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  1. Zone35killer

    11/18 check in

    Slow morning in z35. Hardly saw anything.
  2. Zone35killer

    How often do you gamble on marginal winds?

    It all depends on the spot, but I try to hunt the wind is much as possible. But honestly most of my spots no matter where the wind goes it’s probably going to a deer. But I think scent control helps a lot. It depends on the time of year too. And I honestly find smoking cigarettes in your stand in most places in nj does nothing at all. Deer are use to the smell pretty much everywhere around me. But I still think you’re better off avoiding smoking in the stand.
  3. Zone35killer

    Muzzleloader problems

    Thanks for all the info again guys. I’ll let you all know how it goes next time I shoot. I’m not a big gun hunter at all, love bow hunting. But I want it to be set in case there a buck I’m after and need another tag.
  4. Zone35killer

    Muzzleloader problems

    Thanks for the advice guys. Just stinks cause it’s so time consuming. I’ll probably spend time this spring with it. If I can get it good at 75 yards I’ll be set. Rarely have shots over 50 yards anyway
  5. Zone35killer

    Muzzleloader problems

    I’m shooting a CVA Wolf. Haven’t ever felt comfortable using it while hunting cause I can’t get the damn thing to shoot the same spot twice. Any tips? I clean the barrel after every shot, and I’m shooting 265gr made by a bullet manufacturer based I sj. Using about 100gr of loose pounder, but thinking I will switch to pyrodex. Any ideas will help. Really want to get it shooting tacks. Thanks guys.
  6. Zone35killer

    Changing my mind about genetics

    I remember that post because I personally thought it was an older deer than everyone else. If I didn’t have antler restrictions I would have shot that deer myself. Being it’s super neat, but its Honestly probably a spike because it just doesn’t get the food an nutrition it needs to be a rack buck where you’re at. But most spikes are only yearling and need at least a year or two (really three years) to show there true potential. shooting it wouldn’t help the herd at all, wouldn’t hurt it either.
  7. Zone35killer

    Changing my mind about genetics

    I agree with it, I think most are poorly fed, and a few are actually bad genetics. I think culling doesn’t work, but if there’s a buck that isn’t gonna get better, and you’d be happy with it shoot it. But it won’t affect the deer heard, and people who say they shot a buck to help the heard are just lying to themselves.
  8. Zone35killer

    Slow rut

    No rut at all by me in south jersey. Ended up shooting does with my dad last Sunday (which is a no for me, usually won’t shoot does unless early season or late). only bucks I saw cruising this year were spikes and didn’t see a single thing chasing.
  9. Zone35killer

    Don't You Love It When..........

    Had an ex’s girlfriends mom ask me that one time. Should’ve known then not to get involved with that family lol.
  10. Zone35killer

    To drive, or not to drive

    I know I did lol. I have a bad habit of asking questions that people don’t like to talk about. And like I also said. Not a fan myself, but I’d try anything. Rather have my bow in hand 20 feet up in a tree.
  11. Zone35killer

    To drive, or not to drive

    Good info Ryan. And I’d never drive the land trust. Your dad would beat me off with a stick if I even dared.
  12. Zone35killer

    To drive, or not to drive

    No you are honest, if people get ticked off by that let them. Be honest about everything you do and let people get mad at you. If I make a bad shot I never say I mad a good shot, if you don’t like the way someone does something, say it.
  13. Zone35killer

    Same buck ?

    I’d say so, but you never know for sure. Frame looks the same and sticker points on same side.
  14. Zone35killer

    Admit it...Who is addicted to it?

    I’m addicted, love this website. Wish I lived more up north. Would come to all the get togethers too.
  15. Zone35killer

    To drive, or not to drive

    How many of you guys on here do drives? Grew up mainly bow hunting and rifle hunting out of state, so I’ve never experienced driving. Always loved the part of deer hunting that the deer had no clue you’re there. Not really a fan of driving for myself, but I see the pros and cons to it. Mainly the worst con is safety, and the best pro is the fellowship and bsing with your friends and family. What are your guys thoughts? I don’t want anyone to think I’m being judgmental, was thinking about getting a drive together myself, just to experience it. I think I’d like driving just for does myself, don’t want to shoot buttons though, and it be impossible to tell. I’m pro any legal method of hunting.