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  1. Finally got the first one of the season. 5 yard shot straight down, put my bolt through one lung and blew the heart out. Didn’t go 30 yards. Great hunt.
  2. One sums up my opening morning, the second one is the truth about NJ hunters haha
  3. It speaks for itself F0565602-9F90-401E-BCEB-F4C122A33246.MP4
  4. Thanks to all you guys. Glad to still be here.
  5. Well I haven’t been on here since the spring, so I wanted to post some updates since tomorrow is opener and I’ll be out there. This spring I was involved in an awful car wreck where by the grace of God I was able to walk away with almost no harm to me after being run over by a dumb truck in my pickup truck. After that my whole life got a change to it. I got a new job, a new truck (since mine was flattened lol) and and second chance at life as I take it. So here I stand, with tomorrow being opener and I’ve taken a different approach to this season. I’m usually the guy running 15 cams 8 bait piles 30 different stands, and this year I took a step back. I’m going back to my roots as a hunter. I’m running zero cameras and I only have a few stands up, gonna try to hunt the old way, by sign, by terrain, and just enjoy hunting the way I use to. I’ve eliminated almost everything in my hunting bag except binoculars rangefinder and my arrows. I’ll still use scent control because I believe in that extremely, but I got caught up in the hype too much and I feel like it’s time to take a step back. Don’t get me wrong I’ll probably run a camera or two later in the year, but I want to enjoy early bow without worrying about what bucks are around and so on. And to be honest sometimes cams take away from it all, I’m gonna enjoy God’s creation like never before this year and I’m hopefully gonna be posting a big fat mamma doe tomorrow morning, God bless and best of luck to ya’ll tomorrow! JP
  6. Trying to keep in on the low of you don’t mind. I just want to keep it off the main forum.
  7. The system is f*cked and unless we band together it’ll only get worse. I’m gonna make a big push this year with all my friends to start fighting back. If we pay for it we should be able to use it. People fold real quick when you don’t back off easy like most people.
  8. Just found out that all Township owned land in my town is open to hunting with no permission or permit needed. Pretty cool and I’m looking forward to scouting it. Only thing I’m worried about (and I don’t want any anti cop talk started) is the cops in my town are known to be arrogant and start trouble for people. They even started trouble for my buddy who is also a cop. But either way it’s funny because I went in yesterday and the clerk wasn’t in, all the employees told me “no hunting at all, we never let people hunt it”. Went in today and the clerk told me that everyone is allowed to hunt it but wasn’t happy at all to tell me. Funny how screwed up the system is. But I gained access to hundreds of acres by just pushing against the status quo.
  9. Went out and found number 14 today. Now that the bugs are bad, and the grass is tall it’s time to worry about thunder chickens. Best year by far and went past my total I was aiming for!
  10. Only got the hat because I’m friends with a person in fish and wildlife lol. They don’t really give the out.
  11. No vest for me, only reason I got a hat was because my friend is in the F&W lol
  12. Officially a volunteer. Good day
  13. Since the recent over turn of the California high cap mag laws are any NJ organizations pushing to over rule our POS governor? It’s the time to act. If shit bag California can get rid of these awful laws so can NJ.
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