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  1. Went to the one in Pennsylvania last year, it was amazing. High energy, packed to the rafters. If there ever another one within reasonable driving distance I’ll be there again and I would suggest anyone here do the same. MAGA 2020
  2. WVAhunter08

    carolina skiff?

    I rent a 21ft with a 90 Yamaha every year in Hatteras for the last five years. They’re great in the sound, can sneak into some super shallow water and have a ton of deck space. Would definitely not take it into the ocean even on a nice day, we’ve gotten tossed around by ferry wakes more than a few times. They’re easy to run, get up on plane quickly and don’t need a ton of power to move.
  3. Jugtown mtn, how fitting lol. Cool “water” distiller, I’m right around the corner from you. Wish I had more time to tinker with something so cool. GL on selling it
  4. RCA at vollers in branchburg, it’s $5/ton. I used it for the base of 1200 ft parking area at my house. Compacted just like QP, great stuff and super cheap especially if you have a mason dump or dump trailer to haul yourself
  5. So jealous! Good luck!
  6. It’s going to be one long virtue signaling, identity politics, orange man bad epic clown show. You’d have to be completely brain dead to seriously consider voting for these degenerate losers
  7. Woah that’s a cool pic. Does anyone know how old poults have to be before they can roost? I never thought about that before
  8. Shame to hear this about the NRA, hopefully it won’t have lasting affects on the overall great work it does. Did anyone else find it nauseating reading the little digs the leftist ny times stuck all over the article? Like it wasn’t enough to just report the story and it’s facts, they had to make sure they included leftist grandstanding and liberal bias. Enemy of the people
  9. I used to use shwackers and loved them, the problem was no one sold them including cabelas and Walmart. The only place I found them for a while was strictly archery in Washington so I switch back to spitfires. If I could find them I would switch back to the 2 blade bc they were deadly as hell
  10. That pic of the yote with the fawn is why they need to be killed
  11. My uncle bought a cobolt a few years ago and we use it every year at our property in West Virginia hanging stands early season. It’s pretty awesome, great battery life, we’ll balanced and makes like so much easier especially cutting hardwood branches like oak. I just bought a regular pole saw a few weeks ago, and after seeing this thread I’m kicking myself for not getting the battery powered!
  12. WVAhunter08

    Morning Chew!

    Wow what a beautiful little pup!
  13. Ok so the guy said the 92lb striper in the picture was caught in 94. Did anyone else notice the yeti cooler in the background? Yeti was founded in 2006. Am i missing something? Anyway, still an amazing fish
  14. I’d believe this story if it wasn’t the fake news ny times
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