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  1. Agreed- I have my spots marked up. And I knw exactly how long it takes ot get there. My issue isnt getting there right before light- my issue is staying. Only good thing was they missed birds and I didnt lol. However, we should have had an easy two man limit. Honestly- they would have too if they didnt sky bust before legal.
  2. Well went to a public land spot for one last day of North Zone. Got there real early and ran into 4 other guys at the launch. Everyone was really cool and just wanted to bag some birds. We ALL were heading to the same area but came up with a game plan to ensure no one was too close to each other and communicated with headlamps so spots wouldnt be ruined. GREAT group of fellow hunters. 10 minutes before shooting and two guys paddle in to where I am set up. I hear them coming so stand up and shine my light on them. clearly saw me. they kept paddling so I called out and again shined my light. I hear them throw 3 dekes out and sure enough they put on a head lamp and are roughly 40 yards DIRECTLY across from my spread. I yelled over "come on!" and nothing. 2 minutes before LEGAL light and these guys light up the sky missing 4 wood ducks. I have 3 birds coming in but i cant shoot because I would be shooting right at them. BAM they take a sky busting shot and birds are gone. We dropped a few birds and they then left early. I dont get it...I guess they dont scout and only know their EXACT spot and cant change on the fly or they are just huge assholes. It is crazy how people are to fellow sportsmen.
  3. great video....The guys need to work on their shooting....shouldnt need 2 shots with a 12 guage on a flying basketball! kidding!
  4. This 100% I run into idiots but it’s not nearly as bad as Everyone is saying after the first hour of each stocking day. If you are in it for the hunt- go after 9 am and you will enjoy yourself. Tell someone with a dog you are just getting into. If you are a good dude- most will let you tag along. Maybe We can meet half way (I’m in south jersey) one day this season and I’ll run my dogs and let you enjoy the hunt. find a field that has been hit hard- go to the woods surrounding it and you will find a bird or two.
  5. Serious question- do you believe Trump is honest? Where you like his politics or not he is extremely dishonest and lies daily to the American people. I just can’t believe people believe him when he says the US military didn’t have bullets until he helped them 😂😂
  6. Muddy....Saved my life when I fell from stand 20 feet up. worked flawlessly- shock cord worked as expected. hung for a minute, caught my breath, got down and walked to my truck...im a customer for life.
  7. You can teach a pointing/versatile dog to flush quite easily (don’t know why you want to). Can’t teach a flusher to do what a pointer/versatile can do that easily... just saying lol. but hey I’m sure if I let my wife pick a hunting dog, she’d go with a little fluffy flusher 😂😂😂😂 just having fun! No real hate- I love all working dogs!
  8. “Best” zero chance in hell lol however- as said Best dog is your dog. Any dog that finds birds is great. but BEST should be able to hold point- flush on command if you want. Steady to flush and shot. Retrieve to hand whether in thick cover, water, and so on.
  9. Anyone know if it’s legal to use a dummy launcher on public land? Uses 22 blanks. So sad sad I even have to ask this... So NJ.
  10. To my point earlier- That is why I think hunters share in the blame. State blame for poor stocking routines and hunters that just walk around aimlessly- especially before first light with little to no game plan. Pen raised birds are significantly easier for my dogs (at least in my opinion). It is the orange army that pushes the birds. Example... I take my dog to South Dakota- my dog bumps wild birds at 40 yards. limit is tough grueling work I take my dog to any game preserve with pen birds- never had a bird bump. find every every bird plus scratch birds I take my dog to public land 1 hour after shooting light- dog has a hard time finding birds- most birds found are deep in the woods. the Issue isnt just how they stock it is also how we hunt the limited space of the stockings.
  11. I agree. That was my point. and If you have hunted SD....you know you cant just walk around aimlessly and think you are going to limit out...they RUN. Every SD hunt i have done blockers were used even with dogs.
  12. We the hunters can also be blamed.... It amazes me how many hunters show up before legal shooting and walk around to get their "spot" and then drive the fields. Some with dogs, most without. A pen raised bird that is stocked will run. so many get pushed out before he shooting begins. Once i realized this, I found the property owner next to the small WMA- ask permission and now limit out in under 30 minutes. if the wma is stocked with 60 birds, i easily 10 on the private land. Compound that on some of the larger tracks.... There is an etiquette to hunting. A lot of people need to learn upland etiquette. Its not upland hunting what most guys do on the WMA. take your $40- buy meat at grocery store then go squirel hunting or something else. Perfect example- I was gettign my dog collared up last year when 5 guys showed up to hunt. I made small talk and asked wheat type of dog they were running. When they said none- I said" what field are you running? I dont want to get in the way of your blockers" They had zero idea what i was talking about and i imagine MOST "upland" hunters in NJ do. I explained how to hunt upland- explained out the process- sure enough they got 3 birds in first push. I then ran my dog for them and we were just shy of a full team limit before we called it a day. Upland issue in new jersey is a shared blame between the state stockers and the hunters that dont knwo what they are doing (majority). Then we upland hunters get screwed! Rant over.
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