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  1. Fugg Murphy! My recently departed father would ask Murphy "what outfit were you in"!
  2. BHC--I heard there were holes in the overhead cover, did you notice any holes?
  3. Preserved farmland goes for about $4K/acre (or so I was told), so I would guess less than $4K/acre.
  4. The guys (from Medford Lakes) who owned the cabin and property next to my father in Chenango County NY started to leave the cabin door open and not leave anything valuable in there. I guess kids used to go in there to drink and mess with girls. Once they came up and the unlocked door was ripped off the hinges and all the dinner plates were smashed in the fireplace, that's when they decided to sell.
  5. I have a Browning Long Range Hunter in 6.5 CM, it's a hammer.
  6. That sucks! My father and buddy bought 35 acres in Chennago years ago bordering Bowman State Park. The trailer was burglarized, items stolen, people hunting their stands, horse riding, dirt bike riding and trespassing to get water. The cabin on the adjoining 65 acres was constantly burglarized! They ended up selling the land. People suck! Sorry for your loss.
  7. Looks great! Are there any leftovers?
  8. Weekend bump for a turkey slayer!
  9. Another look at a fine turkey slayer!
  10. Camo 500A, 20" barrel, .660 Accuchoke in box with lock. One shot fired, 2 3/4" and 3" shells. I have another choke, if I can find it, it will go with the gun, no promises. Fiber-Optic front and rear sites. PM for pics, must go thru an FFL. I'm located in Warren County (Asbury). I'm sticking with my Browning Gold and Remington 11-87. Thanks for looking. Found the choke tube, Trulock Turkey, stainless black extended, .660, Winchester LongBeard XR #5's. A $45.00 choke tube.
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