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  1. That's one of those "killer rabbits"!
  2. Sako76

    Never Forget.

    I will never forget! I was in downtown NYC that day in my office at 290 Broadway (Federal Bldg.). I heard the first plane hit, saw the second plane hit and watched with mouth open as people jumped 110 stories to their death! I then worked 8 years on the clean-up. I was in the WTC (first floor) in 1993 when the bomb went off! I ain't lucky!
  3. RIP Tom Terrific! I'm a Yankees fan but there weren't many better pitchers than Tom Seaver! Dementia sucks!
  4. A tax on health insurance to pay for illegals? Is there a contest to see who can come up with the most ridiculous way to pay for illegals? Murphy is a disgrace!
  5. Great deer county, pretty sure it's a rifle county. Good luck.
  6. How is this legal? How much of a tax on ammo?
  7. Sako76


    Good job Larry!
  8. Cabela's won't ship ammo now either! I don't blame them, why would they ship a non-NJ compliant rifle to NJ?
  9. Fugg Japan, they started it, the US finished it! Did you forget the Jap attack on Pearl Harbor? Bataan Death March? They were given a chance to surrender, they declined, bad move!
  10. Every Sportsman in this State should send an OPRA request to the DEP on the incident. Once the 'attack" is confirmed, he should be asked why the public wasn't informed of the bear attack. Was the bear euthanized? If not, is there a killer bear on the loose in West Milford? We need to go for the jugular on this one!
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