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  1. Up to you Jay. If there aren't enough items I'll likely even it out from the site so every member on the winning team gets a prize.
  2. Always worth reading the Amazon reviews and maybe find something in the price range you're leaning towards. That Sig KILO 850 looks pretty good price and review wise! Link: Some top picks over at Amazon
  3. Based on recommendations here years ago, I went with the Sig Sauer KILO 2000 7 x 25mm and love it. No complaints at all. Pricey but the last rangefinger I bought was 10-12 years earlier and it was maybe 1/3 of the price but not nearly the build quality. I don't plan on buying another one after this one. So if you look at it as an investment (similar to binoculars), it eases the pain...a little
  4. Now if you can just keep your fingers warm enough to complete the measurements come winter bow in January, you'll be in business!
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