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  1. WVAhunter08

    Let's make them famous!

    How did these shitbags not see/assume there was a trail cam? Hope they throw the book at em
  2. WVAhunter08

    11/6 Check in

    Out in the ground blind at my house in z10. Pouring rain buts it’s November, plus the blind is keeping me nice and dry. A few does so far, waiting on a big 8 I’ve got on camera during daylight.
  3. WVAhunter08

    Get out and vote today

    Did my part, voted straight republican ticket in hunterdon county this morning. MAGA
  4. WVAhunter08

    ROOKIE MOVES/List them here!

    Got home after a permit shotgun hunt, and went to take my Dad’s gun into the house out of my truck. I never fully zipped the gun case so when I picked it up it slid out and butt of the gun hit the driveway chipping the bottom of the stock. I hid it pretty well until I was cleaning it after the season and my dad walked in. He wasn’t too happy with me to say the least. I double check every time I put my guns away now