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  1. Automation and technology have been advancing since the opposable thumb/ forever , Nothing new.
  2. How can being entitled to another’s earnings in anyway make sense ? Righten who’s ship?
  3. Yes, more coats the better. Edges and undersides as well.
  4. The only difference between your fir marine grade vs AC is your number of plys and voidless.
  5. May want to add a light sheathing layer of glass (10oz) to prevent checking when your deck flexes as well.
  6. Regular AC will work fine. Coat wood in epoxy - no need to overspend on marine grade for something like this. Without a proper sealing , marine grade will rot just like regular ply.
  7. They should just put rat poison in the drugs problem will solve itself
  8. I hate that they let you keep stands on public land - nothing but problems. Jerkoffs think they “own”the areas lol. I use a climber (for pst 15 years) and been hunting general areas where some years there are stands, some years there are not. Ill sit right by a stand, don’t care. You beat me to the spot, Ill sit elsewhere, early bird gets the worm. I expect the same. Patterns/ wind /weather /time of year dictate where I sit , not your stand that you may or may not show up to hunt.
  9. It’s because they’re all high
  10. Nadornati

    Mathews Triax

    I have it. I love it. Great bow, quiet, tiny. Only con I can think of it’s a tad heavy
  11. If I wanted meat that bad it’s easier to walk to shoprite than walk through woods , just sayin
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