it for everyone. I would have loved to see the place when it was in tact prior to the government intervention. Right, wrong, or indifferent - they say Tock's Island is the only thing that prevented that area from becoming developed like the rest of NJ.
  12. One of the worst decisions to make, but the advice I was given by an old school vet was "the right time is when the good days are less than the bad days"
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