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  1. F-Murphy and all the dem governments holding their citizenry under tyranny. Open it back up now!
  2. Gaskos down in Monroe; bout half the price of normal nurseries and a good selection
  3. That’s great news and I’m thrilled citizens and business owners are taking a stand against our wanna be dictator.
  4. Actually that is verifiable data from The US; 80% of deaths have come from people over 70. 50% of deaths have been in nursing homes; not completely sure but something like 90+% of those who died had co-morbidities. If you’re 70+ or have a compromised immune system it’s a threat. Even with that being the case you’re chances of dying are still slim. My 25 year old sister in law was driving home from a friends house at midnight last night, totally sober completely law abiding. Was pulled over for a “license plate light being out” cop told her curfew was still in effect and that they were told to start pulling people over again. That my friend is pure tyranny. Enough if enough, open it back up right now. And for those sitting on the fence, it’s time to make sure you’re on the right side of history when this nonsense is finally over
  5. Good god, if you’re a afraid of covid and want to Shelter inside of your home for the next 10 years while they develop a miracle cure, by all means do so. I for one am not going to live my life in fear of a virus with a 99.9-99.5 survivability rate. I have never seen such a stark delineation between political allegiances until this shit started. Almost without exception everyone I know who is on the left is terrified, and everyone I know whose on the right is ready to get on with their lives. every Fing state is seeing an uptick in cases bc were testing so much; we sacrificed a lot over this, and now it’s time to get back to living. If you want to stay closed off forever by all means do so
  6. Wow those are sea monsters. Are they mostly private boats or do they sell them commercially when they’re that big?
  7. Is that a Brittany? Looks like one, but the undocked tail is throwing me. Great looking dog!
  8. Damn those look great, my dad used to get buy whole smoked whiting. Made me think of him. Thanks so much for sharing.
  9. You have a lake on your property? That’s awesome! Amazing pictures, the colors on those birds is breathtaking
  10. They just came screaming over my house in Pittstown. Amazing how loud those jets are! God bless the United States military!
  11. Can anyone explain to me why there’s no swimming? None of this shit makes sense. It’s all so arbitrary and stupid. Glad it’s opening but what the hell?
  12. Smoked whitting is f-ing amazing, my dad used to get it all the time. Awesome catch, enjoy
  13. No chance this commie scumbag gives up his power grab anytime soon regardless of the hardships this will impose on NJ. This has become one big social experiment and we’re all just pawns at this point. Murphy is the antithesis of leadership
  14. I sell windows and siding, we do the same thing for insurance or real estate agents. Normal homeowner who want legit estimates, of course it’s free. Asking someone for their time and knowledge without having any intention to contract with them is theft.
  15. What kind of load are you using for turkey with your muzzy?
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