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  1. Thanks Dan. I am going to jump on Amazon tonight and order some gear. I appreciate the help!
  2. Thanks. We have sea tow and the boat is mint. It has twin 200's full electronics and about 300 running hours.
  3. Yes it is some tough situation I am in! She is gorgeous, a huge sports fan and will sit in a tree with me or chase birds with the dog and I. I hit the lottery! Thanks for the advice.
  4. I figured the title would get some attention! Seriously I am recently divorced and my girlfriends parents have a house on Chadwick island. Her Dad has a gorgeous 27.5 Grady White weekender that is fully equipped to fish but has only been out in the ocean three times. He wants us to use the boat often or he is threating to sell it. I have my license and use to saltwater fish a good amount years ago but kids, sports, work have pulled me away for the past 25 years. I am not looking for anyone to spot burn but just basic info on tackle, tips, tactic, general area's that will help me. We will be going out of Manasquan inlet. They want me to take them out this weekend if the weather is good. I have a fair amount of equipment but would be looking to buys some good quality used gear if anyone is selling. I would appreciate any help and recommendations you guys could give. I am a member of one of the nicest bird clubs in the state and I would be happy to take someone and a guest out next season if they took me under their wing (no pun intended) and helped me get up to speed. And before you ask no she doesn't have any sisters! Thanks
  5. Can anyone recommend someone to deliver about 15 yards of nice black mulch? My town sells mulch cheap but it is more like wood chips. The local nursery has nice mulch but the are really expensive. I want to get this done before it gets too nice out. Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, I have to replace the 75 gallon natural gas hot water header in my house. Ballpark what should it cost me and any recommendations on brands and plumbers, Somerset county. Thanks
  7. Great work! I love the red convertible! I have a 66 GTO convertible I bought when I turned 16.I am now 55 so it was a few years ago! Stripped it to bare metal and painted it Barrier Blue. I must have blown up 3 or four engines. If you never put headers on a Pontiac you don't know what fun is!
  8. I didn’t see any when I was there.
  9. No I haven’t. We will have to give it a try. Thanks
  10. We went to Seabra’s and ate at the bar. The food was excellent and the service was wonderful! Thanks we will definitely go back.
  11. My buddy recommended Sol Mar in Newark . Have you been there?
  12. Looking to take my girl out for a good seafood dinner. What place do you like better? I live in Millington so Uncle Vinnys is closer but I will travel if better. Thanks!
  13. Horn63

    St Croix Vacation

    Hey guys I am heading to The Buccaneer resort in St Croix on Thursday for 5 days with the girlfriend. Has anyone been there? Any fishing around?
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