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  1. hello I am interested in the Myers. can you send me a picture? thanks andy
  2. sold on eBay,be carefull, may be counterfeit, look at feedback
  3. I want to tell you what a great son I have. First off this trip was a birthday gift from him and his family. What Craig didn't tell you guys is that he and his guides had spotted this bull while glassing a canyon a few miles from where me and my guides were. Craig passed on this bull and texted me to come over knowing that this was an opportunity for me to take a shot as the terrain wasn't too bad for an over weight guy of 68 years. This ranch was unbelievable! The mountains were so high ( 10,000 ft. ) and canyons were so steep you had to hold on to a tree or some brush to keep
  4. I will take them. I will PM you with my phone number
  5. Hello Shootstraight Are the 28 guage shotshells AA Super Sport or Super X. Where in Morris? Thanks Andy
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