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  1. Whatever helps you sleep at night ! Lol
  2. Mathews Z3 vs flagship

    I ended up getting the triax, couldn't resist
  3. Build-A-Bow

    PM sent
  4. 10 AM School Walk out Day.

    I guess if anything it's good exercise , you see how fat kids are lately
  5. 10 AM School Walk out Day.

    This mentality (walking out of school) is the exact reason school shootings happen. What a joke.
  6. Mathews Drenalin

    Will include Drenalin case for $280. Just picked up the triax so I want to move this
  7. Mathews Drenalin

    Thanks. Yea it's a nice bow. Just looking to move to upgrade ! Thanks Offers anyone ?
  8. Mathews Drenalin

    Bump $280
  9. Mathews Z3 vs flagship

    Everyone of the reviews on the Z3 is pretty positive
  10. Mathews Z3 vs flagship

    Thanks. Yea I'm upgrading from a Drenalin. I shot the halon and triax, real nice, but having a hard time justifying the extra $$$ over a leftover Z3. Never shot the Z3 which is my concern
  11. Mathews Z3 vs flagship

    Anyone shoot the Z3 side by side to their flagships (halon/triax)? What were your thoughts... Torn between
  12. Mathews Drenalin

    Bump looking to move asap
  13. Just read the two killed were not students
  14. Walmarts next

    Further infringement on your rights is good ? nothing they proposed will stop violence. Do we need to quote Trump from yesterday's speech? His NY liberalism is creeping out - disappointing. Hopefully this is all for show.
  15. Walmarts next

    Yesterday was a bad day for trump. Thank god for the NRA