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  1. So this is probably a dumb question, but what the hell, figured I’d ask anyway. Was fishing today when I caught what I believe was a beautiful largemouth, and I’m still 99% sure it was a largemouth. But after looking at the picture a 100 times it really looks like a spotted bass to me color wise. Now I’ve never heard of a spotted bass in NJ and there range doesn’t come this north, but it’s damn close compared to pictures of ones caught. Either way the prettiest fish I’ve caught in a long time. What do y’all think?
  2. Pretty much done for the year might take a few more walks but I figured I’d post this years finds. Lot of miles and great times with friends and family
  3. Walking for sheds I walk many parks and areas hunting is not allowed. I can’t believe the amount of illegal hunting I find on parks and areas that’s strictly off limits. Being part of F&W I do my best to enforce hunting laws but there’s only so much I can do. Dealing with illegal hunting on a park by my house right now and Dealing with the township. Regardless of who you are this needs to be cracked down on.
  4. Found number 7 today and my buddy found an old one as well. Put in a lot of miles the last 2 days
  5. I find them in the same spots every year usually. And as I look more each year I find new honey holes as well.
  6. I look every year all the time for sheds. Last year I found 14 and this year I’ve got 6 so far. But my question is how do guys find 100, 50 etc in one year in NJ. I don’t get it lol. I look some prime spots over and look till April and never find that many.
  7. Rough week with my club, weather with deer holding extremely tight and low numbers all week. We were still able to bring in 6 bucks and 1 fox for the pole! Fun week with the club. Great times with great people. Now back to work tomorrow lol
  8. Went out with a few members of my gun club “Mill creek Gun Club” for pheasant this morning. After a bad start with 2 birds hit. One cock bird and one hen, the hen which I shot, we headed out to try our hand at some quail hunting in the late morning. Didn’t know how it would go as the dog we were using was never used for quail before (a Russian laika). After spooking a rabbit on the way in and missing it, we walked right up on a covey of around 12 quail in some pines that the dog put up. And had the time of our lives. Ended the day with 6 quail, and the dog did fantastic. Putting up more birds than we could shoot at.
  9. Started looking at a small piece of public land in my town last week. After scouting and finding a spot to sit on the ground (no trees big enough for a stand). I went in tonight for my first sit at 3:30. At 4:07 I had my first public land deer on the ground. 6 yard shot out of a pine thicket. Thank you God, thank you deer.
  10. Finally got the first one of the season. 5 yard shot straight down, put my bolt through one lung and blew the heart out. Didn’t go 30 yards. Great hunt.
  11. One sums up my opening morning, the second one is the truth about NJ hunters haha
  12. It speaks for itself F0565602-9F90-401E-BCEB-F4C122A33246.MP4
  13. Thanks to all you guys. Glad to still be here.
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