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  1. Sako76

    Special shotgun week buck

    Great job!
  2. Sako76

    Anyone ever heard of this club?

    Yes, they have some property in Stewardsville for birds.
  3. Sako76

    One Day Early But I'll Take the 8pt.

    Congrats, I didn't know Hevi-Shot made buckshot!
  4. Sako76

    Finally got one during six day.....

    I feel for you, my wife has hit two with two different Toyota's, Taco or Tundra?
  5. Sako76

    Let us never forget 12/7/41

    Here, here, never forget. My uncle lost 3 fingers when a kamikaze plane hit his ship (USS Isherwood) when they were doing picket brigade during the Battle of Okinawa!
  6. Sako76

    Need help - Clinton Outfitters in Glen Gardner, NJ

    Rick Dotsenrod moved back to Iowa I believe.
  7. Sako76

    Opening Day Buck Down

    Slammer, congrats!
  8. Sako76

    My Brother In Law's PA Buck

    Congrats to your BIL! Nice buck with a Ruger!
  9. Sako76

    BBD 12/4

    Very nice, congrats!
  10. Next, they will want the taxpayers to pay for the licenses!
  11. I've been using Bravecto for awhile on GSP's, works great. ticks have to bite and chew to die.
  12. Sako76

    Shotgun Choice For 6 Day ?

    Remington 11-87, 12 Ga., 2.5-8x36 Leupold VX-3.
  13. Sako76

    Mayor of NYC

    Al Roker has talent?
  14. Sako76

    Favorite slug gun?

    Remington 11-87, I have a 12 ga and a 20 ga.
  15. He's an a$$wipe, named one of his kids Cricket!