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  1. That's another thing I have on the TODO...custom titles!
  2. Welcome to the site, glad you're enjoying it!
  3. Yo Chris, how's it goin! Welcome to the site!
  4. Welcome to the site Pete! These guys speak highly of you! :thumb_up:
  5. Do Tom's canned hams double as personal floatation devices approved by the USCG?
  6. Haha I know, I've been on full throttle for days now! CJ3A, I put up a Butcher Reviews forum here: http://www.njfng.com/forum/Forum-Butcher-Reviews
  7. Thanks man! I'll have to post a few up here when I get some time!
  8. Great idea! I need to add a Taxidermist list too! I honestly didn't hunt much this year, I went out to OH bowhunting but didn't score. Work's been really busy! How about you?
  9. Nice one! Awesome buck! :thumb_up:
  10. Cool man, thanks for the feedback! :thumb_up:
  11. Welcome to the site Anthony!
  12. robnj, I find most users tend to post the videos/pictures in individual forums. I added a Scouting forum recently for all the scouting related posts/pics/videos as well. What do you think?
  13. What's up Tony! Haha that PETA comment got you a -1 Reputation already! They don't know you're just kidding around...yet
  14. We need more trapping pics, they're awesome!
  15. Hey Pathman, check the following FAQ I just added! :thumb_up: What is the Portal?
  16. Ed, You're using a different theme than the default. In the default theme it's called User CP on the top left of the screen It goes to the same place though!
  17. Welcome to the site Chuck! Great intro! And I'll second that GobblerGetter is a great guy to talk to about trapping! :thumb_up:
  18. Tika270, There is an FAQ thread to do exactly that, check it out in the Questions and FAQ Forum! http://www.njfng.com/forum/Forum-Questions-and-FAQ Let us know if you have any trouble! :thumb_up:
  19. No doubt! Feels like summer out there compared to the temps we had last week!
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