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  1. If your Driver's license is suspended in New Jersey, it's suspended in all 50 states! Nuff said!
  2. Early 2020 means July!
  3. Sako76

    Punk gets punked

    Shut him the fugg up quickly!
  4. I'm at a loss, I thought you might have put a rifle scope on an air gun and it went south.
  5. What make scope? Is it an airgun scope?
  6. That bear needs to go on a diet!
  7. Good luck, a guy at work moved there, he loved it! Concealed carry, 30 round mags for his AR!
  8. Good luck, I'm leaving Friday for Saratoga.
  9. Who was his health care provider? I bet he wasn't on Obama Care.
  10. Congrats all around on a super job!
  11. Jim--I thought you were talking about the January 20th 2008 NFC Championship game at Lambeau Field that was -1 degree and - 23 wind chill won by the Giants beating Brett Farve in his last game as a Packer. The Giants went on to beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl and Eli won one of his two Super Bowl MVP's!
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