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  1. Residential is different than commercial when it comes to contracts mainly due to the fact that its much more of a pain. With that being said I found it easier to go on a “per push” charge. Meaning 1 flat rate to do said property. 2” of snow may only take 1 visit while 12” may take 2 or 3. Now as far as price every property may be different based on the area your in. What’s the street condition? How much of the driveway do cars take up? Is there a sidewalk? Does the city push snow onto the walk? Is there a lot of steps? And what is your time worth to you?
  2. Yea it's the compact and there's several hundred rounds through it. When I bought it I would take it out but now I mainly only shoot my 40's
  3. Not sure how to attach photos on here if you want I can email them to you
  4. I'm at work right now. When I get home I'll post pictures of everything
  5. Looking to sell my Springfield XD .45 compact. Great shooting gun and comes with everything that I bought It with (2 mags, holster, mag holster, and case). Only selling because I don't use it and I'm looking to pick up a G27. $450 or bestoffer
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