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  1. doesnt seem to have any details- just have to have orange hat. none of the crap about logo or anything
  2. Hawkeye57

    Electric Fence

    If you know how to Ecollar train a dog, you will not have an issue with the fence. Proper ecollar training is amazing what you can do with it but can easily screw up a dog if done wrong.
  3. Hawkeye57

    Bait vs No bait for big bucks

    Not at all. Sounds awesome what you do. You make a good point. Realistically the average guy that hunts a bait pile- can’t actually hunt. A real hunter- can easily hunt a bait pile. Sounds like you are a true hunter that uses bait as a secondary. That’s rare I. The “baiting” world. Good on you
  4. Hawkeye57

    Bait vs No bait for big bucks

    Still not seeing where the skill is. it is basic target practice. with bait, you decide the shot before you even leave your bedroom to hunt. Again, not knocking it. If you are not interested in being a true hunter or dont have the time, I respect that you want to get out there and kill something- glad you are doing it in the most humane way possible.
  5. Hawkeye57

    Safety Harnesses?

    I was in a climber so it was difficult to get back without any sticks or ladder but I stayed upright the whole time. I hung for about 2 mins to catch my breath and compose myself. Only pinch I felt was in my armpits where the straps dug in as I fell forward and snapped back. Lesson learned was to keep tree strap as high as possible so even falling you are about level with platform. Mine was low due to way I was in tree cover. The elastic cord helped a lot but was shot after the fall.
  6. Hawkeye57

    Bait vs No bait for big bucks

    Im not knocking baiting. I just dont think it is real "hunting." it take ZERO skill. Anyone can do it. literally with zero practice or knowldge. to me, thats not hunting. Please explain what skill goes into it? Would you call yourself a talented home run hitter if you could only use a tee?
  7. Hawkeye57

    Safety Harnesses?

    Cant go wrong with a muddy harness. I fell last season and it worked flawless. Bought a new one and after last season, will never not wear it. Comfortable and even has additional connection points for other gear.
  8. Hawkeye57

    Bait vs No bait for big bucks

    OOOORRRRRR you hunt public land. Spend time learning and reading all you can on the massive amounts of studies on deer movement- spend some time reading/learning the area you will hunt- scout, adjust accordingly, and BOOM score a buck.
  9. Hawkeye57

    Bait vs No bait for big bucks

    Is it really hunting with bait?
  10. You watched- so you know when they laughed right? My god. Hillary would have been terrible but your hitler reference is so sad. Especially when.... ahhh never mind.
  11. What does that even mean? Lol dude go to bed. Get some sleep. Haha you win. I can’t go on after that comment. There is zero sense to it. What does watching it have to do with me calling you out, you falsely trying to correct me, and me proving that wrong? CNN? I said dozens, maybe less. Maybe more. I stopped at about 4 credible sources from both sides of the political spectrum.
  12. Jesus you are making this toooooooo easy. BE A FREE THINKER and judging by your one comment, you are actually intelligent. READ. Fox news was called out and changed their headline and clips. simple. look it up. I'd do it for you but that wouuldnt be fun or productive. Their clips originally cut the laughter out. DOZENS of media outlets reported it. Once their fake news became the news, they changed their tune.
  13. hahahahahahahah PLEASE go on with the member countries...I'll wait until you conveniently remember the countries that disprove your theory. Also, again, READ- it was specifically stated that it was "his words" and "he wasnt using a telepromptor"
  14. You are kidding me right? I said THIS THREAD- logic/reading comprehension would show that I was talking about the blatant FALSE comments that were being blindly praised. Also, using logic/reading comprehension, one could venture to guess I am not for one side or another. I 100% AGREE WITH YOUR NEW COMMENT. What is going on with the hearing is INSANE and the liberal DEMS caused all the problems by holding off on disclosing the information which caused all the doubt which in trun has caused all this craziness. I am living in a world where politics is tearing the country apart while the politicians are laughing alllllll the way to the bank. These guys dont hate each other. Again, work on the hill or work around the Hill before you try to refute this. It is all theatrics to play into the lowest denominator aka FAR right and FAR left.
  15. This thread is scary.... 1- he used a teleprompter. Thats is just fact. how can you even state he didn't? He always does. No issue with it. All presidents do. As someone who has used one and worked with elected officials on using them, there is one to his left, center, and right. 2- you do realize people write his speeches for him, right? 3- the world literally LAUGHED at him during the speech. That is the first time EVER that a sitting president was openly laughed at during a speech 4- FACT fake Fox news edited out the laughter which no matter what party you are a part of, should scare you. That is about as fake news as it gets. PLEASE someone prove anything I just stated was wrong. I'll also spare you- I'm not a liberal spineless cry baby. Ive done a lot for this country and the republican party. I'd imagine more than many on here (no measuring contest. There are many many of good men and women on here, I'm sure). I'm just just a free thinker. Since the deficit is through the roof and spending is only getting worse under this administration, it is hard to be an R since my R identification has always been fiscally driven. I wasnt a fan of Obama and I'm not a fan of Trump. Im a fan of America and America does not require blind allegiance to a specific leader. Remember that war we fought? PS. cant wait for Decoy show and opening day!