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  1. Sako76

    He Made It.....

    A lot!
  2. Sako76

    Any Tree Guys Here? (Hunterdon/Warren area)

    Give Joe O'Leary in Washington a call. Does good work and is very reasonable.
  3. I'm all for Sunday gun hunting, I've been hunting a semi-wild on Sunday since 1963! I hunt exclusively private land. Seasons should be long to get maximum enjoyment, limit the tags. Fugg the crybaby bowhunters!
  4. Sako76

    Soak Your Venison in Milk?

    Friends used to crock pot their venison in buttermilk, they loved it!
  5. Sako76


    Good one!
  6. This world has too many people like "Walt" who make stupid comments without ever watching the video. The left is still vilifying these kids, what is wrong with them? People keep blaming the chaperones, although their non-action is an issue, they weren't the ones drumming in a kids face or hurling insults. How come no one is mentioning the African Israelis who started the whole thing? Batso, I agree with you but I never would have made it to a count of 10!
  7. Sako76

    Storing your gun cleaning stuff

    Yup, old tackle box! I like the tool box idea.
  8. Sako76

    Garmin Alpha

    I've been running one for 5 years and love it. I have the long whippy antenna, I didn't know they had a short one.
  9. I don't like Brady (Giants fan here) but the laser pointer should get his butt kicked and some time in the crowbar hotel. I do think Brady is the best QB ever, I don't have to like him! Giants are 2-0 in Super Bowls against him!
  10. Sako76

    Occupied dwelling

    I find it funny that the manager of a Wawa tells someone you don't need a college degree!
  11. Sako76

    Occupied dwelling

    B&B, so now you are saying a tent is a building/dwelling?
  12. Sako76

    When did things change so much

    Holy chit, a home inspection to adopt a dog?
  13. Sako76

    Late season food

    We had the same turnips at our gun club in Clinton and Warren County NJ and the deer never touched them! A woman at work did like them!
  14. Sako76

    Occupied dwelling

    I think your spot is ruined with him there. If you want to hunt it, go ahead. I would tell the coppers "what dwelling"?
  15. Sako76

    CZ Over and Under 20 Gauge

    I had a 20 ga. Redhead, great gun!