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  1. So my buddy has a large barn on his farm which has a horrible rat problem a few years back. He tried traps, poison and shooting them but never could kill enough to make a dent. He ended up getting his hands on 2 feral cats from inner city philly. He had to keep them in a crate for a week inside the barn to acclimate them so they wouldn’t run off. The next morning after he released them he said it was like a rat slaughterhouse inside the barn lol. They literally killed dozens in the first night and he hasn’t had a problem since. How he or anyone else would go about getting a feral cat is beyond me BUT I would try a philly animal shelter. I know they bring in a lot of strays. Good luck man, rats make my skin crawl too!
  2. There are several people in this thread who will tell you’re actually wrong, we’re living in a utopia ever since we got rid of the bad orange. Everything you said isnt actually happening just like the sky isn’t actually blue and water isn’t really all that wet. Surging crime rates, record inflation, open borders, decaying public schools and judging people by their skin color first and foremost are simply republican talking points. O, and our “president” is 100% cognitive and totally the one in charge.
  3. I had the exact same experience when I smoked a brisket last year. Great Smokey flavor and bark but it dried out a bit. Brisket is definitely the hardest bbq to get perfect
  4. 1.) surrendering our schools and universities to the left 2.) men no longer being men.
  5. Dude you’re narrative on covid is completely dead. Between the fauci emails and hard data you have nothing to stand on. This has been an overblown charade from day one based purely on politics. Was covid dangerous for anyone over 75 with multiple co morbidities YES, but did we need to destroy our economy and our children’s educations over it...no. Masks are one of the dumbest things ever perpetrated on the American people.....completely healthy people walking around with clothe diapers on their faces is truly laughable and it was from day one (see recently released Fauci emails) I will say this, the brain dead morons still wearing masks make it easy to distinguish friend from foe. If I see anyone wearing a mask now you are instantly my enemy. Parents making children wear masks should be jailed and have their kids taken away.
  6. I’m an throughly enjoying the savage takedowns of deadonshot in this thread lol. Nice work boys!!
  7. Hilti is the best hands down. They’re very expensive but they’re batteries last forever end they’re extremely powerful. My father in law has one, I used it when we were remodeling my house extensively
  8. Absolutely horrible. That young man was duped into believing he needed to be vaccinated against a virus he has a 100% chance of surviving. Heartbreaking, but really shows the depravity and deception being used to push this on people who don’t need it
  9. Great story and best of luck with your search. I have several shotguns and rifles passed down from my grandfather, to my dad now to myself and would do the exact same thing if they had been sold. Definitely a worthwhile endeavor
  10. I’m completely covered up with the in Pittstown. They literally showed up out of nowhere last week; real pain in the ass, you can’t take a step without stepping on half a dozen. The noise today around noon was crazy loud too
  11. She just wants to show she’s a truly Committed branch covidian and the mask is her talisman.
  12. Stop bringing logic into the branch covidian cult that inhabits this site. Sure India’s death rate ranks 150ish out of close to 300 other comparable countries. Sure India still has a caste system and over a billion people with a poor healthcare system, but none of those are contributing factors. If only India had strict mask mandates and their own dr. Fauci and destroyed 4 million small business none of this would have happened!!
  13. I only learned about Tred towards the end of his life after the paralysis, little before mY time. Funny story though, on my honey moon in st. Lucia we shared a cab with a guy who fished extensively with Tred during the heart Of his career. He couldn’t say enough about how innovative he was as a tuna fisherman and true master. Sad we lost such a great outdoorsman. RIP Tred
  14. Weber all day long BUT DO NOT buy one from a big box store, go to a Weber dealer. The ones they sell at depot use cheaper parts. The genesis series is an awesome grille with a ton of options (I used to sell grilles at a hardware store Lol)
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