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  1. I got mine tilled Yesterday. Tilled in about 3 yards of composted horse manure. Going to start on a new deer fence today then start planting.
  2. I do those also! I use sundried tomatoes, and cream cheese. Just had a pig done this year so I will have fresh bacon for them! They are the best!
  3. I still have a couple paper shells laying around, not the same ones but still paper
  4. I will be out this afternoon
  5. good luck! I will be out this afternoon
  6. Looks great! Would you be interested in making the same repair on a coyote that my dog chewed?
  7. Congrats on a great buck!
  8. looks delicious! I make that as well very good.
  9. He became principal in my 8th grade year
  10. When I was there it was Mr Suarez.
  11. I graduated from Hoppock in 89 and had all those teachers. Still see Mr Riddle on a regular basis.
  12. I am glad to see somebody understands that this happens during snow storms. I work for a municipality and have to answer the mailbox calls today. Hopefully the residents are as understanding.
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