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  1. To start off your gonna have a blast. But there’s too much to say in one post. But my best advice is don’t over call and wait awhile after a bird shuts up, don’t move. Too many guys move to early when a bird shuts up, had then shut up for 45 minutes and have them come in and kill them. And also forgot the old way of not getting closer than 100 yards to a rooster bird. If you go in early enough I’ve sat right under a rooster bird and killed it good luck. Hunting birds is amazing. But since you have a D tag it’s gonna be a little harder.
  2. Batsto village. It’s on the fish & wildlife website
  3. Any W&W guys going to the turkey seminar? I will be attending, just wanted to see if I was gonna see any of you guys there.
  4. Can y’all keep it Civil on my trying to find a cat a home post please... meaning no dead cat pic...
  5. I like my flat south jersey. I’m not made for mountains. But cool finds and nice pictures. But I’ll stick to my flat pork roll hunting grounds lol.
  6. Thank you. I try my best. It’s one of my favorite things.
  7. Lol that’s what some of my friends say too. But going by the state definition it’s technically a shed. Any antler that’s leaves the deers head naturally is a shed lol.
  8. Found this guy on my doorstep and been trying to find him a home, people drop off strays around my house more than you can think. But in the meantime I’ve trained him well. Newest trend in hunting, a shed hunter cat lol. Located in Gloucester county nj if interested in him. Extremely friendly, litter box trained and is an inside cat completely has no want to go outside at all. Just trying to find him a good home, not a cat person and my father is allergic, but he’s a good cat. 80841ED9-E306-4D5A-BCF2-4BC5F4A54230.MOV
  9. Thank you. The curly old one when I flipped it over had a whole in it. One of the coolest I’ve found.
  10. Set a goal to find at least 10 sheds this year. And I finally got number 10 today. I know there’s guys who would laugh at 10 sheds in a season, but I’m ecstatic with hitting my goal. Looking for number 11 as soon as I get a chance lol.
  11. Don’t think so. It was almost perfectly skinned and was fresh when I first found it. Took the photo a few weeks after
  12. Found this a few month back and been thinking about it ever since. I can’t unders why it would be there. It’s on a piece of county land that’s not huntable, but why would a hunter skin a deer in the woods even if he was hunting illegally? How’d it get in a tree? What animal did this? It’s just weird. Questions like this keep me up at night lol. I’ve asked a few people I know what they thought and they had no clue.
  13. Just say another one driving home from work today holding both sides. I’m seeing a lot in SJ.
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