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  1. All my Trump gear comes directly from the official website. It costs more but the proceeds go entirely to Trump 2020 campaign.
  2. I think Bernie already has the degenerate millennial pot head vote locked down
  3. Very nice, thanks for the report. My wife and I are headed to Captiva on Friday for a few days, got a charter booked for snook. Hope they’re still chewing this weekend!
  4. Watch the markets jump on Monday with the prospect Trump gets to run against this communist fool.
  5. Congrats to the hunter! I’m guessing he’s not a member on here?
  6. I don’t want to be a dick or anything, but you are without a doubt a hopeless brain dead moron. I read that entire nonsensical diatribe, watching you try in vein to make your argument and it’s so impossibly sad I feel bad for you. Not bad enough to point out that your an idiot though, bc people like you are poison to this country and I will fight you with every inch of my being to stop your horrible leftist agenda.
  7. It turns into one big left wing infomercial half way through season one and becomes hopelessly unwatchable. All Netflix series have the same playbook now.......first 2-4 episodes are good without much left wing propaganda; by the time they thing they have you hooked they start inundating every episode with democrat talking point. Hollywood is a total cesspool
  8. For anyone who hasn’t figured out what a scumbag Romney is..... https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/05/romneys-bain-capital-profited-billions-by-bankrupting-american-workers/ Has there ever been a greater contrast of character than President Trump, who has brought millions of jobs back to the American worker vs. a spineless vulture who sold our country out for a quick buck. What an absolute scumbag; Romney is the embodiment of all bush era sleevebags that sold a generation of conservatives a raw deal to enrich themselves. I grew up believing in these people. Watching President Trump expose these vermin for what they have always been is bone chilling to me
  9. Romney aka Pierre delecto, is a pathetic and desperate man without a country. He’s despised by the left (no matter what he does they’ll never accept him) and just burned what was left of the conservative base who still respected him. He can now join the pantheon of loser never Trumpers and write articles for Bill crystals rag of a magazine, claiming they’re the real conservatives. He’s a loser, always was and always will be. He handed obama the 2012 election bc he was too big of pussy to go in for the kill. What a sad end of a irrelevant footnote in the history of this great country
  10. So like everything else that gets pointed out to you, I’m sure you’ll blow this off but once again.....All foreign policy is a quid pro quo!!! You do realize we don’t dole out billions in foreign aid solely out of the goodness of our hearts. We do so To influence policy and control in all areas of the world. Now, couple that with the fact that 1.) Trump told Sondland he wants no quid pro quo 2.) the Ukrainians states they had no idea nor did they feel they were under any sort of quid pro quo. How exactly can you bride/pressure another entity if they have no idea they’re being pressured/bribed. Lastly, how exhausting is it to be you? Just constantly triggered and spending all of your time consuming huff po and cnn articles while refusing to believe the sky is blue. I can’t wait for election night 2020 lol. KAG2020
  11. Joe Manchin was the last democrat I had any shred of respect for. That’s completely gone now. How can he justify voting to impeach when 80% of the state of West Virginia was against it. Joe Manchin is dead to me and the entire state of West Virginia
  12. I’ve noticed a total lack of comments from the token leftists on this site. Could it be possible even those suffering from severe TDS can still see through this farce? Not holding my breath lol
  13. I can see you’re point, but during 6day there’s 10x the number of guys in the woods compared to Turkey season. I understand the lack of orange would be an issue, but I don’t think we have a very heavy volume of turkey hunters in the state. If that was a problem, they could limit the permits on WMAs and public.
  14. Yeah that’s Gunner. Him and my buddy in the pic are both marine corp vets. Gunner was an IED dog and my buddy was a handler (though He worked with another dog on his deployment)
  15. Like the post says, my buddy got his first sand hill crane in Texas this morning (right outside lubbock). He’s been trying for a few years now, knocked a couple down but they always ran off so I’m really happy for him! Looks like he’s having ribeye in the sky tonight! Definitely would love to get down there one of these days; bucket list item for sure
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