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    10' Pelican Kayak (has been claimed) Tuck K2 (21 Speed) Mountain Bike (has been claimed) Nomad Trailer Hitch Bicycle Carrier (has been claimed) Nomad Clay Thrower (has been claimed) gonefishing Location 07461 PM if want an item.
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    Check out Unabomber as well.
  3. Just bought it a couple of weeks ago and only driven it around town due to the current social issues going on. Still on the first tank of gas, so no real gauge for mileage yet. As far as power goes, it's a beast!!!! 10 speed transmission is very smooth. Hardly even feel gear shifting it just keeps pulling / accelerating strong even @ half throttle. So far, I couldn't be happier with it. It's not my everyday driver and I'm not towing anything to heavy so I believe I made the correct choice with the gas as compared to spending the extra $$$$ for the diesel.
  4. Does anyone have any experience or input on color blind glasses. There are many different brands and options available online. I struggle severely with reds and greens making blood trail tracking nearly impossible (I know just make a better shot so they don't run far). I am lucky enough to have some good friends that always help me track but I am looking at these glasses as a possible solution to my issue. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated before I waste money on something that doesn't work. Thanks in advance
  5. Can you use a bow in this extended bear season today???
  6. Broad head selection is a matter of opinion. When opinions are involved there will never be a conclusive outcome. I say shoot what makes you comfortable and flies well from your weapon of choice. The important thing is practice. ALL heads will do the job with the correct shot placement. Just having a clear shot is not enough IMO. The shot needs to be perfect and at a lethal angle. If not, enjoy the view and wait for another day.
  7. https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Wallkill_River/visit/hunting.html Federal Land Sussex County
  8. Sold (Pending funds and pickup) to Redman
  9. P.M.'s answered. This is pick up only. Delivery is not available.
  10. Kenny It will not fit 2 ATV's unless they are very small (like 90cc). It fit my 450cc 4X4 quad with room to spare, but not enough for a second machine.
  11. BowInvader13 If you are a serious buyer I could take it out of the garage and provide more pictures. The link was to show exactly what trailer it is and to prove it's a good value at the price I have listed. I am not sure what adding more pictures would do at this point.( I would assume you know what a trailer looks like) If you are serious P.M. me your # and your more then welcome to come take a look at it. I do not need to sell it. I do not use it anymore and was offering it to a fellow outdoorsman at a very fair price. If I was looking for more out of it, it would be on Craigsl
  12. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/carry-on-trailer-4-ft-x-7-ft-open-mesh-floor-utility-trailer?cm_vc=IOPDP1
  13. Tires are 4.80-12" Your welcome to come take a look at it. P.M. me you # and I'll give you a call.
  14. Location is listed. 07461 (Sussex ,NJ) Yes I have title
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