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  1. Nope, along East Saddle River Road near the border of Saddle River and Upper Saddle River
  2. They are in Saddle River. went for a bike ride today and there were a bunch gobbling their heads off. Nice BIG toms too. As for me, I'm waiting for May and NY season.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone, and thanks for the compliments on the shots.
  4. Thanks, I was initially thinking coopers when I saw it... but it seemed a bit too 'stocky' and like Bonefreak mentioned I thought the tail just seemed a little too short. I was then also on the immature red-shouldered path like Buck154. But I just don't have enough experience with hawks to tell. Looking forward to seeing what other suggestions come in. Not that it's relevant to the ID, but just as an FYI, I saw this guy while I was setting up on a bank to photograph some rafts of Ring Neck ducks just over the border in Rockland County NY.
  5. Was out today and took some pics of this guy and I'm not sure what he is. I did a little internet searching.... but that only left me more confused. So I was hoping some of our NJWW experts could help out. Thanks in advance.
  6. True in absolute numbers those are high, but those states also have very high relative populations in general so of course the numbers are going to be bigger even if they had 'welfare' recipients at the same or lower rate of general welfare occurrence, and while you are correct that the "Fed" kicks in a portion of those payments... where did the feds get the money from in the first place. So for California (since it is at the top of the list) if you look at it at it's highest level of aggregation, California is actually a slight net contributor to the Federal Gov't (pretty close to break-even actually). So while they get a healthy amount of money from the feds... they also contribute more than they take, in effect they are just getting their money back. The NY office of the controller usually does a state balance of payments with the Federal Gov't report which includes all the states' data and ranks the states by contribution to the feds. It also includes a much finer detail of the gross and per capita amounts for revenue and expenditures. For fiscal year 2017 they calculated that 11 states are net contributors to the federal coffers, led by NJ (on both a total and per capita basis) The report is here https://www.osc.state.ny.us/reports/budget/2018/federal-budget-fiscal-year-2017.pdf As with all data, there are many ways to look at it and interpret it, and of course there are many nuances which aren't always captured by the figures, but just thought this was interesting and would pass it on.
  7. Plenty of public waterfowl options within striking distance of Bergen and appropriate to use a kayak or canoe in. For years I only did walk in or canoe in hunting. Check out the list of WMAs and you'll see several options in Morris, and Sussex. I even think there is a list on the DEP site which indicates which WMA's and state forests have waterfowl hunting opportunities, at least there used to be. In Bergen, there are some towns with public waterfowl spots, BUT... you really have to do your homework to find them and you will have to register yourself and your gun with the police in those towns to get a free permit. And if your thinking of going on the weekend, somebody (not me) has already beaten you to the spot. So it's possible but its much easier, in many ways, just to drive to Morris or Sussex which is what I did/do. If you get a NY license, there are some opportunities from just across the border all the way up to Stewart (which is about the same as driving out to Sussex from Bergen) AND, then there is the Sawmill... So I don't think Ithaca's comment was directed at Kayak/Canoe hunting in general, I think its directed at Kayak/Canoe hunting the Sawmill and I do agree with him. Before I had my John boat I thought I'd start hunting it with my canoe and did a bunch of summertime trips with my Canoe to get the "lay of the land", but ultimately I decided against it. The problem is that you get this sense of security since in the warmer months they actually rent canoes and Kayaks for you to paddle around the sawmill. But when duck season rolls around, it's a different situation all together. You could probably get away with it in the first split and maybe for the first week or two of the second (On really nice days in early November I've seen seakayakers in drysuits paddling the Hackensack), but you'll really need to mind the tides and wind (particularly the wind). I'm not going to tell you not to do it because I do know some guys that hunt it with small kayak like boats and everyone has to make their own decisions.. but I wouldn't recommend it particularly if you are new to both kayaking and duck hunting. If you google duck hunting the sawmill, you'll see this has been an oft discussed topic and you'll find out all you need to know. Hope this helps. Good Luck.
  8. When I go out to the marsh duck hunting early in the morning, several times I've run into guys at the ramp feeding the cats. They put out food, stick around and watch them with their headlights. When the cats are pretty much done, they clean up the dishes and whatnot, and head out. I'm fairly certain it's illegal in that town and also fairly certain no knows (or cares) they do it since it's done under cover of dark.
  9. I'm no expert, but I do put in a few thousand miles a year riding bikes. So take the following for what it's worth. First off, the answer will depend on in which manner the seat is killing you (chafing, soreness on the 'taint, soreness on the back of buttocks, ….). When riding for exercise and 'cranking out' some power, I find less is more in the seat comfort arena and I have very low profile unpadded seats on my mountain bike and road bikes (which would sound counter-intuitive to most people). Too me that seat looks a bit bulky for my tastes for anything other than a gentle cruise around town. With that said, you may want to try wearing a padded bib-short before going nuts on buying new seats. If you're concerned about looks, they have some nice mountain bike shorts that look like regular shorts. As with anything, you get what you pay for, but I'm pretty sure you can get a cheap pair at Dicks or someplace like that just to see if there is some improvement.
  10. Bergenguy

    Is It Fair?

    I believe that if they want to be registered as a thoroughbred in the US (and race in the US), foals need to be bred through live cover, per the "Jockey Club" They mitigate the risk of a kick from an unwilling mare by using a stand-in stallion with his junk covered by a barrier. If she is deemed to be receptive and doesn't kick the stand-in off, they remove him and bring in the prize stallion. Being the stand-in has to be the worst job in the world... eternal blue balls.
  11. I have a Weber 6 burner for grilling that I bought in 2002 and it is still going strong. Customer service and warranty replacements have been outstanding. Prior to that, I had a big box grill which lasted all of three seasons. The Weber was pricey at the time, but it owes me nothing now. (BTW. I do take care of it. Yearly cleaning and keep it covered in the winter. If you just buy a grill, stick it in the back yard and let it sit without any TLC... any brand grill will ultimately fall apart) For smoking I have a Johnson Custom 2D patio. My business partner has a big green egg and loves it.... but if a weber strikes you as a budget buster, the green egg is also probably out. My personal preference is to get something that does one thing really well (and maybe another on occasion). Ie. my weber gasser is great for partys and has plenty of grill space for big cooks. On occasion I would use the smoker box to do some BBQ smoking. But once I got serious into BBQ and smoking, I got the dedicated smoker. And while I can put charcoal trays in my smoker to grill.... I rarely do as it just doesn't grill as well as my grill. IF you want something that does grilling and smoking on a budget, my two suggestions are either a Weber Kettle or an Upright Drum Smoker (UDS).. no gas option on those though. I've seen a fair amount of OK Joe chatter both positive and negative on the BBQ forums, so may want to check some of them out. One thing to distinguish on reviews is pre-Charbroil buyout vs. post. The general consensus is that you can't compare units (reviews) from before Charbroil bought OK Joe to the units built after the buyout (early 2000s? I believe) Either way, guys turnout great food on all kinds of stuff. It's just a matter of knowing your equipment. Good Luck.
  12. Ha! Thanks for pointing that out. I actually hadn't even noticed. That small fish is really dwarfed by those massive talons. I'll have to update the tags in my lightroom collection. I do like pics of birds with fish, although it's usually easier to see them with Ospreys :-)
  13. I had been trying this winter to get some decent Bald Eagle shots, but it never worked out. Well I was out with the camera and Bald Eagles weren't even on my radar.... but then this guy shows up. Seems like when you're trying to get them it just never works out, and then one day you get a pleasant surprise. Never can get enough of looking at these guys.
  14. Thanks, These were taken with a Nikon D500 and Nikkor 200-500 f5.6
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