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  1. Join NAVDA- Link up with a member willing to help. You focus on discipline. Birds will do the rest!
  2. Hmmm guess that’s me. Wear a suit every day. Drink a lot of fine wine. Love a good Italian shotgun. Casual dress is slacks and a blazer. Drive a nice car during the week. Love a good latte hahaha. HOWEVER.... Will only drive my truck when not working. My hunting dogs are my life. Spend sept-feb hunting everything you can imagine. Fish all summer. Most vacations are hunting trips. Every second not in a suit, I’m outside with my dogs either training or having fun. Don’t go anywhere without them on the weekends. You can love to hunt and fish and not be a redneck haha
  3. This is what I was looking for- duck oven get you through most the season? I was going to go duck oven and delta jacket. Then a friend swore by the Dakota hoody and delta
  4. Anyone use Sitka for waterfowl? Upgrading this season- there’s so many layering choices. Curious what anyone uses for waterfowl in Jersey ?
  5. Nice! Where are you located? Plan on just upland with the drah? I have an 8 month old drah.
  6. Hawkeye57

    carolina skiff?

    What version? I have a basic j16 with 25hp tiller and love it but I’d never go in the ocean with it. The higher priced models are seaworthy. as a Carolina skiff owner I’ll say this- they are great for a utiltity boat. The higher end version I don’t think are worth the money
  7. I have the garmin 550 and the garmin alpha. Both with two collars. For training - 550 is best there is. Easy to switch between dogs. Easy button setup. Great range. Great for hunting any type of situation. If if you want the ultimate collar- it’s impossible to beat the alpha. I use it for upland hunting. However for training- it can be a pain as the switching of stim is not as simple. If you are training one dog but want to control another (I have a fully trained dog and a young dog) the 550 is easier to maintain two dogs at once Knowing you will never lose your dog is why I always end up using the alpha outside of controlled setting. It’s expensive but the first time you have a dog chase game or worse, get hurt out of sight- the alpha was worth every penny. No no matter what- please PLEASE spend a good amount of time learning to use whichever collar you get and learn proper use of the collar. It amazes me how many people only use the collar as punishment and for the come command. My dogs go nuts with excitement when the see the e collar come out. They know it means either fun or hunting
  8. How much do you want to spend? What type of hunting? Garmin 550 is best all around collar.
  9. If upland is your goal- you got the dog to do it! All about bringing out natural drive. The pup will do the rest.
  10. Also- dog looks awesome! Good luck! Good bird dog changes your life
  11. Sure she’s not a German wire hair with a mix of short hair? Haha the beard is looking good already. Who had the “oh shit” breeding? Are both parents hunters? training starts the second the dog comes home. Bonding with the pup is most important thing but obedience is a must. It’s the foundation for all else. Training yourself is most rewarding/stressful experience. I’ve done it 3 times now. Highly recommend you connect with NAVHDA and/or someone who can get you birds. Birds make a bird dog. Feel free to PM me with any questions what do you plan on doing with the dog? Upland or waterfowl or small game or all of the above?
  12. Anyone ever have to board a dog in heat? Anyone on here board?
  13. Ha my drah will track anything. You can’t compare a drahthaar versatility to boykins. Love boykins. I’ve hunted over them but they don’t point. They flush. Drahthaar will point. They will flush on command. So for upland- Drahthaar will out perform. On geese- watch a boykin vs. a drahthaar fight a cripple. On rabbits... on tracking deer....lol I’ll never convince you but for the OP- research and watch dogs in action at a breed club
  14. You are going to get a million responses. At end of the day, if you really want a true versatile dog- there is no better than Drahthaar. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. A real hunting dog is an investment. Go to a retriever, pointer, or any dog breed club and watch the dogs work. The. Meet up with the Drahthaar group... there really is no comparison. I have had a lab. I currently have a vizsla fully trained for all upland. I just got got a Drahthaar. At 8 months old, with little training- she has successfully tracked and retrieved rabbits. She has retrieved geese and mallards. She has pointed and retrieved multiple quail as well. I never believed it until I went to a club meeting.
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