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  1. Woke up this morning, wife and I headed for cape may to meet up with a buddy. Fueled the boat and truck bought lunches. 20 mins out of the ramp and my babysitter called. Baby is sick with a 101 fever. Expensive morning. Real bummer the ocean was going to look like glass. oh well there is always next year and the kid is good. Which is really all that matters.
  2. Wood. I use teak spin it on a lathe then finish sand it on the power wrapper.
  3. So the tuna stick with the cross wrap is a calstar. The spinning rod is an MHX. And the one with the avet is a lamiglass
  4. Lately I have been intrigued with making wood handles for my rods. Below I have made a tuna chunking rod, and two flounder/ striper builds.
  5. You can fix the cork fire grip! Yes they normally would be fitted from the tip down when building new. However you can take the blank diameter, ream out the cork grip, then cut it in half. Fit the pieces around the blank and glue. Then you can turn the rod on a lathe and sand it down. you may be able to see the seam though. if your in south Jersey buy the cork and I’ll give it a shot. The only thing I can’t see is it just the cork handle or is the cork attached to the real seat. Does it spin to lock your real in?
  6. Yes. They did offer that but. Sitting on the trailer to the top of t-top I’m almost 14 ft. To talk to tow
  7. Yes. I can only be mad at myself.
  8. Yes. I have the trailer coverage. They offered a tow on flat bed. But because I have a t-top the boat is now to tall. Liability won’t let them take it and I guess some overpasses.
  9. I thought they might be. But I couldn’t find anyone who had the tire and BoatUS said no one in the are could do the repair. Oh well it’s home and fixed.
  10. Yes. That why I got them this year.
  11. Yep. Mazzgolf found it. But it’s useless.
  12. Negative. Tried them too. Apparently my membership doesn’t cover
  13. I have always been a Sea tow person, but this year I got BoatUS. Mistake. Yesterday coming home from fishing I had a tire blow out. I know this is my fault I didn’t have a spare. Lack of preparedness, check. anyway I call BoatUS and request trailer assistance at 3pm. They held me on the side of the road for 2.5 hours only to tell me they can’t do anything for me. Meanwhile I was calling every where under the son looking for a tire. Negative. I had to drive 35 miles on 3 good wheels. Ruined my rim but oh well. Today I found 2 wheel assemblies bought and repaired. Never using BoatUS again. Sorry venting and it all could have been avoided.
  14. Shorts. The water was surprisingly clean. Not to much snot grass caught fish on first drift. But no heavy concentrations. Caught on both bucktails and mini. Worked the backs and in the inlet.
  15. I’ll be out trying anyway. Still figuring the new boat out. I’ll be putting in in brigantine
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