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  1. Can anyone tell me if they flew with an ozonics. if so how was it packed , checked luggage or with bow or gun case. thanks
  2. Has anyone hunted in Wisconsin if so how was you’re hunt, also was it with or without an outfitter. Looking for an outfitter recommendation. thanks
  3. So what’s everyone’s strategy hunting a full moon. A- do we not hunt the full moon stage B- do we hunt as usual early am and pm post C- Hunt Midday
  4. Thanx for the Reply Rusty
  5. Ok so I’m not sure if I’m reading it right. I have a permit for segment A and wasn’t lucky enough to harvest a bear. Is the segment A permit still valid for segment B. Or do I need to buy a segment B permit. thanx to you all
  6. Don’t think a call is warranted. C this is the second year this has been done So must be one of his new practices...so not needed just trying to warn who uses him to be aware there not getting exactly what there paying for
  7. For those sportsman and sportswomen I know myself like the rest of you work hard and long During the off season to set ourselves up for the upcoming season. And when he harvest we are all happy with our a acomplisments No matter what we shoot be it a buck or a Doe. Recently went to a butcher in nazerath PA. For my annual orde Of hot sticks and so on. When I get the product home 15 lbs was more like 11.2 lbs and all other packages where short of there weight that was purchased So what I’m saying is the guy is skimming product off the top. Shame!! On you!! He has jus lost customers of h
  8. Who do we have or can we recommend for and electrical Upgrade to a 100amp or possibly a 200 amp service Located in northern nj Thanx
  9. I don’t own one but have used them a couple and they are awesome to pull your deer Out of the woods with. ????????????????????????
  10. Just put a set on my F-150 and so far this tire is great and best part was I got into Them for a really good price.
  11. NjKev

    6 Day Poll

    Zone 8 The hunting in this State has become so terrible. I could only wish we could go back to the old format Where the season opened up on first Saturday of October go back to 6 day, for Buck ONLY!! and have 3 Doe days in January.
  12. Product of a SANCTUARY! City And Murphy want to make us a sanctuary star GREAT!!! Scumbag illegal piece of SH___!!
  13. Sad state of affairs, this our justice system at its finest!! ( NOT)
  14. Can I ask what the issue is with the machine ? Doesn’t start or ??
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