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  1. Hawkeye57

    What Killed NJH?

    I agree with you- however, I think a lot of people only see what they want to see. For example, a few weeks ago I got called out for being one of the people you just described. I took it to PM and gladly pointed out all the times I have helped members and gave advice on fly fishing, hunting, trips, ect. I prefer PM when talking directly to people. To the persons credit, they apologized. So I would say, before we judge, maybe check into it. Also, whats the point of having the lounge if you dont want people using it? Most those that complain on here- usually do so because people have a difference of opinions. Thats what makes this country great, and that is what makes a forum great.
  2. On a few occasions, moderator personal opinions come out via what they "censor" and who they "warn." all good though- no skin off my back. I do have one request...can we get Carole Baskin to be a moderator on this forum? I believe she would do a great job!
  3. Wow. That’s impressive. 99.9999999% don’t last. Catch that bird and play the lottery
  4. I never kept a trout but always bought a stamp. Just love to fly fish and be outdoors. when I catch wild trout, I’ll eat it back at camp. Just could never get to eating the mutants Nj stock but still great to catch! A big trout on a 3wt fly rod- presenting a delicate dry fly- just an amazing experience. mill go out on limb and say a big brown on light fly rod is just as fun as a big tarpon on a fly rod. Totally different experience- just as fulfilling.
  5. Hawkeye57

    DIY Camo

    I’ve painted many guns when in the military- Never personal gun. that looks badass! Great job. Did you use a specific type of paint? great sponge pattern.
  6. I’ve prob gotten more heat from lunatic than most on here- never should he be censored. I stand in solidarity with Lunatic!
  7. Good advice. I go to Catskills and our west often for trout fishing. I apologize for asking fellow outdoorsmen to have respect for the game we enjoy. Even if it is mutant trout. I haven’t fished stocked trout in awhile. Doesn’t negate being a good outdoorsman. like I said originally- not trying to start anything.
  8. That’s the spirit lol. Everyone pay for a stamp and licensee so we can feed the wildlife.
  9. Not trying to start anything but seeing a lot of catch and release photos of fish in the dirt, two hand grip, etc. we should be more careful. Trout are delicate fish- no reason to stress them more than catching them lol.
  10. I wouldn’t be knocking on doors right now. I know you are well intentioned but it’s a bad move. It’s also against the governors EO theoretically they can call the cops on you.
  11. They literally had to change a federal website last night bc he misspoke lol. And no. That’s not how it works. Using your analogy- it justifies my comment. Trump is the CEO and he put his son in law in charge of surgeries... let that sink in. Thanks for the analogy!
  12. For the record- my comment was very much on topic. Like you stated, this is a serious time. Not a time for an inexperienced son to run anything.
  13. Lol trump was pro choice until he realized he could get more votes hahaha bc at end of day- abortion is still legal and he hasn’t done a thing about it. But he knows if he says it... his minions will believe!
  14. Best eating fish! Congrats on a rare trout.
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