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  1. (6)Magnus stingers. 5 never used. 1 was used as a practice head , 125g - $35 (9) Easton carbon storm arrows, 29.5". One needs new fletching, 60/75 - $30 located in east Brunswick pickup only 732 570 5279 call or text, Nick
  2. Nadornati

    Murphy isn't done yet

    9 times out of 10 if they are pro hunting/2a, they have the same idealogies as me. So yes
  3. Nadornati

    This is what is coming next

    If men would stop breeding with these liberals, the problem will sort itself out.
  4. Nadornati

    Bow misc stuff

    Arrows are 29.5", 500 spine, 4" fletching
  5. Nadornati

    Bow misc stuff

    Pretty sure 500s. I will get specs on them tonight
  6. Nadornati

    Bow misc stuff

    Have some stuff I'm looking to unload as I don't need it anymore- (3) swhacker 100g broadheads (2 blade) never used - $20 (17) beeman centershot arrows ( cut at 29" I believe, need to double check ). A few need new fletching - $50 (1) longbow stringer - $5 (1) Right hand bow glove - $10 (2) hide/hair shooting tabs - $10 (3) Magnus stinger 125g never used - $25 call or text me, I can send more pics/info as requested 732-570-5279
  7. Nadornati


    they all leak, ugh
  8. Nadornati

    Sierra club says bear hunt can end

    He lost me when he said " proves NJ is not just subdivisions and strip malls". That is all NJ is. It's disgusting ! Garden state hahahaha
  9. Nadornati

    Not a good day for this guy

    Good thing his fender r out
  10. Nadornati

    Bronx Hunter

    Oh it take it all back then
  11. Nadornati

    Bronx Hunter

    Great video, you put that together real well.
  12. Nadornati

    What is going on in Bridgewater?

    at least he banned those 15 round mags.. they are responsible for so many crimes!!!
  13. i heard liberal/criminal
  14. Nadornati

    LEOs and NJ Teachers

    Email the school board I did
  15. Nadornati

    Your favorite NJ activity

    Favorite nJ activity is driving out of NJ. Not on the list tho