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    I did they emailed me back and said try to make an appointment they are booked for the next three months said try back later bullshit
  2. I Lost one at Assumpink in the field across from the old ranger station The controller is dt
  3. 20gauge

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    Where are you locatedWhere are you located
  4. Salty goat fishing charters Good group of guys y’all have fun
  5. Rest In Peace Stevo And your family God bless
  6. Man you guys are tough never again he said he was so sorry he overslept lol and yes at least he backed out. we didn’t see shit all day
  7. Really 6:45 It’s kind a late to be walking in the woods
  8. He was Following my markers to my stand Common sense tells you my stands in here
  9. And I’m hunting Fort Dick’s and you have to sign in hope I catch his guy when I leave
  10. Sitting in my stand opening day Six day firearm and some person tries to walk by my stand at 6:45 come on this is crap I whistle he waved at me and walked back where he came from ridiculous
  11. had a great time as always deer hot sausage and deer cabbage was awesome
  12. was out this morning didn't see a deer
  13. I'll be there but with my own dog see ya there
  14. my 2003 taho has 220.000 Miles and I will definitely rebuild or get new transmission installed they don't make them like they used too
  15. back out again in zone 37 . One more Buck tag to fill shot a nice 5 pointer at assumpink yesterday
  16. in zone 37 fort Dix doesn't anybody hunt anymore
  17. getting dressed will be on stand in 30 minutes good luck to all
  18. off for the week gonna kill something can't wait
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