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  1. If people wanted to that would be a good trip. I researched the states harvest rates by county and pulled all the maps for the counties with the highest kills and the highest antlered deer kills.
  2. I have done it in Virginia. I was set to go to Ohio last October and work got in the way. This year no one wants to go so I thought about going on my own.
  3. What I’m saying is if you find this great spot there may be a reason it is so great. In your opinion what would be a respectable or acceptable distance to stay away from another hunter. Yards wise?
  4. Not always the case. Last two season I kayaked to a spot and over 8 weeks never saw a deer movements all at night
  5. Obviously another private ground hunter from north if I had to guess. I will guarantee you if you find a run here in the south it runs right to a bait pile. And along with that there will be at least 8-10 bait piles in a small parcel. So with the amount of baiting going on you aren’t being competitive or you are sitting up someone’s ass hoping they don’t realize you are doing it. Or you are one of those people and that’s what offended you!
  6. I’ll try to put it another way. You know baiting is legal in NJ, right? So if your on public land and see a bunch of activity in a particular spot do you look for a possible hunter or do you just set up and tell everyone how great you are they you found this awesome spot.
  7. Happens all the time. It’s becoming a detriment more than a benefit.
  8. so here is how I look at baiting vs. not baiting. If you are on state game lands and tell me that you don’t bait and you move with your climber to areas you know are “runs”. Then you are just cutting off someone else and masking it as hunting. I don’t know how it is in the north but down in south jersey you can’t walk 200 yards in most state woods without finding someone’s pile. So if you want to compete you bait. If not you just cut someone off.
  9. I'm just curious I follow your post and enjoy your pictures. Are you on Private ground I assume you are. And I was just having this conversation with my boss about baiting vs. not and if you are on private ground I whole heartedly believe that it is best not to bait, but if you are on state ground it is almost a necessity.
  10. you sir are an absolute genius, wish I had thought of that. . How much do you have. And what zone. I’ll buy yours.
  11. So, recently during any season, I have been hard pressed to hunt. Between work and trying to hunt state woods it is pretty depressing. I have had some really good locations on state woods and as of late I am being invaded by people everywhere I go, and I know I am not the only one. It does seem, however, that people just don't care, or maybe they just don't realize that they are cutting you off. I recently spoke to a man who said I put my stand here because there were so many tracks in the area. He, however didn't look beyond the tracks 30 yards to see my stand. now there are 3 in a 50 yard radius. I drove by a piece I muzzle load and there were 3 trucks in a .25 mile stretch. I have tried everything from hiding my stand and paths not using tacks to making it completely obvious that someone is hunting in the area and neither have commanded any respect. sorry for the rant, but NJ hunting is really ticking me off. Good luck to all, even the last minute hunters.
  12. That’s sounds like a good amount of clothes. Mind if I ask what you paid. I purchesed the Mideast bowman jacket and the pants. Just before she closed I got two hats and a neck gator and the hand muff. I took the kid weights to Canada and was perfectly ok in them for long sits. Oh and I got the thermals. Really wish I would have gotten the heavy duty bibs and parka. Was being cheap. Ha. She was a really nice lady. I would cal and she would always remember me. Must have had notes.
  13. I used to hunt one for years, had fun, but like everything else In nj if the weekend warriors see a vehicle they swarm like killer bees. I had a guy see me drag a deer and the next day he put a stand 25 yrds from mine. Said you cant stop me!. Then he put a trip cord on my path. Another person said I see you here every year and figured you were seeing animals so I put a stand here, HA! I got the HECK out of there.
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