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  1. Not trying to stir anything? You literally interject yourself into every argument that has even the slightest political bend! I’m a tough guy? I post like 5 times a month here, you’re literally all over every thread vomiting your ideas into ten paragraphs diatribes no one reads or cares about. You are the embodiment of the left, a walking gas bag of hypocrisy. I honestly don’t even know why I bother, there’s no getting through to you or anyone of your political beliefs. A complete lost cause.
  2. Herman Cain had stage for cancer you dolt, and it’s pretty sickening you’re using his death as a way to justify your hysteria and fear mongering. If you want to cower and believe everything your overlords tell you by all means go ahead. Trump is the president of the United States, of course all precautions Are taken with heads of state and their health. There is zero science behind any of these lockdowns and if these f-ing masks are the be all end all Of healthcare than why are the casing “surging”?
  3. I completely ignore everything the government says and just live my life. The people who are cowering in their homes listening to BS are pathetic sheep and if we had a population like this during WW2 we’d all be speaking German.
  4. I just bought a bunch of ammo online. After you get your order confirmation from the supplier (use someone reputable off ammoseek with good ratings) respond back with back and front pictures of your drivers license and NJFID card. That satisfies the NJ requirements and they’ll ship it no problem. I haven’t run into any that wouldn’t ship To NJ.
  5. He really seems to be setting himself up for success
  6. WVAhunter08


    Hope that poor pup is gonna be ok
  7. Pretty work! I was hunting In Preston county this past week as well, glade farms area. My uncle connected on a nice 8. I love Preston county, absolutely beautiful land and less mountainous than the pretty much the entire state lol. I’m 35 and I’ve been hunting there every year since I was 7; nothing like opening morning in west by god. Here’s a pano of the farm we hunt; one of my favorite places on earth.
  8. Nice buck man! You actually did the inspection on my septic system when I bought my house a few years ago. Congrats
  9. Lone wolf assault w/hawk helium sticks. I use a ratchet strap to strap them down. Super light, my quickest setup took me 16 minutes from start to finish.
  10. Second day Of rifle season here in West Virginia. 23 degrees this morning, dead calm. Hopefully the cold will get em moving
  11. He’s a dandy! Congrats!
  12. Out in West Virginia trying to fill my bow tag. Pretty morning, warm though. 48 when we got to the farm. Good luck all
  13. I’ve put them in the trunk of my dads Ford Fusion and my infinity g20 including a couple of big bucks. Also had an old Ford Explorer I’d put a tarp down. Once I shot a doe in West Virginia and brought it back to NJ, blood ran out of the tarp and got into the carpet in the explorer. Once it turned it smelled like death for months no matter how much I scrubbed the carpet and sprayed. I’ll never forget the horrible smell Combo of Lysol and rotted blood, scarred for life lol. Now I have a tundra, could probably fit a dozen with no problem and just hose out the bed when I’m done.
  14. Great buck, congrats! I bet the tenderloins were tough bc you ate em right away. Let him hang a few days, that always makes the meat a hell of lot better
  15. Try ammoseek.com there’s always rounds available they’re just expensive as hell lately (not sure about shotgun ammo). I’ve had a lot of luck recently with local shops not the bigger stores like cabelas they get bought out in seconds when new stock rolls in.
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