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  1. Nadornati

    Not a good day for this guy

    Good thing his fender r out
  2. Nadornati

    Bronx Hunter

    Oh it take it all back then
  3. Nadornati

    Bronx Hunter

    Great video, you put that together real well.
  4. Nadornati

    What is going on in Bridgewater?

    at least he banned those 15 round mags.. they are responsible for so many crimes!!!
  5. i heard liberal/criminal
  6. Nadornati

    LEOs and NJ Teachers

    Email the school board I did
  7. Nadornati

    Your favorite NJ activity

    Favorite nJ activity is driving out of NJ. Not on the list tho
  8. Nadornati

    Show your boats.

    Custom wahoo I built
  9. Whatever helps you sleep at night ! Lol
  10. Nadornati

    Mathews Z3 vs flagship

    I ended up getting the triax, couldn't resist
  11. Nadornati


    PM sent
  12. Nadornati

    10 AM School Walk out Day.

    I guess if anything it's good exercise , you see how fat kids are lately
  13. Nadornati

    10 AM School Walk out Day.

    This mentality (walking out of school) is the exact reason school shootings happen. What a joke.
  14. Nadornati

    Mathews Drenalin

    Will include Drenalin case for $280. Just picked up the triax so I want to move this
  15. Nadornati

    Mathews Drenalin

    Thanks. Yea it's a nice bow. Just looking to move to upgrade ! Thanks Offers anyone ?