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  1. NICE hope you enjoyed it !!!! where is that located ?
  2. nice didnt know about that, gotta look into that and help tag some blues also.
  3. NICE JOB ..... Dummmm question , whats the tag for ?
  4. havnt had time yet but after Easter should get started.. going to be somehting like this.
  5. Found this but thinking im missing some info or is all the info i need here,,
  6. Going to try to make some poppers from wood, trying to find out something simialar to blue prints ,, lenghts , height, Dia. etc... but cant really seem to find anything , or im looking in the wrong places like my daughters tell me . Making a small wooden lathe from an old drill. whick i think should work fine, wanted to do somehting like these,
  7. Cranford ... dammm small world ,, grew up there from 13 to 28 .. still have family there sister, parentes . but never went to that Greek restaurant .
  8. Yep grilled is great thats mostly how i have it ,, just some garilic , pepper and olive oil,, and its great
  9. went out again today on a freinds boat .. very windy and choppy water but still managed to get a few cuttlefish and an octupos. not bad for 2 hrs.
  10. never had Carpie isnt the skin tuff ? ,, just read that most fisherman leave it in lime juice for 24 hrs ,,
  11. The only info i fined is here http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/pdf/2017/17-18mig_seasons.pdf .. sesoan goes until Dec. 29--- Snipe until Dec. 30
  12. If you add garlic , everything taste good..
  13. Nice Job ,,, Those Turkeys also looking good
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