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  1. I find out through doing research. Franklin Twp requires you to fill out applications for permits which are free. Middlesex County Parks also lets you hunt several areas, you need to apply for a permit at the park office in person but lots of opportunities. Just have sometimes dig for info to find.
  2. I have used Big Dogs as well as I've used them since he was in South River, stinks its a longer ride now but been happy with his work. Appreciate the offer, I'm about 10 mins away in Milltown, so same offer, willing to lend a helping hand when free.
  3. Green Outlook Landscaping and Pools - is what was found when looking up name
  4. Got mine for 10 mile (I only bow hunt Bunker Hill Rd) on Thursday of last week. Was impressed they came out more than a week ahead of time finally.
  5. getting in line of interested folks depending on location.
  6. if you were to sell, what is asking price?
  7. Where in Union Cty? Might be interested.
  8. went yesterday with the family...disappointing, was done in about 45 mins. Deer Classic is always good but not much else besides people try to sell me new gutters, windows, and a complete home remodel. Thought for a while it was getting better, but this year was def another turn for the worse. My 5 yr old daughter said "that was boring" lol.
  9. Ditto to what may others said - dehumidifier and glue traps. Glue traps got rid of remaining and have the dehumidifier run pretty much nonstop and they have not come back at all. I also filled in some cracks I found in my concrete stairs at the back of the house this summer. Not sure if it was a coincidence but after having them show up for two fall/winters straight, they have stayed away.
  10. Should be getting them in the mail today or tomorrow........finally.
  11. Agree, each year they ask about improving the process and I always suggest moving the application process up.....but now here we are again, now having the season essentially delayed.
  12. Just got emailed about the delay...with that being currently my only spot to hunt, blows having to wait, especially with the heat breaking. Oh well....is what it is. Good luck to everyone else!!
  13. Sounds good, I did Elizabeth Ave in the past and just got comfortable with Bunker Hill spot so I'll give it another try this season. Good luck!
  14. I've hunted a few different but just sticking with Bunker Hill spot again, you? So most likely not able to hunt that spot Saturday, that kind of stinks.
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