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  1. Deer&Beer

    Snake Identification

    Not a snake guy, but found this green garter and thought it was late for it to be out as well. FC96680E-973B-4AD3-B345-A9FE874B5599.MOV
  2. Deer&Beer

    Coyote down

    Zone 22. Been following site for awhile, and am a fan. Just have not posted.
  3. Deer&Beer

    Coyote down

    Doe came running through my set this morning, get ready for the buck. And then this big female yote steps out.
  4. Deer&Beer

    Let's See Your DIY Mounts

    Like this post and cool mounts. Here is 2016 bear and last years bucks on some drift wood.
  5. Deer&Beer

    Giant wi buck

    Dude literally ShootsEmAndMountsEm...
  6. Deer&Beer

    LTB 20ga. Moss slug barrel

    Looking to buy a fully rifled cantilever slug barrel for a 20 gauge Mossberg 500. Trying to get my little guys youth model 500 hooked up for gun season. Thanks.