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  1. Bearhunter

    Bear Hunt Voices Needed!

    I don't think this issue needs anymore attension drawn to it. As of right now the hunt is on for this year lets let sleeping dogs lie.
  2. Bearhunter

    Last hunt of the season

    It was nice meeting you today! Thank you for the pelt. good luck this afternoon, hopefully you will call in a yote!
  3. Bearhunter

    Must watch!! Awesome!!!!

    Awesome speech!
  4. Bearhunter

    Bear pelt - Free

    Message sent
  5. Bearhunter

    How many miles on your Super Duty gasser?

    I had a 2000 f250 with the 5.4 litre ing. I sold it with 275,000 miles on it and it was still running good.
  6. How is he with small children? I am think about it but I have a 2.5 year olds son that loves dogs.
  7. Bearhunter

    Morning hunt

    Good luck guy's. Out in zone 11 nothing moving yet this morning but a great morning to be in the woods.
  8. Bearhunter

    Butcher recommendation

    I also recommend Hunterdon deer butcher. I have been using him for years. Super clean and does great work.
  9. Bearhunter

    Anyone have a sawmill near Clinton NJ ?

    Their is one in Holland Twp. Lanes millwork
  10. Bearhunter

    Butcher review problems and changed.

    You will like hunterdon deer butcher. I have been using Jimmy since he opened and have never been disappointed.
  11. Bearhunter

    What a night to loose heat

    Sounds like a frozen pipe. The only other thing I can think of would be a bad circulator pump.
  12. Bearhunter

    Bird Dog

    Thanks for the input guy's. We are leaning towards the Vizsla I think. Moe to find a reputable breeder.
  13. Bearhunter

    Bird Dog

    Does anyone have any experience with vizsla's or wiemaraner's? My wife and I have had german short hair poi hers for about 17 years and love their stamina and drive to hunt but this time we are looking for a better blend of hunting dog and family dog.
  14. I am looking for suggestions for a bird dog. My wife and I have had german short hairs for about 17 years. Love the stamina but this time we are looking for a good family dog as well as bird dog. Any input on the vizsla or wimerraner?

  15. Bearhunter

    Favorite Thanksgiving Day Food

    My favorite is creamed Limabeans! My grandmother made these every year for thanksgiving.