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  1. Harrisburg, Atlantic City, and Delaware stores are all junk. I went to two stores out west and was blown away by the stores. had everything- every brand possible, used gun racks for days, all the ammo you could want, ect. Makes you wonder what the future business model is going to be.
  2. Ive always just let them go through a tide cycle to clean them.
  3. Just to clarify, essentially what you are saying is: Study proves Trump right= truth and study that proves trump wrong= false? That is some 2020 science for ya! If Trump came out and said there was no such thing as a trout and used ONE study that claims trout dont exist....would you believe science or the one study? There are studies that claim the earth is flat...tell me again how we can believe all studies that fit our benefit?
  4. I was hiking once and found an old native American broad head. If it is good enough for them, should be good for a traditional set up. Pretty cool looking-
  5. Makes no sense. Welcome to the hunting community- we arent all like a few of these grumpy responses. This is a Great place to ask questions and learn- the digest can be very confusing. you will see debates on here about what's in the digest even amongst guys who have been hunting 20+ years. NJ is the worst. Glad you got it all worked out and are on your way to busting clays. Any upland questions- feel free to reach out. Happy to have you join me while training my dogs so you can learn some tips and tricks prior to the season.
  6. Damn. I'm heading back to Henderson County this year. This is a solid deal. best of luck finding someone.
  7. Agreed. I’ve never had them fail like some claim. Never had a deer go further than 50 yards. Insane blood trails. (my earlier post was a joke)
  8. Hawkeye57

    New Camo Hat

    Agreed! I just don’t support made in China products.
  9. Use single pin sight which, in my opinion, made me a much better shooter. have shot out to 80. Practice to 60. Hunt no more than 30.
  10. The problem is your argument is "ideas" where mine are based in numbers. I agree we will go in circles so we can agree to disagree. Hope you have a great weekend! God bless our beloved 2a.
  11. HUH? I have been having a factual normal conversation. One person changed that, please dont include me with your cute "may be the reason" which has nothing to do with this thread but to instigate- so please dont break the rules of this forum. Please read my comments and point out where I was not respectful? (outside of pointing out my stalker)
  12. Given the political climate where there is a republican president, a republican Senate, I believe the NRA does nothing positive. However, they capitalized the market which in turn takes hard earned money from peple who could be contributing to the "next NRA"
  13. Hey- everyone has their opinions. Kills me to read this sentance and think you are ok with how they spend A MAJORITY of their funds. Not sure how many executives you hang with- but I can assure you most companies do not set up a shell company to funnel funds to to pay for the CEO's house. Just does not happen. HENCE why when it was discovered, they dropped the idea and hid the fact but failed to cover the tracks because $70k was already spent on his "personal house search." I dont know your financial position in life but if I had to go on a payment plan to pay for someone to live an over the top lifestyle, I would be pissed. Wrap your head around Wayne spent more on private jets than actually lobbying Gun rights. their committment to $6m house for him was more than they contributed to politicians in the past 6years combined!
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