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  1. World class! Hope to hear the play by play at some point on how the entire hunt went down. I’m sure there are plenty of guys who were chasing him as well! Congrats to the Hunter!!
  2. I’m going to upgrade my factory x bow scope and wanted to ask everyone for some feedback. I’ve read allot online but wanted to see what everyone personally thinks and has experience with. Tnx
  3. Hey everyone I’m lookinh to upgrade to a new x bow scope from a factory model. Shooting a strykezone 380. Thanks in advance!
  4. I’ve e mailed Sen Bateman and my local Sen as well Keep the spreading the word. It’s to important
  5. I was at the meeting. A woman who's family owns the horse farm that attached to those woods was making all sorts of claims of people using guns, no one from nj hunting in there and even said she was shot at by a hunter. It then came out her husband and son hunt there and only got a few deer. The town committee did a good job of taking the feedback and vowing to get back to her. They didn't challenge her but some of us in audience felt if she got shot at there is no way she would have not reported it and done something about it. I suspect it was her who was at your truck. She was very animated. Keep track of the encounters and report them every time. And if you can get her plate give that info. Good luck the rest of the year
  6. well the park is open to hunting but I am sure these bucks leave to the houses - thats how they get big.
  7. https://click.email.vimeo.com/?qs=175d39d6e0bd4313f397dab447ace47f931f7d413df07e175044470061802f1dbb500e9ea035153b8b1015af17f16dd25536e8e885064b1b217ea74760754460
  8. They slide on and off - no screws and you can turn the bracket to face different directions.
  9. Yes that's them skull hookers (little)
  10. Shootem , the brackets are called Little hookers. A few different places sell them online.
  11. Updated my game room with a few new euros from the last couple of years. I rally like these wall mounts I found online.
  12. MNMhunter

    IMG 0680

    Greg - is that you want th these little bucks ? Looks like your doing well. Henry
  13. Biggest 9 was Canada 20 years ago. The rest nj Had a casualty though.
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