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  1. Opening day of fall bow 2013, I was on stand and enjoying the sunrise. There was the normal opening day excitement, however it was the first hunting season without my dad. He had passed earlier that year on Super Bowl Sunday. We spent a lot of time in the woods together and I was reflecting on some of our memories. It was a beautiful morning as the woods were alive that morning with squirrels scurrying and birds chirping. It did not take long before I had a bachelor group of bucks come through my set. I put a shot on a nice 9 pt. and watched him go down in sight. After the shot I stayed in the tree for 30 minutes taking it all in. Then, I climbed down and went to check out my buck. It was very emotional and I began to tear up, thanking pops for the experience. It was an awesome moment, that was abruptly interrupted by a tree cutting crew. My dad always had a unique sense of humor. It was very fitting that as I was enjoying that beautiful experience, he sent that crew directly to my tree. I couldn’t believe it, so I did what he taught me. “Get that buck cleaned up, in the truck, and on ice...” Thanks for the topic, I am enjoying your stories. Be safe and happy hunting.
  2. Police just did a bear patrol past my house. The bear close to home.
  3. Police just did a bear patrol past my house. The bear close to home.
  4. Peas been in for a few weeks and already harvested some radishes. Planted the rest of my seedlings today.
  5. Both sheds are from this year.
  6. My stepson found the shed on the left on the field edge at baseball practice this week. I went out this afternoon and found the one on the right about 3.5 miles away. They are a spot match +\- a few years of maturity.
  7. Cut and paste into browser, worth the watch
  8. Check out this mama doe... https://youtu.be/P091fdcDBck
  9. Not a snake guy, but found this green garter and thought it was late for it to be out as well. FC96680E-973B-4AD3-B345-A9FE874B5599.MOV
  10. Zone 22. Been following site for awhile, and am a fan. Just have not posted.
  11. Doe came running through my set this morning, get ready for the buck. And then this big female yote steps out.
  12. Like this post and cool mounts. Here is 2016 bear and last years bucks on some drift wood.
  13. Dude literally ShootsEmAndMountsEm...
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