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  1. CapeCod

    Is fluke fishing really worth it?

    Really worth it? No! But they just taste too darn good 😄
  2. CapeCod

    Deer stalking in Scotland

    BTW nice bases on that second Roe. That’s a big portion of their scoring.
  3. CapeCod

    Deer stalking in Scotland

    Congrats on some nice Roe’s there. Europeans have a deep rooted hunting tradition and some awesome scenery to experience. I shot a great Roe in Spain back in 2009. Gonna try to make it back there for an archery Chamois hunt soon. Really enjoyed your pics. 👍
  4. Hey bud,

  5. CapeCod

    Favorite Fluke Bait or Lure

  6. CapeCod

    Fox pic

  7. I’m really happy with this turkey combo Tristar Viper Max 26” barrel Vortex Strikefire II (green dot) Carlson Long Beard XR choke tube Winchester Long Beard XR 3.5” #5s
  8. Nice! I’m surprised how well the video came out.
  9. CapeCod

    RIP R Lee Ermey

    He visited our unit in Iraq back in 2003. He told me he enjoyed deer hunting with his brother. He will be missed. RIP brother.
  10. CapeCod

    Huge thank you to Booner!!

    Very nice good luck with it!
  11. CapeCod

    What are your goals for this coming deer season?

    Host and help friends/family with harvesting trophy Bucks and Does. Just harvest a few Does for specialty products.
  12. That looks good Might have to try that on our splurge night 👍
  13. CapeCod

    Opening day trout necropsy

    I guess that's why tiny jigs work soo well for spin fishers.
  14. Yup my buddy and I are still waiting on our bears. Both bears were dropped off in the afternoon on opening day of the 2016 archery season. I'm sure taxidermists experienced a heavy volume of work. I'm confident that the mount will turn out nice.
  15. CapeCod


    Check out the Tristar O/U models.