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  1. That's awesome! Just wait until you get her taxidermy bill!!!
  2. I've seen some great catches being put together and posted by charters the last two weeks.
  3. Very cool! Looking forward to taking mine out soon!
  4. Enough salt will kill any plant and change the soil composition entirely to the point nothing can grow.
  5. I did exactly that with pure 30%. Not good enough.
  6. Rusty wants a 22. The branch across that doe's heart is really getting to him.
  7. Vinegar topically dehydrates, browns leaves and appears to kill but rarely kills the root. Multiple treatments are required. Even with a surfactant added and/or salt added. I've tried 30% vinegar and it still didn't kill.
  8. Not true! I did hunt last year, I just didn't shoot anything I did take a shot at a doe who had a branch across her lower chest, partially blocking the vitals. The Rusty in me wanted to pinwheel the center of the heart, but I opted instead to be a much wiser Greybeard and aim 3-4" high with my 30 yard pin accounting for arrow trajectory and lung shot placement over the 20 yard branch. Unfortunately, the Rage tipped homemade Port Orford Cedar and turkey feather arrow I shot from my recurve deflected off a tree and wound up on an island of guys who had "reasons" to leave the site.
  9. Added link in @robnj's post to https://www.sportsmans.com/hunting-gear-supplies/trail-cameras-accessories/tactacam-reveal-x-cellular-trail-camera-att/p/1686465
  10. Congrats on your move and new life in AL! Wishing you the best down there and hope to see you share some AL adventures here when you have time to do so!
  11. Now we know @hunterbob1 has AT&T cell service That's what he was searching for right?
  12. Ads are generated based on user searches (outside the site). Big brother is watching you. Now we know you've been pausing a lot of movie scenes
  13. I'm unclear on what that or any other reasons are. @Greybeard (quite hilariously and quite literally) illustrated exactly what he was saying to clear up the confusion of his position. Why on earth would that provoke you to be done with the site?
  14. @Greybeard wins the Internet today with that pic, hahahaha
  15. @Rusty can't shoot, his arrows only go through the center of the heart.
  16. Yes it is. Please don't post it here. Thank you.
  17. Awesome! One happy dad and daughter!
  18. Very cool! Congrats to your god-daughter!
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