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  1. That’s a great one. A lot of clever puns.
  2. Had a guy buy my 26’ wahoo from Maryland, wanted to tow it home without straps. No joke, he came without them. I gave him a pair. Can’t fix stupid.
  3. Bump, or best offer
  4. Mathews Halon X 60 pound, 29& 29.5” cam mods Chek it Single pin with magnifier (will also include clarifying peep) nexus carbon stabilizer (I believe 30”) hamskea drop rest I’m in East Brunswick $750
  5. You don’t pay taxes on the stimulus money
  6. Damn guess I’ll just have to drink all the left overs in the fridge
  7. Purchased brand new from a member on here but I’ve ended up not needing it. Will sell for $40. Pick up in east Brunswick 7325705279 is my cell -Nick
  8. Bump. Sorry. Pick up in east Brunswick NJ. Text if you want them 732 570 5279. $25.
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