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  1. President Bush gave all LEO's Nationwide carry rights. Why do cops here have to pay fir a permit? My FIL was retired from Newark, he had to renew every year and then wasn't allowed to work security after 70, unbelievable!
  2. I cracked a Cody by sitting on it!
  3. A friend of mine bought a sheet of marine plywood, ripped it in half length ways and then glued and screwed the two pieces together, one on top of the other. It came out great.
  4. Man, that's a lot of wood you guys split there!
  5. Yup, I overreacted, apologies to Thefirstndsecond. I feel he he should have asked that question via PM and if true I would have clarified in the post.
  6. It is not subject to the recall dickhead!
  7. As title states, located in Warren County (Asbury). Must be transferred through an FFL. I use one in Easton, PA (8 miles away) that charges $25 or you can use a local FFL. PM your phone number for pics. Thanks for looking.
  8. Z35, you are doing a nice thing. I live in Warren County and my gun club is about a half mile down the road, a bunch of I don't give a Fu#K people have been dumping cats at out club for years. Someone in the club feeds them and they breed like rats. Some are really nice looking cats. My problem is they never get inoculated. My stupid GSP also like to eat buried cat turds. I've noticed a turn down in the population of cats and I'm pretty sure no one is shooting them, I think the fox and coyotes are getting them. I was leaving the club one day and saw a guy with his kids in the car dump a cat on our property, I chased him down the county road trying to get his license plate, when I hit 90 MPH I backed off, he was driving a BMW, nice stand up guy. Anyone know if there's a fine for dumping animals? Good luck with your adoption.
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