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  1. Got my EAB doe at 650 this morning. 15 yard chip shot quartering away, blood trail like a red carpet even without a pass through. Beautiful crisp morning, deer were everywhere hitting the acorns. Time to get a buck!
  2. Where are the token libs on this site to defend their beloved Democratic Party?? I can’t wait until I hear the old “the parties switched” line.
  3. Dude when I grow up I wanna be you lol.
  4. I completely agree and said I understand the expense, captains need to make a living. Just speaking personally when it comes to offshore fishing the trip is worth to me and good option for a lot of folks.
  5. It’s absurd what they charge for tuna and canyon trips up here, and I totally get the elevated rates for having to run up to 100 miles to get to the Hudson. I go out of hatteras twice a year, 18 mile run to the Gulf Stream/full day fishing for $1350 crew of six plus 20% tip for the mate. This is the boat we go out on catch today: Yellowfin run down there some April to the end of June, plus lots of gaffer Mahi, wahoo, occasional marlin/sailfish. Long drive, but totally worth it for the fishing
  6. The need people have to post stuff on social media is unbelievable. In this case it was a good thing he was such an idiot, but this obsession people have is unreal. Social media is a plague on this earth
  7. Hahahahahah that deer should get an automatic pass for life!
  8. Breitbart is incredibly legit. They don’t hide or pretend not to have a right leaning view but their articles are meticulously researched and diverse in their topics. Breitbart news daily is my go to every morning on Sirius, id highly recommend it to anyone. Btw this clip is like a year old; David Webb is great I just find his show a little dry. And cnn is a tabloid at best, their scumbag hosts and “news room” should be held criminally liable for how many lies they spew to the American public
  9. I inherited that exact same gun from my dad who got it from my grandfather. My dad was one of four brothers and he, all my uncles and myself have stories about great hunts and kills we’ve had with the gun. It’s a family heirloom and a great piece of history. Thanks for sharing
  10. My whole property is nothing but big mature dead ash trees. I’ve taken down about 20 so far and still have 20 or so left. Once they’re dead they become very dangerous, had a 70 footer hit my house and pickup truck a few years back during a nor Easter.
  11. Not sure how Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas and Michigan could be considered “eastern.” Still an interesting vid for sure
  12. My brother in law is NYPD in Brooklyn. They have him working 5am-5 every day, but he gets held for overtime until almost midnight every day for the past two weeks. These poor guys are beyond their breaking point dealing with these scumbag rioters and working for a mayor that despises them. I’d love to see the union support the rank and file and stand up to this socialist piece of shit de blasio
  13. The silent majority for Trump includes many black Americans who are sick of the democrat plantation that’s destroyed their communities and families. The think the dems are in for a rude awakening come November. Trump 2020!!
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