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  1. Horn63

    Safety Harnesses?

    Maybe a stupid question but do you wear the harness with the carbineer connected to the Orange strap in the front or back of you? If the front how do you run the rope?
  2. Sounds good Matt, I will if I go that route.
  3. I always struggle with my harness strap when I have to shoot to the right (I am a right hander). Any tips on making it easier?
  4. Hey Guys I will be heading out to the Midwest next week for a week of bow hunting. I usually drive but this year we are flying. I am looking to buy a good quality travel case. I shoot a Mathews Triax. I know SKB makes a Mathews case but not sure I want to be that much of a fan boy. What do you have and what do you like. Thanks
  5. Horn63

    Snake ID

    Thanks Jack!
  6. Horn63

    Snake ID

    Thanks Little M. I was hoping you would reply.
  7. Horn63

    Snake ID

    My wife took a picture of this guys today in the garage. I am thinking a Milk snake but I am no snake expert.
  8. Horn63

    Had to get down 6:45am.....

    Sorry to hear Jack. I went through the same thing with my Dad. As others have said enjoy him while you have him.
  9. Horn63

    BYOB around Morristown

    Hey guys do you have a favorite BYOB Italian place around Morristown. Looking to try someplace new. 15-20 minutes away is fine. Thanks
  10. Horn63

    09/20/18 PM Check-in ***BUCK DOWN PIX ADDED***

    Out in zone 11. Second sit of the year. Looking for my doe.
  11. Horn63

    The Greek EAD & EAB (now I’m bored)

    Nice job George!
  12. Horn63

    9/14 - Check In

    I am heading out this afternoon in zone 11. It will be my first hunt with my new Triax. Hoping to break it in.
  13. Horn63

    Car leasing advice

    Yea and you know what it is my ex wife and I don't really want to deal with it!
  14. Horn63

    Car leasing advice

    Thanks guys. I guess I have to play the game with them!
  15. Horn63

    Car leasing advice

    My wife wants to lease a new suv. I have never leased a vehicle before. What little dealer tricks should I look out for? How much should fees like "bank fees" and "motor vehicle fees" be? Cars price is about 50k if that matters. Thanks guys