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  1. I admittedly have a Googan question for Ocean County coastal zone waterfowlers. I'd prefer to ask via PM because my question might be a spot burn to some resourceful hunters. Thanks in advance.
  2. CapeCod

    K-drill v. Nils ice auger

    20v DeWalt drill with adapter and 6" lazer lower until. Been using it for years . Cut a sh$& ton of holes on 2 lightweight batteries over the course of a "FULL" day with battery life to spare. Drill speed and sharp blades will make ice fishing enjoyable. The gas augers have been collecting dust for years.
  3. CapeCod

    Fishing tomorrow

    I’d start with calling some of the smaller operations like Bingo or Mimi. Ask if their sailing tomorrow and if they have any room. If not Prowler or Ocean Explorer. If distance was no option Osprey out of AC. Good luck.
  4. CapeCod

    Crazy night in the woods...

    Congrats always nice to pull the trigger and poke a hole in a buck 👍
  5. CapeCod

    Bourbon and Scotch collectors

    Pappy Van Winkle the best there is. So hard to find without paying ridiculous inflated prices. And the stolen shipment doesn’t help.
  6. CapeCod

    Permanent elevated blind

    We built a permanent 10' platform and a pop up blind on top. I can remove the blind after end of season and replace it as needed. Affordable to build.
  7. CapeCod

    Permanent elevated blind

  8. Nice !!!!! Yeah those big tunas are not fun after their first initial run and the fight goes vertical! Congrats!!!! Ya been waiting for this time all year and you guys certainly capitalize!!!!
  9. CapeCod

    Clamming Tomorrow 9/19?

    Done.....thanks for the info 👍
  10. My 7yr old son is off tomorrow and has been wanting to try clamming. We really enjoy seafood in our household. I recently purchased the permit, clam rake and have a Hobie kayak that we'll be using. We're willing to travel as far South as IBSP. Can anyone PM access points and decent clamming areas. Not looking for secret spots and we have no need to harvest a whole limit. Just a father and son on a new journey together. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hell yeah a market fish! Congrats to you and crew!
  12. CapeCod

    9/13 afternoon sit. New Youth Hunter

    Awesome! Nothing better! Congrats to the both of you!
  13. CapeCod


    Heck yeah man ! You guys are on the meat ! Good luck tomorrow and post some pics of any whale feeds while your out there hunting !
  14. CapeCod

    NJWW Blackfish trip

    I'd be seriously interested. The "Bingo" (53' party boat, 40 passengers) out of Atlantic Highlands might be an optimal choice depending on how many sign up. I've always had good success with this boat on similar charters in the past. 👍
  15. Garrett from Andover Hunt and Fish has been doing guided bear hunts with high success. . Maybe contact him for bear access this year without having to deal with the hassle yourself. 

    Good luck 👍 



      Thanks for the info, I will call him