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  1. Nice year Dan! Thanks for all your help this year!
  2. About 10 inches in Long Hill.
  3. He tried to sell me some offshore fishing gear. Knew it was a scam right away!
  4. Bought some great stuff from a member on here. Still looking for more. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  5. Hey guys I am, looking to buy some quality offshore fishing outfits. Looking for high end 30's and 50's. If you have any old Penn internationals or Shimano stuff that you are willing to part with please PM me. I understand that this stuff is expensive and I am not looking to lowball anyone. Thanks
  6. Looking to by a decent quality used 12 gauge o/u for sporting clay. Anyone have anything decent they are looking to sell. Not looking to break the bank but willing to pay for quality. Did you buy one thinking you were going to use it a lot but it just sits in your gun safe? Also any advice would be appreciated. No semi's, most the shoots I do only allow break open guns. Thanks
  7. My son is a Sr. in college and he is living a block from the LI sound. He is looking for a cheap Kayak to take out fishing. Does anyone have one laying around that they dont use and would like to sell? He doesn't need anything great. I saw someone on here gave one away earlier in the week and I thought other members may have one to sell. Thanks
  8. Somewhere in between those two options. I am just looking for some cheap decent tires new or used for a part time truck.
  9. I recently bought a new GMC Yukon. The dealer didn't offer me much to trade in my 2011 Chevy Suburban so I decided to keep it as a hunting/fishing truck. I need new tires for it but dont want to spend big money on tires for a truck I am going to drive a few times a month. Tires are size 275/55r20 any thoughts on cheap new or used decent tires. Thanks in advance.
  10. Guys i have a Cybex Lat pulldown machine that is taking up space in my garage and I want it gone. It has 210 lb of weights. I am located on the border of Morris and Somerset county. Thanks
  11. Horn63

    Tested Today

    Hang in there George. My son was tested at Summit medical Group at the end of March. It took 8 days to get the results. Thank God he was negative! Let me know if you need anything.
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