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  1. How incredibly stupid/brazen are these scumbags to get chased by a property owner and come back again and shoot a deer?? Very glad to hear they got caught
  2. So I sell windows and doors for a living, we sell a high quality 6ft gliding vinyl gliding patio door for $1800-2200 depending on options. An Andersen 400 series frenchwood glider goes for around $3500. A real Andersen door is solid wood construction, renewal windows and doors are hollow and made of their fibrex composite which feels and looks like particle board. I could sell you that same door, called the 100 series for $2,700. You called high pressure sales companies like renewal by Andersen who charge insane amounts. Do your homework on a good contractor, like my company, and you wouldn’t have wasted your time
  3. Out in Preston county West Virginia hunting a spot next to a stand of pines. Farm is planted with soy beans this year and there are deer everywhere. So far quiet hoping something moves soon
  4. I’m looking forward to all the Bear puns most today!
  5. WVAhunter08

    Hunting WMA

    Before you go scouting I would check the parking lots for trucks of anyone hunting and stay out if there are. Don’t wanna ruin someone’s hunt on a scouting trip. Good luck
  6. Thanks! Beautiful afternoon! Good luck everyone!
  7. Will be out in zone 8 this afternoon for my first hunt of the year.
  8. Has anyone pointed out that the CIA changed the protocol on “whistleblowers” on August 1st to allow someone reporting second hand knowledge to be considered a whistler blower? And the “bombshell” report on the trump phone call was filed conveniently on August 12th? I guess that’s just another coincidence, like Biden’s son landing a 50k a month position with a Ukrainian energy company while having no experience whatsoever in that field. Ooo and it was also pure coincidence that Biden, whose literally on tape, threatened to withhold foreign military aid(you know what they’re accusing trump of) unless a prosecutor investigating the same energy company his idiot son worked for was fired, right? Let me put on my cnn/msnbc idiot hat and assume there was nothing dirty there and that Biden being Vice President had nothing to do with his crack smoking idiot son landing a do nothing job in industry he has zero experience in. Would that not at the very least be considered gross incompetence and horrible judgement for someone who held the second highest elected office in the country and is currently running to be president? And finally, as citizens we are supposed to believe that it’s outside a president’s role to ask a foreign country to look into corruption at the highest levels of our government? This whole thing is a complete and utter farce, a total fabrication and hoax. It’s so sickening that the democrat party is willing to tear this country apart out their hatred and inability to beat Trump at the ballot box. What’s even more astounding is that people on this sight buy this shit hook line and sinker.
  9. What an amazing hunt! Congratulations, I think I just added something to my hunting bucket list! Thanks so much for sharing
  10. People laugh when I say gen z is the most conservative generation in decades but it’s true! Conservatism is the new counter culture!! KAG2020
  11. That’s so great! Reminds me of my dad taking me to sit in the stand with him. Truly awesome stuff!
  12. That’s looks delicious. Ugh I miss carbs lol
  13. Would you require hunters participating in this to carry insurance? Would there be a universal waiver that you signed with your company or with the landowner? I’m just wondering how liability factors into the equations being that we sadly live in a sue happy world now
  14. Whatever you do don’t give them to goddamn government
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