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  1. Nice !!!!! Yeah those big tunas are not fun after their first initial run and the fight goes vertical! Congrats!!!! Ya been waiting for this time all year and you guys certainly capitalize!!!!
  2. CapeCod

    Clamming Tomorrow 9/19?

    Done.....thanks for the info 👍
  3. My 7yr old son is off tomorrow and has been wanting to try clamming. We really enjoy seafood in our household. I recently purchased the permit, clam rake and have a Hobie kayak that we'll be using. We're willing to travel as far South as IBSP. Can anyone PM access points and decent clamming areas. Not looking for secret spots and we have no need to harvest a whole limit. Just a father and son on a new journey together. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hell yeah a market fish! Congrats to you and crew!
  5. CapeCod

    9/13 afternoon sit. New Youth Hunter

    Awesome! Nothing better! Congrats to the both of you!
  6. CapeCod


    Heck yeah man ! You guys are on the meat ! Good luck tomorrow and post some pics of any whale feeds while your out there hunting !
  7. CapeCod

    NJWW Blackfish trip

    I'd be seriously interested. The "Bingo" (53' party boat, 40 passengers) out of Atlantic Highlands might be an optimal choice depending on how many sign up. I've always had good success with this boat on similar charters in the past. 👍
  8. Garrett from Andover Hunt and Fish has been doing guided bear hunts with high success. . Maybe contact him for bear access this year without having to deal with the hassle yourself. 

    Good luck 👍 



      Thanks for the info, I will call him

  9. CapeCod

    Traeger grills ?

    Pellet grills are absolutely the way to go for all around needs. My personal opinion is that there's no need to spend that high dollar value for those name brands. With that said I've owned a Pit Boss 700 for over two years and love it. There's a slight learning curve to maintaining grill/smoke temperatures with atmospheric conditions. But I can maintain temperatures as low as 180F - 550F+ And with all the options of different pellet woods to use makes it a home run. Yesterday I smoked my last wild turkey breast from this past season. Butterflied breast stuffed with Stove Top Stuffing and wrapped in basket weaved bacon. Smoked to internal temp of 160F. The best reverse seared prime rib also! Good luck with your decision and keep us posted.
  10. CapeCod


    Coon hound Love the sound of their baying
  11. CapeCod

    If you had to buy a shotgun?

    Tristar Viper Max
  12. CapeCod

    Sika Deer

    Yes I've hunted with Muddy Marsh before during the warmer weather. Mosquitos are a big challenge. Used 2 thermacells. They definitely work hard to put you on those little animals. Had a good experience overall. Pretty cool to hear them bugle. Dont expect 5 star accommodations if you decide to stay in their farm house.
  13. CapeCod

    Rough day on the Raritan Bay

    Good effort and nice catching.
  14. CapeCod

    Is fluke fishing really worth it?

    Really worth it? No! But they just taste too darn good 😄
  15. CapeCod

    Deer stalking in Scotland

    BTW nice bases on that second Roe. That’s a big portion of their scoring.