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  1. You would use your 20 yrd pin...the closer the deer is to being below your stand you need to be sure you bend at the waste also. Always good to practice some shots below your stand or five yrds out. You would be surprised how off your shot will be shooting below your stand without bending at the waste.
  2. Nice job on taking both deer, bet you were a bit sore last evening after dragging two out of the woods.
  3. Zone 5 this morning spike and 3pt just came by. Sit till nine go home do the yard work and will back for evening sit. Good luck all!
  4. I believe seeing him out of velvet would be the deciding factor.
  5. Will be out for the evening sit in Z5...good luck all!
  6. He is young. I shoot the freaks most opportunities I have...let your sone wack him! Any recent pics out of velvet?
  7. Congrats, always nice taking a deer you have some history with!
  8. Bow Fly

    Doe #3

    Congrats...nice pics!
  9. Good for you, getting out enjoying your property and taking a dandy...congrats!
  10. Noticed three new scrapes on the field edge walking in last evening. I would imagine the change in temps got them going a bit.
  11. Changing it up a bit tonight, edge of field hoping to catch them heading to beans...good luck to all!
  12. Nice one...well done, congrats!
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