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  1. Nice work! When is the elk going up?
  2. My sister did that kind of stuff to me with her 70 acer piece in NY state. She was trying to be nice to some other people in the area. I told her that people will always be asking for permission and it will get out of hand quickly. Plus you never know how unsafe people can get on your property. I stopped going there and then she named me the hunt boss. Now when people ask she says talk to the hunt boss and then I handle them with a big NOPE. I bring my kids there and don't want unknown people making things unsafe. Sorry but that's the way it is. Regards the Hunt Boss!
  3. Nice one, leg looks nasty. Amazing how they carry on with a wound like that...VK
  4. Hey electric what do those hunts run $$? their website is crappy keeps freezing up. thanks. VK
  5. Looks like you had a great pop there. Very sorry for you loss. God speed to him. VK
  6. That's those mechanical broad heads for you... That's why I shoot fixed
  7. Is that gov murphy in the orange? Haaaaaaaaaaaa just kidding
  8. Congrats! now shhhhh don't wake him up
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