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  1. WVAhunter08

    Who's watching Clemson versus Alabama

    As an ardent college football fan whose school isn’t exactly a blue chip program, it was so entertaining to watch the Bama fans reactions and watch them be the ones taking the beating for once! Clemson is damn good too, hell of a performance.
  2. WVAhunter08

    I sincerely hope that none here were impacted

    Unfortunately this is going to be a recurring trend with the socialist dirt bag as our governor. Murphy’s main goal will be to turn this state into the east coast California and he’s well on his way. After the last election where this state went even further left I’ve lost all hope this can ever be turned around.
  3. WVAhunter08

    Hunting the high seas

    Can you eat sea ducks? I heard they taste super fishy
  4. WVAhunter08


    Has anyone else seen his new commercial? I think he hits every horribly stupid liberal talking point and ends with an endorsement for jacking up the minimum wage. We are in deep shit with the commie scumbag.
  5. WVAhunter08

    Advice for Neuturing or not

    Thanks DDS, I appreciate you sharing your experiences. I’m leaning towards holding off for another 6 months to a year, but definitely understand it has to be done at some point. Thanks again!
  6. Hello all, Ive never posted a topic here, just replied to a few subjects here but I’ve always enjoyed the wealth of knowledge the member on this site always have. Anyway, I have a 1 year old Brittany male who I’ve been training steadily for the last year to be bird dog. I got him from a reputable breeder in MD and he’s everything I hoped for and more (I grew up with Brittanys so I know the breed); loyal, obedient, rambunctious and energetic but controllable and great in the field during our training sessions. Long story short, he is scheduled to be neutered on Dec 27; my wife and I planned it on that date bc we are both off of work for the week and can be home while he recuperates. As we get closer I’m having second thoughts; I think he’s perfect like he is and love his energy and drive when we’re training and I’m gravely worried how he will be after he is fixed. My question to the members,, and very specifically the Brittany owners on here is what was your experience with your dogs? Did you notice a difference? Should I wait until he’s older (he turned 1 on dec. 8)?. Any input would be greatly appreciated as my wife and I are struggling with this decision. Once it’s done you can’t go back and he’s worth taking a minute to think it through. Thank you all so much in advance and Merry Christmas!
  7. WVAhunter08

    Let’s see your dogs - refresher

    My 1 year old Brittany, Cooper.
  8. WVAhunter08

    Heated socks suggestions

    I use a thin athletic sock as my first layer, than I put toe warmers on the top and bottom of my toes, than use a heavy wool sock. I’ve been doing it this way for the last two seasons and it’s worked really well. Been able to sit 6+ hours at a time with no problem. Also, I’ve have 2,000 gram inferno boots from cabelas which have plenty of room in them. Tight boots equal cold feet. I tried electric socks but the batteries die on them so fast you’re constantly having to change them
  9. I wonder why they don’t adopt the slaughter anything that moves management style we have in jersey?? So let me get this straight, if you don’t allow hunters to shoot 6+ bucks a year with antler minimums and unlimited does the quality of the herd goes up?? Wow who’d of thunk this
  10. WVAhunter08

    11/19 Afternoon Check In.

    Out for opening day of rifle in West Virginia
  11. WVAhunter08

    2018 Eastern Montana DIY Mule Deer 8x6

    Beautiful mulie, congrats
  12. WVAhunter08

    Bill proposed by Sen. Booker

    The democrat playbook is to pander to the uninformed and ignorant masses too stupid to understand how destructive these policies are and too happy to take the free ride. I thought I made peace with being stuck in nj, whole family is here and love my job but after this last election I am so embarrassed and disheartened to say I’m from here. Seriously need to consider an exit strategy bc this last election proved just how deep blue this state is and always will be
  13. WVAhunter08

    11/14 Check in

    Out in 10. The wind hasn’t picked up yet here, perfect morning. Had four does and a button buck come through so far
  14. WVAhunter08

    Let's make them famous!

    How did these shitbags not see/assume there was a trail cam? Hope they throw the book at em
  15. WVAhunter08

    11/6 Check in

    Out in the ground blind at my house in z10. Pouring rain buts it’s November, plus the blind is keeping me nice and dry. A few does so far, waiting on a big 8 I’ve got on camera during daylight.