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  1. Bearhunter

    Cream cheese stuffed BACKSTRAP!

    I make a variation of that as well. marinade the back stap in Italian dressing over night then stuff them with creamcheese and sundried tomatoes then wrap them in bacon then grill them. They are always a huge hit.
  2. Bearhunter

    Barn beam mantle

    Looking good. I like the mantle made from wood also.
  3. Bearhunter

    Venison sliders.

    Looks delicious!
  4. Bearhunter

    Venison & Potato Au Gratin - Crockpot

    looks delicous! I will also be making that for sure
  5. Bearhunter

    My boy got a deer tonight

  6. Bearhunter

    Favorite winter time Venison meal

    Recipe please!
  7. Bearhunter

    Favorite winter time Venison meal

    Recipe please!
  8. Bearhunter

    Powerbelt Buck

    I have been using pwerbelts for years and have never had a problem. I had the same scenario a few years ago, no pass through recovered the bullet under the skin on the far side of deer. 40 yard shot.
  9. Bearhunter


    Great pictures!
  10. Bearhunter

    First day out with the bow

    That's awesome! Enjoy the time with them it goes fast! Most of my best hunts were with my daughter and most of them I didn't even have a gun or bow.
  11. Bearhunter

    Some of my cuts from last night (Pics)

    Looks great! I've been considering doing my own just because the cost gets to be a lot.
  12. Bearhunter

    Venison Sheppard's pie

    Looks good! Bet it was great with moose!
  13. Bearhunter

    Venison Sheppard's pie

    Can't take credit for the recipe. But I substitute Lima beans instead of peas.