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  1. Horn63

    Sad day

    Sorry for your loss!
  2. I need to have one of my central air units charged. PM me if anyone on here does it or recommends someone. Thanks
  3. I will take the dumbbells if it falls through.
  4. I was a floor Commodities trader at 4 WTC up until 9/11 and them at the NYMEX building downtown. My trading badge was Horn63.
  5. Congratulations to the new Dr!
  6. 100% look into the rock climbing harness. Make the switch a few years ago and would never go back. Fell out of a tree stand many years ago. It was no joke and I am luck to be alive. Safety first.
  7. Looks great! Two sons in college I think I will stay with the Prime Porterhouse! Wow $145 a pound? Does it come with a hot blonde to feed it to me?
  8. My son is coming home from college and I wanted to pick up a few really good Porterhouse steaks and throw them on the grill. Where does recommend in the Somerset/Morris county area? Thanks
  9. What cut of roasts do you have there?
  10. They are on the smoker now. Followed the brine idea. Thanks
  11. Guys what is your favorite way to smoke trout? Going to give it a shot tonight. Thanks
  12. Hot as Hell! I did ok caught 11 kept my six for the smoker.
  13. I have to meet with a client tomorrow in Hackettstown so I figured after the meeting I would try fishing the Musky. I haven't fished it in years as I mostly fish the SB. Not looking to spot burn just a general area, anywhere from Schooley's mountain road down stream. Thanks
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