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  1. You need a new Vet, I'm glad the dog is OK.
  2. My neighbor took their dog there after Perryville vet couldn't figure it out. $5800 like later they found out that the dog ate a peach pit out of the garbage and it lodged in the intestine. It got put down. That was a long time ago. I'm not a vet, but couldn't an x-ray have shown this?
  3. You can't argue with success!
  4. Try Dr. Blease in Stewardsville, if he's there, he'll look at your animal. I've taken my dogs there on Sundays and late Saturday afternoons, great guy. He likes venison!
  5. B&B, I think you are right. I also believe in full disclosure of expenditures, $39K for cloths for WLP is a bit excessive IMO. I don't know what his trips to Italy have to do with 2A rights in America, he needs to be reigned in.
  6. I saw Target was hiring for $13/hour.
  7. I want to know where your daughter caught this, so I don't go swimming there!
  8. Sako76

    LMB with my son

    Sweet, it's been a long time since I went top water night bass fishing.
  9. You need to be real careful with bats and rabies, a guy in Buttzville awhile back died from from removing them from the old post office on Rt. 46 after he moved in. Droppings also. A friend's sister in Brick had a raccoon in the garage, after getting rid of it she swept up the droppings, when her Dr. found out, he made her get the rabies shot.
  10. Congrats to your wife, who was threatening her?
  11. They treated the NRA's bank account like their own personal bank account. I always thought that Wayne LaPierre was a good fighter for the NRA and our 2A rights. $200K for cloths is way out of line, wasn't a separate group of people looking at the finances? Was a treasurer's report ever submitted? Like someone above sais "greed"!
  12. OK, I didn't know that, I thought I saw a table where a majority of the land was purchased with dedicated hunting and fishing license money. Does anyone know where how the Pitman-Robertson money is spent in New Jersey?
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