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  1. ALOHA45

    Zone 1 Question

    Thanks BHC!!
  2. ALOHA45

    Zone 1 Question

    Hello my friends. Just wondering I was going to turkey hunt Zone 1 along Old Mine Road, north of Route 560. I was just curious are all those open fields along the Delaware River open to public hunting? I saw some farming equipment out in some of the fields. This is all property of the Delaware Water Gap National Preserve, correct? Thanks so much in advance
  3. ALOHA45

    Back from North Carolina

    Awesome pictures and great memories that your sons will remember forever. Good job Dad!
  4. ALOHA45

    6 Day Buck Down

    Great Deer and Congrats. Glad to see somebody get a nice one.
  5. ALOHA45

    Hot weather trout fishing

    Wow! Great stuff!