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  1. Stopped hunting it. Local guide running everyone all over there and sky-busting. Besides way too many sand bars out there.
  2. If you go onto the websites for Todco or whiting doors, they have the instructions on how to replace the operators and cables. Granted these manufactures. are for roll up doors on trailers, its the same principal. Very easy to repair
  3. I wasn't going to hunt. Just wanted to experience things before we get too old to travel. I am however looking to go to either TX, OK, or MO for a waterfowl hunt.
  4. Check the CPB website. I think you have to register with them before you attempt to cross. I was going to drive the Alaska highway this month but there was too much that had to be done in order to cross the border so I scrapped that plan for this year.
  5. I would look into either a Coast one which you can get in home depot or a stream light one. I have both types. The coast one is a FL85R which is a rechargeable one. I use it everyday at work and on the med setting it lasts about 6 hours. I believe that its about 800 lumens
  6. Dover used to be good up until the time they made it concrete and shortened it to 400 miles
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am going to clean off the bench in my shed and start taking it apart. My other question is can I just remove the carb and let it sit in a bucket of carb cleaner and then clean it out?
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I can say I have had it for at least 8yrs and it was not running when I got it. The reason the guy gave it to me was because it would run and then just shut off for no reason even with fresh fuel in it. I honestly don't know even if it has any output on the generator side
  9. I have a small Honda generator the size of one that you would use tailgating. Someone had given it to me and it has not run in quite a few years. My question is would any of you know where I can take it in the South Jersey area to get repaired? I am in Burlington County. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John
  10. I bought the Banded un-insulated ones from MPW. Wore them all season. As long as you layer underneath them with a good pair of thermals and wader pants, you will be fine
  11. SBE3 3" 2's Last years of course
  12. I would look at either Rogers or Macks prarie wings
  13. Finally got out yesterday afternoon and managed 2
  14. Been there done that. The only good thing when it happened to me was that I was a stones throw away from my house so I was able to get dry clothes and dry waders. Glad to here your ok
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