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  1. Uncle Vinny’s is fantastic and they have a full bar where they make specialty cocktails my wife loves. You have to get there early though; the place gets packed but well worth the wait
  2. Does anyone else feel like this states f and g is solely setup to make law abiding and ethnical hunter criminals? This is insane, that hunters have to go through this nonsense to hunt with a primitive firearm now that every new hunter is instantly certified. Makes me absolutely sick, it than again just being a resident of this place nothing ever surprises me.
  3. With all due respect, you’re a complete jackass. This economy is humming, we have record low unemployment across the board, unprecedented reinvestment I manufacturing and the first coherent and pro American foreign policy in three decades. I’m sorry if you’re getting left behind bc you’d rather blame others for your own shortcomings and failures but this country is on the accent for the first time in a long time thanks to president Trump. The downfall of this country will be people like you who would rather virtue signal about you’re self righteous morality than actually take a stand for things that make a difference for the better in this great country of ours. MAGA 2020 right in your lib-tard face!!
  4. More like when the homeowner goes with the cheapest bid and doesn’t understand why the job turned out like shit. But democrats also suck lol
  5. My wife bought me a Smoke Hollow propane smoker and it’s the best present I’ve ever gotten. It’s super easy to control the temps with the two burners, very efficient with propane use on long smokes and is absolutely huge so you can do a lot at one time. So far I’ve done chicken wings, whole chicken, ribs and for the first time my own slabs of bacon. Everything has come out fantastic, and the learning curve hasn’t been very steep at all. For someone who never smoked anything before this is a super user friendly setup
  6. England is officially lost, swallowed up its own asshole by globalist islamofascists and political correctness. It should be stark and grave warning to every red blooded patriot Here. It is the epitome of how dangerous and destructive the left can be
  7. Damn, if only I wasn’t 30 years away from retirement!! Sounds like an amazing opportunity and a dream come true
  8. Mine and my wife’s whole families are here, and I have a job I absolutely love. It’s such a shame because I live in hunterdon county on 3.5 acres, can hunt out my back door and trout fish 1 min down the road. Although there’s so much to like the crippling taxes and Marxist government takeover we’re experiencing under this current scumbag murphy will make this place unlivable in the not so distance future so I think any red blooded conservative needs to develop an exit plan. It seems like every week another insane leftist law or restriction gets put into place whether it be more onerous gun control, rain taxes or a small business destroying $15 min wage. Every time I see that i die a little more inside and become more embarrassed by the day I’m from this state. This should be a shining example to the rest of the country that liberals and democrats are a cancer which destroys everything it controls and touches
  9. We have the most assanine backward deer hunting seasons in the country, bar none. The whole system is designed to suck as much money as possible from each and every hunter and confuse the living hell out of anyone not familiar with these god awful laws. From licensing to deer management this state does pretty much nothing right. Sad.
  10. Can anyone explain to me the left’s obsession with murdering babies? These vile people are completely morally bankrupt and lack any sense of human morality. And by people I mean the entire Democratic Party. You know it won’t be long either until comrade Murphy follows this New York dipshit with on demand abortions until the day of delivery. Truly sick degenerates
  11. Wow very cool, I’m gonna set a cam on my next gut pile.
  12. WVAhunter08

    My Dog Passes On

    So very very sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful dog and you’ll have those great memories of her forever. My heart breaks for you having gone through it myself several times.
  13. As an ardent college football fan whose school isn’t exactly a blue chip program, it was so entertaining to watch the Bama fans reactions and watch them be the ones taking the beating for once! Clemson is damn good too, hell of a performance.
  14. Unfortunately this is going to be a recurring trend with the socialist dirt bag as our governor. Murphy’s main goal will be to turn this state into the east coast California and he’s well on his way. After the last election where this state went even further left I’ve lost all hope this can ever be turned around.
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