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  1. Out of curiosity, where do you get your information from? If the "liberal media" is fake news, what exactly is "real news"?
  2. It’s the worst when a bird dog is injured. as someone who he had to have gun dogs rest from injuries- ask your vet for trazadone. It’s essentially zanex for dogs. It’s worked wonders for me and my vet is well trained in working with gun dogs. She recognized it’s impossible to keep a high drive dog calm for a few weeks. The trazadone takes the edge off. I usually only give small amounts when needed to recover from an injury (I hunt my dogs hard and injuries are inevitable but the dogs love to work! Keeping them off their drive for a few weeks can be very stressful for you and the dog!
  3. I'd tend to agree with you BUT why was trump so loving of China government then? Why did trump ship masks to China? Why did we help China? That is what doesnt make sense to me.
  4. Doesnt "make America Great again" imply it wasnt great? therefore your comment about soldier and those workign 40 hours a week....applies to Trumps campaign slogan?
  5. Is that the premium select? if so, why so cheap if never been fired lol. Great gun!
  6. 3wt fly fishing and an over/under for waterfowl? you sir are a sportsman!
  7. To clarify one step further... a FALSE meme about Biden can stay in lounge but a TRUE meme about Trump goes to New/politics? lol let's see the dance around that response What is your definition of angle now chief?
  8. Oh I just randomly picked this meme to prove a point and the mods failed miserably. There has been a post in the Lounge section titled "probably true" and it is a political meme making fun of Joe Biden. Mods have clearly seen it but left it up. The meme is clearly false. I chose to post a meme with essentially the same title, in the lounge, making fun of Trump. It was QUICKLY moved to here so no one would see. Funny part, my meme is true and the Biden one is not... The mods cant even hide it anymore after this FAIL. Any mod care to comment? Or
  9. hahaha! Agreed. Just to clarify, the rules are- nothing is political UNLESS there is opposition to it? Do I have that right?
  10. Right. I am a fellow sportsman pissed that someone got screwed that could happen to anyone on here. Using an extreme analogy....If a friend/aquaintance committed a crime, and knowing about it, and doing nothing, makes you a dirt bag at best and an accomplice at worst....oh wait, that isnt an extreme analogy.... No beef with you or anyone else. Just wild this OP cant get answers.
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