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  1. Not that I am aware of, but that would be interesting to see.
  2. I'd like to write up a review about my LandTrust (www.landtrust.com) experience, as I've discovered the application on this forum and decided to give it a shot. The interface is user friendly - I created a user account and decided to check out some properties up in Warren County for a January bow hunt. I brought along my hunting partner, my Uncle, as he is originally from the area and had a sense of the properties. We did some aerial scouting online before choosing Heirs Farm. Looked like a good piece of property, so we decided to give it a shot. I booked it all through the website, and reached out to the property owner introducing myself. Shortly after booking, an email was received with all the property information (boundaries, designated parking, etc.), which was automatically imported into my OnXHunt app. This weekend was the hunt - we were set on afternoon hunting, only. Given the app puts you in direct contact with the property owner, it would probably be a good idea to discuss an opportunity to check the property out sometime before your hunt - if you'll be hunting first light. We had a good time, saw a bunch of does, but were after a buck only. I like the concept of the app, seems like it could be a good portal to out of state/in state opportunities. Here are some pics.
  3. This guy has a history of doing jerked off things.
  4. If Slayer isn't interested i might be , send me a PM 

  5. Very nice. I have a 79 f100 I am currently restoring, and receive the LMC catalogs
  6. Don’t really wear it much, and thinking about stepping up to the Fanatic next year.
  7. East Brunswick NJ. They are supposed to run an athletic cut, but I bought it a little big so I can layer. More than welcome to try it on if you’re local
  8. Size 2XL, I’m 6’ 180 pounds to give an idea of how it fits. It’s about 1 size up from my normal (so I can slightly layer underneath). Worn maybe 8-10 times. In great shape. $150
  9. I’d much rather pay the small fee than walk into a Dicks or Walmart ever again.
  10. Just got home from Ohio today. Smaller bucks chasing since Sunday
  11. You just built a case for more of a need for an application like this. You sound upset you didn’t think of it first. OP, good luck in your endeavor.
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