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  1. Glad to see this! I hope everyone comes out to vote in the next election and get Seabuscuit out of office!
  2. Found them in the bottom 3 pictures, can't find anything in the first
  3. Congratulations on a nice bird!
  4. In zone 8 worked a Tom in from 200 yards only to have him run off. He caught me move a bit .
  5. Bearhunter

    Mom Passed

    I am so sorry for your loss!
  6. It is stupid! It will only cause more closures!
  7. Bearhunter

    Chainsaw Help

    Try changing the fuel filter and fuel lines. If the primer bulb pushes in but won't return, sounds like a clogged filter to me.
  8. My wife got tested Thursday at St Luke's Anderson campus and we had the results back on Saturday. Negative thankfully.
  9. I am a little late but finally got it tilled today. My little guy loves the tractor he did the whole garden with me.
  10. I will try to dig up some pics. I had a katana 750 and a gsxr 1000.
  11. So sorry for your loss
  12. I have an issue with low brass shells in my 870 they jam it up. I know the 870 is not an automatic but maybe it's just the low brass shells and not an issue with the gun.
  13. One of my favorites also. Making it today
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