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  1. Hawkeye57

    New Scam !

    Its not a scam! I am a nigerian prince that works for Apple- im stuck in canada- please give me money!
  2. Where are you located? you cant go wrong with Hunts family preserve. Great guy that runs the place and smaller operation so good for a kids first hunt.
  3. Get your news from state owned fox... good story this morning right? Hahaha better yet- trump blamed cnn for Kim meeting fail😂😂😂 trump tried to kill merger because he didn’t like the coverage of him haha what a snowflake!
  4. "trumps enemies are the nations enemies" It is statements like that- that prove you are delusional! NO true patriot would ever call the dictator of NK a good person. No true patriot would believe the country behind 9/11 over their own CIA. This is painful lol
  5. Nope. All you named are terrible. Not liking trump doesn’t mean you are a dem or support the far left. Concerning is is republicans believing in their hearts trump is a good republican lol. I like moderates that have values and I refuse to be a hypocrite. I’d love all the trump fans opinions of a Dem if they said... kim jung was a good person, let the deficit go out of control, subsidize failing industry, agree with Putin, lie daily, dodge the draft and admit it, cheat on his wife and boast about sexual assault, cheat and ruin small businesses, circumvent congress, support taking guns from people, golfed more than any president, promote their private business, disregard the military and intelligence community. SO, if you believe in your heart that the above is ok, then you are not a hypocrite and good for you for supporting trump BUT don’t call yourself a republican or bash dem candidates that essentially are the same thing...
  6. It is funny, in the era of Trump...its HARD being a real republican. One that actually has values... Family values... Care about the deficit.... Care about smaller government... Care about denouncing world dictators.... All the things REAL republicans care about.
  7. Make America Just like Trumps Businesses! oh wait.... NVM. Ah crap cant see his tax returns so lets just believe him. The Court documents about the hotels. bankrupcies ,and Trump University are just fake news. Forgot!
  8. The speech was 100% AMAZINGly written for the simple minded BASE that he was trying to appease. I never thought I would see the day that someone would call a draft dodger (that also lied about military spending. Just yesterday he said no president has ever spent more on our military but a simple google search shows that is not true)- an American patriot. Oh also, the same president that praises Putin, Saudi king, and Kim Jung... Speaking your mind is not a qualification for the job haha. I'll tell you what- Im very successful in my occupation. Next time You need a plumber or a mechanic or a doctor- give me a call....Ill come over and speak my mind and ramble...dont worry, you will think im great! (im not qualified to do any of the jobs mentioned but I can speak my mind and thats most important to you!)
  9. I have garmin 64st. Life saver out west or hunting think woods in New York. If you are staying in jersey- get onX app with paid version and you will be good
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Got some quail and chukar. I just ordered a crate. For meantime just going to use boxes with holes in the top
  11. ANyone have experience picking up birds and holding onto them for training? IM picking up birds Saturday Morning. Most likely wont hunt use birds until Sunday morning. Will birds be ok in a cardboard box in my garage? What should I feed them? Thanks!
  12. of my three dogs I've trained myself, my Vizsla did exactly that- he would be so pumped up, he only wanted the bird in my vest. I broke it by just pushing him off and saying his command to hunt- while walking as if i was hunting again. He would then lose interest and hunt again. I would also plant a bird near by the first bird when training- the second we got the first bird, I knew where next one was and would start that way- second he got whif of live bird- it was game on. By season two, it went away. Now bird in vest just means he works harder for the next! As someone who trains my own dogs, its awesome to hear your story! Congrats and enjoy! MANY MANY frustrating times ahead as you finish the dog....just keep remembering this moment when you get frustrated!
  13. Train dogs. Every weekend until upland/waterfowl.
  14. mine came with an 18 inch and 22 inch antenna for the collar and an 4 inch and 8 inch for the hand held
  15. Awesome. I think i may switch to the short antennas to start. Lookiing forward to getting them ready. I have been using the garmin pro550 which is a great product (keeping as a backup) but my new dog is really ranging and her prey drive is insane. peice of mind having the gps!
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