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  1. Wow that is one heck of a buck on any property here in NJ, even more of a feat on public! Congrats!
  2. It's good in a Utopian world where all hunters are conservationists, understand ecological balance and wildlife/environmental sustainability...however as you see around the world throughout history, many hunters/poachers do not think or act this way and will kill a species to extinction. It's a different thing entirely to hunt for survival, which to be honest...laws or not, you are (and should be) doing. Few in the US would fall into this category of need for survival. EDIT: Perhaps @thefirstndsecond is referring to ones own land ONLY, which has far less reaching effects.
  3. BowhunterNJ


    Good luck in the morning!
  4. Really awesome story! Glad you've been able to recover from your heart attack and still hunt and huge congrats on your first of many more! Well done!
  5. Agreed, he is entitled to his defense. I don't know what it would be, but I also don't think him bogging the court down in a lengthy trail should be a reason to cut him a deal (even if that is what happens out of preference). His defenses: Didn't know the season dates Didn't know he couldn't hunt there Any others? Are any of those credible in combination with the remainder of the facts (hiding from being discovered, cutting the head off the deer, leaving the rest of the body to wonton waste, etc)? Just curious how this guy could even be successfully defended...you know his lawyers are already going through all the scenarios.
  6. I don't think there's any room for a "not guilty" here...there is no cognizant and clear minded person who could not render a guilty verdict here at trial. The guy literally has no excuse to lean on. Didn't know the season dates? Didn't know he couldn't hunt there? Didn't know what he was doing was wrong? Why are you cutting the head off? Why aren't you dragging the whole deer out? Why are you hiding when someone encounters you if you're there legally?
  7. I don't think that's very fair. It's just a pay to play (or avoid) platform. Absolutely everyone should be afforded the opportunity to plead their case in the event they are innocent or did not commit the level of crime they are being accused of, but in the face of irrefutable facts with clear intent to commit an exact crime (as is the case with this poacher), no one should be able to plea down and "negotiate". That simply defeats the purpose of the legal system and having penalties fit crimes. Listen, I'm all for forgiveness and recognizing people are only human, make mistakes, and commit both intentional and unintentional crimes. No one is infallible, but there still needs to be accountability and the penalty should fit the intended crime. At most you plea down when you have unintentionally committed a crime. This wasn't a lapse of judgement or an unintentional mistake, the intention was very clear and an act of "How can I shoot this buck on a property I'm not supposed to be on before the season opens so no one else gets it before I do?".
  8. Nice bucks by you and your brother Phil! Congrats! Great pic sequence too, very cool!
  9. FYI I tried to go to a license agent this weekend and they were not upgraded yet to print licenses. Owner said something about a 4 hour video they are required to watch to teach them about the new system and upgrade process (that they have to do themselves). He said he was still waiting for the video. So, if you plan on going to an agent, call ahead and check to see if they are capable of printing licenses. I wound up just ordering mine online and eating the fees, which is probably the objective of making this upgrade harder on agents and also during the peak of deer hunting season.
  10. Why have laws and penalties if things can get bargained down if you have the money for a lawyer while those who don't get the full sentence? There's no question of guilt here, the guy had clear intent in his actions and got caught red handed (literally) in the act. Why should he have an opportunity to bargain down because he has money?
  11. Good luck out there! Nice morning!
  12. Good luck with it, thanks for the review, you definitely did your homework!
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