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  1. Ate dinner with my family at Carmine’s with my buddy and his wife and kids. Changed plans hit a off the beaten path pond for some bass. Kids all caught bass, and even a big snapper. And I got one nice bass.
  2. Grew up fishing it my whole life with my grandpa when he was alive , fall jigging was amazing easy 60 perch mixed with crappie and bass and pickerel in one outing. From shore always hit or miss. I’m size 10.5” this crappy 3 years ago was bigger than my shoe.
  3. I’m that people but when I fill my work van I’m out before it’s done anyway. But I don’t buy subs and stuff just maybe a coffee. I’m considerate of other people.
  4. Headed with with the kids and my friends and their kids this weekend. Figure set em up with nightcrawlers and herring. Hoping to catch some crappie, bass, perch, or pickerel from shore.
  5. Out of all the pics I have of him, this is the first time it’s been clear he’s been hit before.
  6. This weird buck, I’m unsure is it an arrow wound? Just got a good pic.
  7. The polycarbonate version. Nice and simple good break over too.
  8. I used a primos one that I really liked plastic but made perfect sounds.
  9. Way to go, sounds like a good day in the books!
  10. I just figured if they were hunting my stands. I’d shoot the first buck if he appeared before them 😂
  11. Last year 6 day, got to my spot 15 vehicles what a joke. Guys waving me off not to hunt. Parked walked to my stand. I got two stands within view of each other 50 yards max. I come walking up orange in both stands. Loaded up with 00 buckshot. Sat on a falling tree right between them. They saw nothing on the drive after they left hunted my stand and had a button buck come out that all season I wouldn’t shoot. I’m sure they would have popped him if given the chance. But it’s public land. Guy steal my cam that’s sucks but fine. Steals my stand better believe I’ll just hunt from the ground. Won’t stop me from hunting. I don’t buy any stand or camera of value because some people are scumbags. Do I chain my stands and make it harder yeah. Why? my grandpa told me years ago, you lock your car doors to keep people honest. Some people steal because it’s easy but with precaution it’ll prevent most but if someone really wants your stuff it’s gone. you can’t guard your stuff on public land 24/7
  12. I have a Roku, run Netflix, hulu, and some kids Disney shows. Once in a while rent a new movie off Fandango but all part of the roku.
  13. Last year a guy stole my SD card, put a lock box on my cam no issues since. But wasn’t too worried Could have stole my cam but left the cam. Which makes me think another hunter. But never had an issue after the first time.
  14. Way to go, looks like a lot of fun. I fished saltwater once as a kid and caught a dog fish that was it for me lol
  15. Ryanm

    Big Body

    Nice pics, I just dumped deer cane out the other day to see how it works!
  16. In all honesty beautiful pics. My wife used to use a sigma telephoto 150-600mm.
  17. I was going for beauty but I’ll settle for the beast....😂
  18. Put me in a stand tell me which one you want gone. Gotta wait until the rut though got a early bow target 😂😂
  19. What, where’s a pic of me????
  20. Thanks everyone it’s my opening day doe spot. I had a nice winter bow buck that never got a shot at, hoping he reshows this year. He would come in 10-15 minutes after LST.
  21. Soybeans are growing well, somehow must have corn seed mixed in got two stalks growing. Deer have been hitting soybeans but they’re forage soybeans and growing back well. I hate that I got weeds growing in my plot but kinda late to do anything about it. Doesn’t seem to be hurting the beans. Soybeans are all mixed in the weeds and growing though.
  22. Nice looking buck, good luck this season
  23. Freshened mine up yesterday. trophy rock in the center
  24. Ryanm

    Trail Cam pics

    I still think that’s a cool buck. Too bad other side didn’t match
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