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  1. Lol. Yes it’s a 1979 f100. It’s been a slowwww project , but no rush. yes, the banner completes it all 😁
  2. Looked into that but it’s expensive, minimum qty orders etc. good thinking tho
  3. Slight positive, maybe an 1/8”
  4. Excellent idea - I have a shovel and 5gallon pail ready for your assistance ! 😂
  5. I have a little bow shop down in my basement. Not really a “range” but I can shoot 14 yards. Horse stall Matt behind a rinehart. I shoot at least 1 arrow every single day.
  6. Limbs are shaped, tillered , Riser is cut on the band saw. Sorry forgot to take more pics, lol. More progress to come over the next few days.. limb tips, final tillering and sanding, then some clear coat
  7. After epoxy cures, begin shaping on the belt sander
  8. I’ve built a handful of bows for myself and family. Here is one I am currently working on for someone. Bubinga riser with ash limbs, should pull around 35 pounds at 28”. Shaped the riser, ready the laminates and into the press it goes
  9. Like a dummy, I didn’t make sure this could hold micro diameter arrows prior to purchasing for my recurves. It’s basically brand new. $35 732 570 5279 - located in east Brunswick attaches to bow via velcro straps
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