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  1. I think my buddy had an ACL Vet in Lebanon, Round Valley Animal Hospital?
  2. Must be them "White Supremacist's" Slow Joe was talking about!
  3. Usually, the PH sells the meat! It's a twofer, they charge you to shoot it and then sell the meat!
  4. He needs both his arms broken!
  5. The Musky is running high and brown, I doubt the SB is fishable.
  6. I was in my office at the Slick Willy Federal Building at 290 Broadway, 23 floor facing the Trade Center. Sitting at my desk I heard the first plane hit, it was just a "pop". One of the older guys who worked for me came running over and said "did you hear that". I responded, "it didn't sound too bad". When I stood up from behind my desk to talk to him, I saw a burning piece of paper float down. When I said, 'hey, what's that", he turned around and screamed "Oh My God" and when when I stepped into the corridor I saw the gaping hole! A whole bunch of us stood there watching not knowing what was going on. Then, in horror we were watching people jump to their death! Next, we saw the second plane hit and everybody took off for the stairs. It was along walk down from the 23rd floor. The Federal Building right next to us (26 Federal Plaza) is the second largest Federal Building in the US with 10K employees (The Pentagon is the biggest) and our building with 3K, I thought we were going to get hit next since the FBI is in both buildings. It was a tough walk down. When I got to the street, a coworker asked me what I was going to do and I said get away from these Federal Buildings, they may be next. Also, when the Trade Center falls, if it falls this way it ain't gonna be pretty! He said "do you think it's going to fall" and I said "yes". We walked up to Christopher Street, jumped the turnstile and took the PATH to Jersey City and I bummed a ride to my parents house in North Arlington. I was walking in Jersey City when the Towers came down. Scary thing was the week before, I was in the Trade Center working with the Port Authority Health & Safety guys on how to safely remove asbestos from the structural steel inside the elevator banks. I was on top of an elevator car at the 84th floor! I ended up working on the clean-up of several of the large building for 8 years including the Deutsch Bank where two NYC Firefighters were killed. I testified in the manslaughter trial of the clean -up contractor, the Health & Safety Officer and the foreman. If they show a picture of Governor Whitman saying the air is clean this weekend, I'm the handsome guy standing to the right of her. I still have nightmares about 9/11. I was also in the Trade Center on 2/26/93, first floor, when the bomb exploded in the parking garage. God Bless America!
  7. You never quit, you earned that buck!
  8. If you can't afford a guided hunt at this time, try a trespass fee hunt on a ranch with lodging. The ranchers are out there everyday and know where the elk are and can help you out. As for drop camps, I've never been on one but from what I've heard the success rate is low. Think about it, an outfitter isn't going to drop you off where he going to take his guided clients. I've hunted with several good outfitters in Colorado for under $4K, you need to get on the phone and start calling and hit the internet. Last year, I hunted first season rifle elk, deciding at the last minute to book this hunt (I was booked on rifle elk bugle hunt in Utah also). I booked with the brother of an outfitter who I had with for a long time, only leaving because my daughter started college and I couldn't afford to hunt out west for a couple of years. I shot my biggest elk (6x6) on the first evening of the hunt. This hunt was $3600. Good luck, once you go out west you will want to keep going back!
  9. I would start out with a guided rifle hunt in Colorado in a Unit here you can buy an over the counter bull or cow tag and see how they are hunted. You can go DIY or or a higher priced special hunts later if you want. My first elk hunt (rifle) was in Colorado in 1992, a guy I worked had a buddy in Littleton who swore he scouted the National Forest and had a great spot to hunt, camping gear and all. When we got to the NF I could tell the guy was lost, couldn't find the area where he wanted to go. It was getting late so we went into an empty camping spot. His camping gear was Wal-Mart stuff and half the other stuff didn't work. It started raining and ended up snowing 4 feet, we left when it was 12", the rangers had warned us about 2+ feet of snow. We ended up walking out 6 miles because it was mostly down hill and we were towing a small U-Haul trailer and the driver had little control, the driver drove with the door open in case he had to jump out. We spent the next week in a hotel in Carbondale, it never stopped snowing, 5 hunters died statewide. A $250 elk tag and $150 deer tag were eaten. The Rockies are no place to mess around in the fall, go with someone who knows the area or a guide. I've killed 16 elk and only packed 2 out, the 2 we packed out sucked! Be prepared for weather, rough terrain and not getting lost. Good luck and PM if you need additional info.
  10. The Valley Inn and Barge Bar (yes, barge on the Passaic River) in Lyndhurst used to serve us at 15 years old!
  11. I live in Asbury, there's 8 1/2" of water in the garbage can!
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