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  1. They are not always as good as cash. A buddy accepted a cashiers check for his motorcycle and it was faked. He lost his bike, and the helmet he threw in.
  2. I agree. I can't help with that, but I have a portable a/c unit he can use until someone can help.
  3. what is the issue that he is having? I don't know a lot but am in the area everyday and could take a look.
  4. What is the issue they are having with the float option on a lifted truck the only issue I could think of would be you would have to add a longer chain so the plow could go down low enough on the float option
  5. Mountain Lake not far from there is a trophy musky lake also. I believe it's catch and release only. I've had one on but wasn't able to bring it in.
  6. I will be out with the bow if they open state land again, I have no private property with bears on to hunt.
  7. Burger and grill space look great!
  8. Hi Bear, any particular flowers you plan on planting by your vegetable garden?

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    3. Bearhunter


      Your welcome.  My wife heard a lady talk about flowers and vegetables a radio show that. The lady wrote this book. 


    4. Gunsmoke


      Ha, no kidding!  So there really is something to it.  It was just a thought on my part cause I've had trouble getting cucumbers and string beans the past two years.

  9. I am trying that this year. Its supposed to help attract predatory insects as well to help keep plant eating insects away from the garden also.
  10. I just replaced my boiler a week before Christmas. I put in a slant fin. Did the install myself, first one I ever did and was surprised that it was not very difficult, as long as you can solder.
  11. You are right the venison was a little over done. It was fresh bacon from a pig we had done this year.
  12. I made this for dinner! Backstrap marinade in Italian dressing overnight then butterflied and stuffed with creamcheese and sundried tomatoes, then wrapped in bacon and grilled. Served with baked potato and broccoli and cauliflower! Always a hit!
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