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  1. Trump conservative? I forgot conservativism today is not caring about the deficit. Weakening our world power. Not caring of family values. Not caring for religious values. Ahhhhh yes. A Trump conservative! I have been consistent. Sometimes hard choices are needed to be made to right a ship. My choice was Biden so that the party could rebuild knowing the SC and senate would/should do their role in government. I don’t think anyone is a bad person for supporting one politician over another. I’d have a beer with anyone on here!
  2. Live look at snowflakes when they take their tin hats off...
  3. Voter fraud is real, enough to change this election- not a chance. What trump is spewing- FAKE. What you all quote as evidence- FAKE.
  4. Hey at least you don’t hide it! Keep reading “pro white” news sources.
  5. I wonder why Barr and the trump lawyers aren’t using all this evidence!!!!! surely “pro white party” and “we love Trump” and “maga-chat” are reputable sources that can be quoted in court!!!! You would think after 4 years of crying fake news, you’d have the brain cells to check your sources keep it coming though. This comedy of grown men twisting and turning for a conman is hilarious id be curious in your professional lives, if you’d quote your sources to anyone? Or is this strictly for forums? 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. I confirmed- don’t have FID on file. Customer service couldn’t answer why I’ve gotten ammo from them multiple times lol. pretty wild. Thanks for noticing. I’d have been confused when I finally did get denied. Pretty crazy they delivered ammo to me a week ago
  7. This is some funny stuff right here! Tinmarch- you need to lay off the conspiracy theories. Qanon and Santa are the same.... not real. Sorry.
  8. Such a beautiful dog. Looks like you had some good work out in! Get yourself a good looking gun to got with that dog! Lol agreed- non stocking and after 10am are great opportunities to work a dog. smitty- why no whistles?
  9. I dont think I ever provided an FID. Maybe they changed it within a week lol because my order was put in on 11/22 and got it on 11/27. (Ill check and see if they have my fid on file. Went through my emails: 11/22 10/17 8/9 All three orders had ammo in them and never had a problem I went on Rogers this morning and did Christmas shopping. The order had 1 box of 20 gauge shot shells and went through no problem.
  10. Weird. MackPW just delivered 3 cases of shells Friday to my door. rogeres delivered 2 cases of shells in September. I’d reread it the restrictions.
  11. Outside of this area- the stores are still great. They chose a business model that works for them, screws us lol We Went to 5 different stores between BP and cabelas RV road tripping chasing birds. All the stores were amazing and had everything you could want- pa/de/nj are crap
  12. Black diamond i have the icon and storm. Both are top quality, don’t burn batteries, resistant to water, have multiple brightness that changes easily, red filter, and strobe. Dropped it in freezing water just a few weeks ago duck hunting up at Lake Ontario- sunk about 2 feet and still worked fine.
  13. They don’t take a salary chief. So where do you see they donate it? I’m referring to ancillary costs. keep spewing fake news pal and researching on behalf of trump lol he should hire you for his legal team.
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