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  1. I didn’t see any when I was there.
  2. No I haven’t. We will have to give it a try. Thanks
  3. We went to Seabra’s and ate at the bar. The food was excellent and the service was wonderful! Thanks we will definitely go back.
  4. My buddy recommended Sol Mar in Newark . Have you been there?
  5. Looking to take my girl out for a good seafood dinner. What place do you like better? I live in Millington so Uncle Vinnys is closer but I will travel if better. Thanks!
  6. Horn63

    St Croix Vacation

    Hey guys I am heading to The Buccaneer resort in St Croix on Thursday for 5 days with the girlfriend. Has anyone been there? Any fishing around?
  7. Horn63

    Snow blower problems

    A couple of years ago I ran over one of my sons sneakers that he left in the driveway. I had to take the unit apart to remove the sneaker. When I took it apart I replaced both belts. The last time I used it, it worked fine so I doubt it is the shear pin. I will take it apart over the weekend and report back. Thanks for all the help.
  8. Hey guys I have a Toro two stage snow blower that wont blow snow. The auger turns but the impeller doesn't. It worked fine the last time i used it. What could the problem be? Thanks
  9. That is the same Honda that I had but in a light blue. I put many deer in the back. The girlfriend never liked it when I picked her up from hunting with a deer in the small back!
  10. Gorgeous dogs. I have a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and they look like similar breeds.
  11. Out in zone 11. Three small buck and four doe. Some shooting but not like the old days when zone 10 sounded like a war zone.
  12. Jack I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I lost my Dad a few years ago and it is still tough. He was my best friend and my best man when I got married. Praying coming your way. Reach out if you need anything at all.
  13. Out in zone 11 with the muzzleloader. Ready for an all day sit. Good luck everyone!
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