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  1. Nice! The pollack in me is loving this recipe! Thanks for sharing
  2. I feel your pain brother! I pretty much spent last week doing exactly what you did in Preston county. Hunted last three days of bow and barely saw deer let alone got close enough for a shot. Hunted Monday and Tuesday of rifle from a spot on the property which is about as close to guarantee For a buck you can get while hunting; ended up seeing 1 3” spike Mid morning on Monday which was the only buck I saw during the whole trip. Luckily, I was able to take a big doe right before dark on Tuesday, but like you said the deer activity was almost non existent to what we’re used to down there. As always it was and always be my favorite place to hunt, regardless of whether I fill all my tags. Already looking forward to spring turkey! Country roads, take me home.....
  3. Thanks for all the responses everyone, appreciate it!
  4. I really don’t want to deal with this bear, so I’m going to stop filling the feeder. Should I be worried about this bear being around the property? I ask bc I have a 2 year old Brittany who runs the property without a leash
  5. Just got back from West Virginia for the rifle opener, and as I’m cleaning out my truck my neighbor comes down and shows me a video of a large black bear knocking over his trash can the other (his house is about 100 yards behind mine). I live in Pittstown(right outside of Clinton) on 3 acres which about 1 1/4 acres of woods and I have a ground blind with a feeder setup about 80 yards from my front door. Anyway, after the neighbor comes down, I decide to check the feeder and trail cam; sure enough feeder is knocked over with scratch marks and big muddy paw prints. Check the camera and get this pic from a few days ago; For the bear hunters out there (never been, not sure how to judge); how big is this guy? To give you perspective the feeder is 6ft tall from the ground to the top. Appreciate any insight, never had a bear on the property in the 3 years we’ve lived here.
  6. High is almost 60 today. Not much movement at all, tried some drives but only pushed a couple. Almost no shooting today as well. Been in the stand again since 130, my last evening to get it done. Good luck everyone!
  7. I’ve hunted hogs at night in Texas on private property a few times and all I can say is hearing a boar growl in the pitch black is extremely unsettling. Last trip we shot two big sows at the feeders, when we went up to go check em out one was still alive in the brush, ended up emptying the ar-10 mag Into it. Anyone who says 30 round mags are unnecessary has never been hog hunting at night
  8. Sounds like that state is filled with a bunch of morons
  9. Ready to rock in West Virginia for rifle opener. Legal shooting light is 643! Good luck all
  10. Good luck today everyone! Weather looks to be pretty decent, with highs in the 50s. Little windy this am. Bout to head in. Best day of the year!
  11. I’m currently shivering in a blind on a field edge, trying to connect on the last day of bow. Cold and very windy, typical West Virginia weather this time of year. Supposed to be almost 50 tomorrow for the opener, hope it doesn’t slow deer movement down; usually the neighbors get antsy around nine every year and push some our way
  12. Will be out in Preston county too, around Bruceton Mills. Been hunting the last couple days of bow, will be out Monday. Good luck!
  13. Been in since 6, only seen 6 does moving through the hollow below me. Sitting until one, see if midday might have some action
  14. Strictly archery all the way. Even though they don’t sell Mathews, there’s not another shop I’d let touch my setup.
  15. Hunting a field edge in Preston county West Virginia where I shot my buck last year. Good luck all
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