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  1. Vanilla Killer

    Great Room Build

    Looking good Tom
  2. Vanilla Killer

    Out in Zone 8

    Congrats! way to go!
  3. Vanilla Killer

    Got my First Elk 9/11/18

    Thanks All for the congrats!
  4. Vanilla Killer

    Tagged out 09/19

  5. Vanilla Killer

    New Mexico Archery 6x6 success

    Sweet bull, keep it going you lucky dog!
  6. Vanilla Killer

    Still getting it done!

    Awesome deer Greg! Congrats!
  7. Vanilla Killer

    Got my First Elk 9/11/18

    Took my first elk on 9/11 in Bridger-Teton National Forest Wyoming with Sleeping Indian Outfitters. Can't be happier taking my first bull (5X5) ever and with a bow! Also want to thank Tom Slaughter for the recommendation and insight in planning and getting my elk home. If you get the chance I highly recommend the elk hunting experience in the back country! VK
  8. Vanilla Killer

    Wyoming Mule Deer and Antelope

    That elk is sick. Hopefully his genes are still running around those mountains... I would like to put an arrow in one like that!
  9. Vanilla Killer

    SNOW is HERE

    Power went out around 11:00 or so. been running the generator. Might have to go get gas if this goes all night!
  10. Vanilla Killer

    Nice buck today

    1:30 ? The rut must be on!
  11. Vanilla Killer

    Drew an Elk Tag for Wyoming today!

    Yep thanks for the advice Tom, worked like a charm! Had one elk PP from 2017 and put in for non-res elk with pp option. Drew first time but didn't expect too! Going with Sleeping Indian September 7-15th.
  12. Vanilla Killer

    Drew an Elk Tag for Wyoming today!

    No different. I shoot a Mathews Helium and pull about 75 lb. Beman ICS carbon arrows with 100gr muzzy fixed heads. Kills good keep it simple.
  13. Vanilla Killer

    Waiting for Draw Results

    Yeah man! me too!
  14. Hey drew my first Wyoming Elk tag today! Excited for an elk archery hunt in September. Can't wait.