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  1. I live close to JJ, some good deer as in all areas and plent of bears. They really need to allow bear hunting again on state land...its rediculous they dont. The local clubs drive the crap out of it starting Monday morning, can be a good thing and can be a bad thing as we all know.
  2. I gave up on my one spot because of the bears, had some great bucks on camera early season to.
  3. Good for you, big congrats on your succesfull hunt!
  4. Congrats and good for you...it is special as it made your day!
  5. That is crazy and very sad. Tall grass, possible gator lying...yep, I will pass on that hunt for sure.
  6. Amazing 25 years ago I never would use a harness at all, I think it was common back then. I only hunt from portables and strap in at base of tree and disconect at base when I climb down.
  7. Very nice deer congrats, sounds like a great hunt in the snow...lot's of fun for sure!
  8. Congrats, great buck thanks for sharing!
  9. Congrats to your dad!
  10. Great buck and story...love the crab claws! Awesome what you did, giving him the heads up. You are correct...you were raised properly, class act you are!
  11. Way to go Pops...congrats to you on a fine buck!
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