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  1. Pretty much brand new. Just bought them, but think I’m going to stick with climber for this year. I tried them out a few times, that’s all. Pack of 3 sticks $100 or b/o in east brunswick 7325705279
  2. I replaced the shrink wrap, still for sale
  3. Stop posting pics of my spot
  4. Summit climber in good shape. It’s the one with no front bar I believe it’s called the open shot. It’s about 8 years old. In good shape. It will need new shrink wrap around the cables (it was all torn up so I removed). The stand is aluminum and is light. $140 call/text 732-570-5279
  5. They should be hanged for treason !
  6. Nadornati


    Use a doosh flute? No thanks
  7. Hahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhagaagagagagagahhahahaha
  8. Brand new in the box, bought from cabelas a few months ago. I paid $310. Looking for $250 call or text me 7325705279 -nick
  9. Automation and technology have been advancing since the opposable thumb/ forever , Nothing new.
  10. How can being entitled to another’s earnings in anyway make sense ? Righten who’s ship?
  11. Yes, more coats the better. Edges and undersides as well.
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