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  1. Very possibly a piebald. I have one in my neighborhood and its snout is deff more round than normal deers did it have any white on the coat?
  2. A small kayak cost less then a pair of waders and is all you need
  3. So I’ll bring this back to life. Is anyone seeing woodcock still in the south zone? I usually hit cape may when it opens back up after six day but this yr with this storm and 20mph north winds im thinking most the birds will have been blown south over the bay.
  4. yes! The only problem i have with that is they are so damn tasty its hard to justify mounting one haha!
  5. Tons of these guys out yesterday. Had a couple come close enough to knock down wish I could have gotten back out today for em
  6. I am down in Monmouth county only thing I’ve hunted in Hoboken is drunk girls at the bar. Some night you limit out, some nights you get nothing haha maybe next week we can get out if you don’t mind driving 1.5hrs or so I’ll message you
  7. Can’t believe woodcock season is almost over in the north zone Looking for any GENERAL areas in the south zone for me to explore with good woodcock habitat. Any wma or general areas someone would share? I know higbee is good but that doesn’t open up till after 6 day
  8. Thanks guys. I gotta do a better job of taking notes before cleaning these birds. Amazing how many types there are in a Single spot in a single day! Pretty cool
  9. Here’s another pic for you i could have sworn it was a female woodduck. But now it’s filleted and freezer wrapped so I may never know lol bottom bird in the pix
  10. Yes. These birds are all stocked and isn’t a sustaining population. So shoot away at the hens it’s legal in other states where pheasant are wild they don’t shoot hens to keep populations up. But that doesn’t apply here
  11. I have a Kc-12 kayak. If fishing with children I strongly recommend looking into outriggers. They make it so much more stable. I’ve taken both kids and my wife out into the navesink river, which can get very choppy and fast without any risk at all of tipping. Without the outriggers it’s real sketch. eitherway wait till spring
  12. Just a bird dog doing what he does. Good quick hunt this am. Limited in an hour and tried my best to keep him away from where the birds were haha!
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