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  1. Public land still closed to bear hunting?
  2. CapeCod

    Latin Food

    Thanks for the intel 👍👍 Ive also made venison mofongo from scratch at home on a few occasions. A lot of work but well worth the effort 👍👍
  3. Congrats on a great day 👍👍 See you met my buddy Dante. Been fishing with him long before he started his bucktails.
  4. Thought I'd also put this out there as an all time favorite in my household: Large European Pulpo in pressure cooker for 18 min then on hot pellet grill 1 min/per side for texture Better than Casa Vasca, Newark Also triggerfish and hogfish
  5. Hey man glad it worked out and your moving forward. Handle one task at a time and stay positive for your daughter.
  6. Nice haul 👍 Just out of curiosity...would the area your fishing be accessible with kayak? Thanks
  7. CapeCod


    Congrats bro! No shame in using the harness lol. You can borrow my black magic anytime 👍
  8. Garrett from Andover Hunt and Fish does guided hunts.
  9. Hey man congrats on a great trip! I know your buddy from the 2nd and 5th pic. Glad you got a yak. I just talked to him about fluke fishing. Let's set something up soon 👍👍
  10. Congrats bud! Looks like a great time. Probably could have had good action with a fly rod.
  11. Yup left a few behind also
  12. Are these real morels and safe to consume? Just found them this morning. Thanks
  13. Best part of this years derby was my wife's Kentucky Hot Browns, Mint Juleps and Bourbon Pecan Bread Pudding Otherwise the derby was lousy
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