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  1. Get a beeper. Bell so annoying hahaha
  2. overall, especially with the plan to fix, ive found females easier to train/live with.
  3. You will get a million opinions. I have a male and female currently. Have had both in past. In my experience: male: pro- more bold. female: more methodical. cant go wrong with either. Need more info to give solid advice. will they be spay/neuter? If not- both bring new challenges that may effect your decision. Will you always be a one dog house? Makes difference in which to get now in my opinion
  4. Not true. You need to know your set and look up when it ends. Different throughout the state.
  5. Disagree. Having a gps collar is just an insurance policy. I have a top notch trained upland dog and the gps has helped me a few times. A dog is not a machine and can and will break a command once in awhile. If you can afford it- there is nothing better than an alpha. I rarely need to correct my dog and trust he is t going to break and run off but having that alpha makes me 100% no matter where we hunt and explore- especially new states where we don’t know terrain well. my alpha paid for itself when I was hunting upstate ny. Thick cover and couldn’t see my dog 50 yards ahead. I called my dog back and he didn’t come. Beeped him- nothing. Checked the screen and he was t moving 110 yards away. I walked up and he was stuck and couldn’t get out of where he was. musing the reference above- would really suck if you were shocking your dog with correction to “get him to come back”
  6. Did my first deer at Bringhurst last week. Outstanding job. Good cuts. Fast turnaround with updates on your right on their website. I’ll be a repeat customer
  7. Love my alpha Burly boots. far superior in my opinion than the competitors out there. Never had a leak in the two pairs i own (insulated and uninsulated). ONLY issue, which is not really an issue, the camo on my pair I wear most has really scraped off. Never saw that with other pairs in the past. Not really an issue since the camo is novelty... comfort/support/grip/warmth/waterproof--- cant go wrong.
  8. Non gps- garmin 550 gps- garmin alpha I have had 5 types of collars throughout the years. Since buying the 550 and later the alpha- it’s evident they are far superior than anything else. For wetlands/cold hands- can’t beat the 550 remote.
  9. I’ve been using rage hypodermic for 3 season. 6 deer shot- all recovered within 30 yards. Massive blood trails even a blind guy could follow. buddy and I shot deer same day. He used fixed muzzy and had a perfect double lung shot- went 60 yards. I shot back and only got one lung but the devastation internally was insane- 30 yards. the debate will rage on (pun intended) but I’ll stick with actual “data” seen in the field
  10. How have the stockings been around the state- I have to say: today is the first time I truly felt DEP lied about stocking numbers. Small WMA I hunted claimed 30 birds. At sunrise, there were 6 hunters and 4 dogs. I can speak to the talent of two of the dogs, other two looked solid and seasoned. there are only 4 fields to hunt and they are small. in 1.5 hours, only 3 birds shot. Seems crazy. Not to mention- with the soft ground, you would assume to see tire tracks from the big trucks....
  11. Watched video- seems SIGNIFICANTLY longer to get up tree than a standard climber. Also, with Climber, im always conncected to tree....
  12. Agreed- I have my spots marked up. And I knw exactly how long it takes ot get there. My issue isnt getting there right before light- my issue is staying. Only good thing was they missed birds and I didnt lol. However, we should have had an easy two man limit. Honestly- they would have too if they didnt sky bust before legal.
  13. Well went to a public land spot for one last day of North Zone. Got there real early and ran into 4 other guys at the launch. Everyone was really cool and just wanted to bag some birds. We ALL were heading to the same area but came up with a game plan to ensure no one was too close to each other and communicated with headlamps so spots wouldnt be ruined. GREAT group of fellow hunters. 10 minutes before shooting and two guys paddle in to where I am set up. I hear them coming so stand up and shine my light on them. clearly saw me. they kept paddling so I called out and again shined my light. I hear them throw 3 dekes out and sure enough they put on a head lamp and are roughly 40 yards DIRECTLY across from my spread. I yelled over "come on!" and nothing. 2 minutes before LEGAL light and these guys light up the sky missing 4 wood ducks. I have 3 birds coming in but i cant shoot because I would be shooting right at them. BAM they take a sky busting shot and birds are gone. We dropped a few birds and they then left early. I dont get it...I guess they dont scout and only know their EXACT spot and cant change on the fly or they are just huge assholes. It is crazy how people are to fellow sportsmen.
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