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  1. ESetter


    That is always a fear of mine when I am hunting / hiking off the grid there. It is a shame what has become of a once proud place. Squatters, looters, vandals, and arsons ruined it for everyone. I would have loved to see the place when it was in tact prior to the government intervention. Right, wrong, or indifferent - they say Tock's Island is the only thing that prevented that area from becoming developed like the rest of NJ.
  2. ESetter

    Deciding when it's time

    One of the worst decisions to make, but the advice I was given by an old school vet was "the right time is when the good days are less than the bad days"
  3. ESetter

    Tyler Childers - Whitehouse Road

    The album is called "Purgatory" and is a solid listen. Better than the tractor rap played on today's "country" stations.
  4. ESetter

    Arrowed one on my first sit of the year

    Or maybe he doesn't sit on this forum all day.......
  5. Folks, It appears many of you are very familiar with hiking the WaterGap area. I wanted to take the family there on Saturday afternoon, but was curious if you have any recommendations for a cool hike to take the kids on that is not too bad for their limited capacity? Minebrook Village? Van Campen Inn? Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  6. ESetter

    Cleveland Browns

    People said the same things about the Jets QB after the opener....Rookies have highs and lows.
  7. ESetter

    Pheasant Hunting Permit, Pa.

    I enjoyed reading that the cost savings were put back into the program. The cost savings of NJ's new supply process was put somewhere else, lol.
  8. ESetter

    McKenzie River - Labrador trip report (pix heavy)

    Trip of a lifetime! Great pics. That quality of fishing reminds me of a tuesday on the south branch.
  9. ESetter

    Making Pickles

    Looks great! Do you have to boil the jars once they are packed?
  10. ESetter

    Man Card Check Poll 2

  11. ESetter

    Fly Fishing Lessons

    Here is the advice Bucksnbows gave to another thread in terms of a starting point for fly selection: Pheasant tail nymphs - beadhead and non beadhead, flashback style and non, sizes 10 down to 20. Hare's ear nymphs - same as above Woolly Buggers - olive, black, brown, and white, and in that order. Sizes 6, 8 and 10 with and without beadheads Tan elk hair caddis dry flies - sizes 12 down to 18 Adams parachute style dry flies, sizes 10 down to 22. Green and tan caddis larva, sizes 12 down to 20. LaFontaine sparkle pupa (caddis pupa stage, fished on top, mid current, or on bottom depending on where fish are feeding) - colors tan, black, cinnamon, green and sizes 14 down to 18 for the most part. Infamous Pink Worm (aka - bacon and eggs, a rainbow favorite). This is a pink San Juan worm with a yellow egg tied in as a trigger. Scuds! Olive and tan and sizes 14 down to 18. Egg patterns. Think small like trout eggs and not overly large. I like pink, flesh colored, and disco (multi-colored). BWO (blue winged olive) parachute dry flies in sizes 14 down to 22. BWOs are common on all trout waters and are made up of several hatches including at least one species that hatches twice a yea Rusty spinner dry flies.
  12. ESetter

    NoKo DeNuke

    While it seems encouraging, lets wait for tangible evidence that this will actually yield positive results.
  13. ESetter

    Coyote Ugly

    If it was true to its breed, the jack russell was not afraid and did not back down. Although incredibly sad for whoever owned it, the dog went down with honor.
  14. ESetter

    Which would you rather have.......??

    I often think about this and struggle with finding the right balance. It would be nice to work less, but it would also be nice to not have to stress as much when something on the car goes, things go wrong around the house, or it's time to pony up for that all around sportsman's license and all the permits that come are the necessary evil of NJ. We live simple and within our means, but I strive to be able to pay for the kids' education or even a wedding. Things are only going to get harder for them and I would rather take that stress on than to see them struggle from the outset.
  15. ESetter

    Very nice jersey brown trout

    That's crazy Bucksnbows. I figured at least a few would have survived in the no kill sections and what not.