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  1. RIP Sawyer! Run wide in the big fields in heaven!
  2. Look at Fish Pond, they make a nice vest for $149.
  3. I believe my father also got a 1911 Colt, Parkerized and stamped "Property U.S. Government". I think he paid $11 thru CMP. He eventually sold it to a military collector who offered him a boat load of money for it!
  4. Yup, he had an M1 Carbine also, traded them both off because "they weren't any good for hunting"! He was a veteran also.
  5. MY father bought his CMP Garand for $21.00.
  6. I call bullchit on the designated training area. I'm sure all the farmers and people living in that area just love living in an "FAA designated training area". You have certain air rights, a plane can not just buzz your house or farm animals at low altitude when they want. I would still file a complaint with the CO to get it on record.
  7. I would call a Conservation Officer and file a written complaint and then OPRA a copy of the investigative report.
  8. You are correct! I like the cleaning solution, one time I put my breech plug in, sealed the container and then accidently knocked it over and the contents starting leaking out. I checked the top and it was on tight. I have no idea how they ship that stuff W/O spilling.
  9. Doesn't the State Police have the capability to run radar via a helicopter?
  10. Correct Bucndoe, and as consumers we can chose to spend our money elsewhere!
  11. A NJ resident can buy a long gun out of state as long as the selling FFL complies with all the NJ (or any other states) requirements. Such as filling out the NJ form and sending it to the State Police and checking for the FID card.
  12. We used to get a lot of rabbits in the meadows of North Arlington/Lyndhurst without a dog in the 70's. I occasionally see a rabbit in Warren County while pheasant hunting, not like it used to be.
  13. Congrats, you guys sticking it out are doing well!
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