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  1. Bearhunter

    Dinner Tonight

    The family decided they wanted chinese tonight, so defrosted some venison and made venison and broccoli! Came out awesome.
  2. Bearhunter

    Out in Zone 8

    Congrats to you both!
  3. Bearhunter

    Youth day 11 pointer success for rayna!

    Congrats to you both!!
  4. Bearhunter

    9/22 Youth Day Hunt - BUCK DOWN

    Congrats to you Both!
  5. Bearhunter

    Afternoon check in 9/22

    Gave these 2 a pass tonight.
  6. Bearhunter

    DDD! (Dad's Doe Down!)

    Awesome! Congrats to you both.
  7. Bearhunter

    Afternoon check in 9/22

    Out in Ringoes. Still looking for a buck.
  8. Bearhunter

    9/22 morning Hunt

    Good luck everyone! I hope to get out for an afternoon sit.
  9. Bearhunter

    9/21/2018 Am Check in

    Took the day off today to try for a buck. Just settled into my stand in Ringoes. Good luck to anyone else going out.
  10. Bearhunter

    Son's First Bow Deer

  11. Bearhunter

    10 Pt down...

    Congrats! Nice Buck!
  12. Bearhunter

    Quick Fall season

    Congrats! Great Buck
  13. Bearhunter

    9/15 hunting success!

    Congrats to you both!
  14. Bearhunter

    She is getting better than me...wtf!

  15. Bearhunter

    Butcher for donate to the hungry

    I know it's a bit far and I don't know the details of how it works, but Hunterdon Deer Butcher is in the hunters helping the hungry program. I have been using Hunterdon Deer Butcher since he opened and I won't go anywhere else. Super clean shop everything vacuum sealed and labeled. Best I have found..