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  1. Who cares what I think about the new stocking program, but I'm bored so here I go: -A $40 stamp is an amazing value and I still find the hunting enjoyable even though I have to work hard to find birds. -Reallocation is a great idea because the orange army is ridiculous, however, it is too much for me to drive 1.5 hours to the gap or over an hour to South NJ. I absolutely love hunting those places when I can find the time, but places like Clinton, Pequest, and Black River are much closer and they have been negatively impacted. -The rotating of the fields they stock (for reasons other than driving conditions) makes ZERO sense to me. Reallocation is based on creating a better experience for all hunters by spreading people out. We know NJ people - they either get intel on what was stocked or they look for tire tracks in the morning. More people now congregate to the stocked areas instead of spreading out across the entire WMA. That defeats the purpose of what they are trying to accomplish with the reallocation initiative.
  2. I fished on a party boat near Robby's place for a bachelor party the one year. Caught all sorts of fish like yellowtail and had action nearly the entire time.
  3. It would seem that if true, alternating the areas along with not stocking all of them defeats the purpose. Hunters would not feel the benefits of less people across the WMA if they were all congregating to a few selected areas during the morning hours.
  4. This is horrible and a harsh reminder that we are at risk of an adverse event every time we cut a dog loose. I really hope they find this dog.
  5. Well said Bowhunter NJ. Especially when the classified is listed at 1.25 big ones.
  6. Hi Folks. We had an opening come up if anybody is interested. PM me with a contact number if you would like to chat more. Details: Hunterdon County, 600 acres, 26 guys, 1300 birds stocked. Deer and birds. Dues are $1650 a year.
  7. My wish would be time. All the time to enjoy life with my family while im healthy, instead of being at a desk 9-5.
  8. .lb for .lb would be smallmouth. I am not versed enough to comment on any fish in the salt.
  9. Are there any safe recipes where you don't have to boil the jars? I always make mush pickles when I try because of that.
  10. I found this question to be odd as well.
  11. I support law enforcement to the fullest, but will have to disagree with this move. The residents taxes paid for that land and we don't even get a chance to bid? The municipality is suffering from massive debt and they now make it a freebie to a select group (mostly made up of non-residents)? Decisions like that and the new hunting proposals are just a small example of what drives the residents nuts, but it really is our faults. We complain about them all the time, yet the same people run unopposed every election.
  12. Another example being the deficit. The only time either side cares is when they have minority power.
  13. You summarized today's politics perfectly. All both sides do is highlight what's wrong with the policy the other side created, yet do nothing to fix it after they get elected and have a chance.
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