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  1. That’s so cool, great fish. Had no idea you could catch salmon in Jersey
  2. No one deserves a big mature buck more than you GB! Good luck!
  3. Out in 10 at my house. Hot and buggy. Very over this weather, waiting for the cool down
  4. Heading out in zone 8. Going to check a few cameras on the way in. Nice breeze and cooler temps. Looking like a great evening. Just thrilled to be going out. Good luck all!!
  5. Pumped for this afternoon’s hunt!
  6. I just had hen of woods for the first time that I bought from a farmers market. Holy F, they are good. Sautéed in a little butter, salt and pepper WOW. Am I the only one who thinks they taste like scrambled eggs? Does anyone know a place in Hunterdon county that sells them consistently? Went to the same farmers market yesterday snd the mushroom guy wasn’t there.
  7. Thank you for sharing such a great story, you told it very well. Huge congrats on a well earned bull!!
  8. Wow, that’s a really nice gesture on top of all that you did to try and save him. You should take solace that the pup had a good life and you made him as comfortable as possible at the end. You’ve got good karma coming your way brother. God bless
  9. Sweet machine dude. Congrats
  10. I hunt in zone 8, scouted today over the whole property and didn’t find anything. Still very worried about it, the property I hunt has very low deer density. I’ve spent the last five years being very picky about what to shoot and its Paid off with more deer and quality bucks. Last year during eab was the first doe I shot in years. Just killed a doe last weekend, young and alone with no babies. After hearing all this I’m seriously regretting killing her. I will be chasing mature bucks only from here on out. Praying for a frost soon
  11. We had a 580 case backhoe, no way those were going in by hand. Even with the machine it was still a ton of work. I also ran a soaker hose around each tree and watered them religiously for the first two months. Yeah, I planted mine bc my neighbor is a huge liberal doofus lol. Good luck with the trees
  12. It really depends on your budget. Are you planning to hang them and leave them up as permanents? If so, big game, field and stream or even Walmart brands make affordable and comfortable hang ons (like $100-110). If you want something lightweight and super Sturdy lone wolf all the way. I have the alpha and assault, both are awesome. With lightweight stackable climbing sticks their super mobile and go up quick BUT the stands are $250-300 plus the sticks. I always add an extra ratchet strap at minimum, sometimes 2. Trusting something that’s $100 With your life can be a bit unsettling lol.
  13. I just planted 29 green giants this summer as a privacy hedge lining my driveway. I picked up Some really good top Soil from Harding farms in asbury, which is the best I’ve ever seen (I’ve bought yards of it and anything grows like crazy) and lined the bottom Of each hole and sprinkled in holly tone fertilizer than back filled with the good top soil. They’ve taken great, and are already growing. I bought them from bountiful gardens in Hillsborough for about $120per tree with delivery (6-7 ft)z The guy said harsh winters are the worst for deer eating them and that’s the time to spray them. They’re “deer resistant” but they’ll still eat them if there’s nothing else available.
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