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  1. Ryanm

    Tom the butcher

    Hunterdon Deer Butcher, Jimmy is a great guy, only butcher I know that helps get the deer out of your truck, clean cuts, and a perfectionist when it comes to butchering. Jalapeño and cheese bologna is to die for and I love the breakfast sausage. 51 Old Franklin School Rd, Pittstown, New Jersey 08867 (908) 797-2315
  2. Ryanm

    Tom the butcher

    No that’s extremely high. I didn’t have a choice and didn’t want meat to spoil and they had late night drop off.
  3. Ryanm

    Tom the butcher

    The place on 31 is game butchers, they cost $130 for basic cuts vacuum sealed and labeled. FYI it’s where I took my buck because Hunterdon was closed. I got a deer to pick up from Hunterdon Sunday. And if my wife gets one next weekend it’s going to Hunterdon. I posted about issues I had last year with Tom and stopped using him.
  4. Ryanm


    If you look closely this is my target buck I got, kicking a young buck right in the balls.
  5. Ryanm

    Would you rather.........

    I aim a few inches off the shoulder, gives room for error.
  6. Ryanm

    bachelor bucks groups separating

    Where I’m at in zone 8 bachelor groups split up this past weekend
  7. Ryanm

    Etiquette Question

    I shot a button fawn with another fawn Saturday afternoon, thought for sure bigger one was Mom, nope two fawns without a mom.
  8. Thanks yeah I’m excited to be using Jay for the deer and duck mount. Getting this done with my duck.
  9. Ryanm

    Still getting it done!

    Congratulations beautiful buck!
  10. Ryanm

    What do you prefer?

  11. Ryanm

    What do you prefer?

    I try to hunt open woods at edge of thickets, so I can see atleast 40-50 yards but hope for a nice 20 yard shot.
  12. Ryanm

    Anyone out in this heat today?

    Nice job Roon, I got three so far gotta take my wife out on the 29th.
  13. Ryanm

    10 Pt down...

    Congratulations nice buck man!
  14. Not as big as the one on my wall (first public land buck), but my wife dropped it off to Jersey Jays for me. Can’t wait to get it back doing a Thompson 9500 extreme sneak. Also have a nice Drake bufflehead at Jersey Jays.