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  1. Yes. Was there in 2019. Didn’t come home with anything, but, a lot of other parties did. We stayed in the main lodge. Seemed to be about 4 “groups” of hunters there at a time. Almost every group went home with one decent buck. Nothing crazy, but decent bucks. Good food. Breakfast was bars/fruit/coffee, lunch was deli meat/sandwich, dinner was great every night. The owner, Dave, made an appearance once or twice while we were there (5 days total). All the guides were nice. I will add, my group (of three) did not do a guided hunt. We did a DIY hunt. That is where you are basically
  2. Siblings - Myself and two younger sisters. youngest sister (now in her upper 20s) hunts (bow and gun), and has hunted with me for the past 5 years. I have a two year old son now. I take him into the woods to explore / hike / play with sticks. Praying he gets into it. I figure, the only way to get him in the woods, is to get him in the woods. That’s how I got into it. My father doesn’t hunt ( although my uncle/hunting partner does), but I grew up living in the woods behind the house. I used to watch the deer in awe , will never forget the time as a young kid playing in my “
  3. Yes I built them, Used slightly modified plans of Bingham.
  4. A few that I have built
  5. Buy what makes you happy, that’s all there is to it. Everything else is just noise.
  6. A few years ago you could put them together for $450 , times have changed for sure
  7. It was cheaper, a year or two ago. Prices are insane now. either way can’t go wrong
  8. Dig a hole, stick head in. Cover antlers. 6 months later it will be clean
  9. Video of “walking” a 10 minute mile required
  10. Tcook I expect to see you on whitetail cribs when you’re all done
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