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  1. Trying to keep in on the low of you don’t mind. I just want to keep it off the main forum.
  2. The system is f*cked and unless we band together it’ll only get worse. I’m gonna make a big push this year with all my friends to start fighting back. If we pay for it we should be able to use it. People fold real quick when you don’t back off easy like most people.
  3. Just found out that all Township owned land in my town is open to hunting with no permission or permit needed. Pretty cool and I’m looking forward to scouting it. Only thing I’m worried about (and I don’t want any anti cop talk started) is the cops in my town are known to be arrogant and start trouble for people. They even started trouble for my buddy who is also a cop. But either way it’s funny because I went in yesterday and the clerk wasn’t in, all the employees told me “no hunting at all, we never let people hunt it”. Went in today and the clerk told me that everyone is allowed to hunt it but wasn’t happy at all to tell me. Funny how screwed up the system is. But I gained access to hundreds of acres by just pushing against the status quo.
  4. Went out and found number 14 today. Now that the bugs are bad, and the grass is tall it’s time to worry about thunder chickens. Best year by far and went past my total I was aiming for!
  5. Only got the hat because I’m friends with a person in fish and wildlife lol. They don’t really give the out.
  6. No vest for me, only reason I got a hat was because my friend is in the F&W lol
  7. Officially a volunteer. Good day
  8. Since the recent over turn of the California high cap mag laws are any NJ organizations pushing to over rule our POS governor? It’s the time to act. If shit bag California can get rid of these awful laws so can NJ.
  9. WMA in Salem county. Just checked my camera.
  10. Been seeing them slowly come back since about 2013. Now if I go shed hunting in this one spot by my house, I can usually flush between 3 to 5 every time. And I’m seeing the areas thick with them starting to expand into others as I’ve been flushing birds in spots I’ve never seen them before.
  11. Are you talking about Marry Duffy Park?


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    2. Zone35killer


      Yes, I found 2 and sent locations to the township office to get them taken down. It’s a shame people do stuff like that, gives us all a bad name. I didn’t think it could be you as you are a stand up good guy, but I did know you hunted right near there. Always a pleasure talking to you Cris  keep in touch  


    3. tpr1921


      Thanks for the update. I also have the Conservation Officer's phone number for our area if you ever need it. If you find stands there again please let him know - as I doubt the Township will take any further action in enforcing the"illegal to hunt there restriction."


    4. Zone35killer


      Thank you. I will keep you updated on what’s going on. If I find more contact you first, and I’m worried myself that the township will fail all together and not even bother to take them down at all. 


  12. I was given a deer mount that wasn’t finished without antlers. After a little redneck taxidermy work I took it and turned it into my velvet buck from last year. Wasn’t gonna pay to have him mounted even though I wanted to, but this worked out perfectly
  13. Definitely a shed, yearling tend to shed with a lot of scull attached if they go through a lot of stress via rut, harsh weather etc. I have a bunch of yearling sheds with scull attached like that.
  14. Went out today in the rain again with my father AKA @doeguy223 and he managed to find a B&C for number 13 for the year lol
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