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  1. Just got home from Ohio today. Smaller bucks chasing since Sunday
  2. You just built a case for more of a need for an application like this. You sound upset you didn’t think of it first. OP, good luck in your endeavor.
  3. Pretty much brand new. Just bought them, but think I’m going to stick with climber for this year. I tried them out a few times, that’s all. Pack of 3 sticks $100 or b/o in east brunswick 7325705279
  4. I replaced the shrink wrap, still for sale
  5. Stop posting pics of my spot
  6. Summit climber in good shape. It’s the one with no front bar I believe it’s called the open shot. It’s about 8 years old. In good shape. It will need new shrink wrap around the cables (it was all torn up so I removed). The stand is aluminum and is light. $140 call/text 732-570-5279
  7. They should be hanged for treason !
  8. Nadornati


    Use a doosh flute? No thanks
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