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  1. Anyone ever have to board a dog in heat? Anyone on here board?
  2. Ha my drah will track anything. You can’t compare a drahthaar versatility to boykins. Love boykins. I’ve hunted over them but they don’t point. They flush. Drahthaar will point. They will flush on command. So for upland- Drahthaar will out perform. On geese- watch a boykin vs. a drahthaar fight a cripple. On rabbits... on tracking deer....lol I’ll never convince you but for the OP- research and watch dogs in action at a breed club
  3. You are going to get a million responses. At end of the day, if you really want a true versatile dog- there is no better than Drahthaar. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. A real hunting dog is an investment. Go to a retriever, pointer, or any dog breed club and watch the dogs work. The. Meet up with the Drahthaar group... there really is no comparison. I have had a lab. I currently have a vizsla fully trained for all upland. I just got got a Drahthaar. At 8 months old, with little training- she has successfully tracked and retrieved rabbits. She has retrieved geese and mallards. She has pointed and retrieved multiple quail as well. I never believed it until I went to a club meeting.
  4. Plate carrier.... then you are talking
  5. you Can usually tell very early if there is going to be issues. Around 6 months, I would bet they have 1 real fight. Dominance is established and back to normal. Happened every time I’ve brought a new hunting dog home. If if there was going to be a real issue- I have seen it happen as early as first week in the house
  6. With a shotgun, bow, or muzzy- I would never take a head shot. WAY too much margin of error. With a finely tuned long gun, thats a different story, especially a well trained shooter that practices. Real shooters know limits. that being said, real shooters know when they can take that shot and be 100% confident. Again- talking real shooters not the 3-5 shot zero "good to go" guys. I have a journal on each of my long guns. I can tell you how my round is effected by things like temp, elevation, hot/cold barrel, weather, distance from 50-700 yards... Doe at 100 yards, Only way im missing a head shot is a reason I would miss any vital shot. Be proficient, know your limits, trust your training- thats ethical. Ethical shots are shooter specific
  7. So is he going to respond to all this.... always two sides to a story but not looking good for ghost!
  8. 500ish total? So one 500 combo or two 250-300
  9. Thanks for the replies. Looks like I should just get the fluke set up now and wait till the fall for an additional rod haha. Just getting into the salt water world. Coming from fresh water fly fishing, I have a lot to learn
  10. Hey all- anyone have a good recommendation on a do it all salt rod/reel combo? want to flounder and striper fish. Is there something I could handle both without having two rods?
  11. Can’t be capable of discharging a projectile. Also- make sure you are on a designated training area after next week. They will absolutely fine you/charge you. https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/dogtrain.htm
  12. Best bet- find someone local on here. Buy them a beer and ask a million questions. Pick animal pick weapon practice scout practice some more read digest front to back when it comes out have fun!
  13. Makes total sense haha. I was doing the math and Was trying to figure out what you would be shooting at/with a 500 zero lol. Took my muley at 344 yards. Thanks for reply
  14. Curious- In all my long range shooting experience, never heard of someone "sighting in" at 500 yards. What is the purpose? I can only think of cons to that theory. Not questioning your thought process, just interested in hearing why! Thanks.
  15. Range 129. Right outside Atlantic City. 8 lanes 100 yards indoor rifle. Like 25 indoor pistol
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