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  1. Ryanm


    Good possibility, hard to tell from pics. I’ll keep an eye out though for signs.
  2. Ryanm


    That’s an awesome buck!
  3. I love trout and grilled salmon. But a tuna steak is up there!
  4. Ryanm


    Keep your genetics out of my honey hole 😂
  5. Got plenty of chop meat, steaks ran out a month or so ago. I have kielbasa and sausage though. And trout lol
  6. I took a quartering away shot at 20 yards, when I released deer turned hard quartering. Caught the femoral artery 30 yards down dead.
  7. Anyone know what this plant is? I got a ton growing in a decent area near corner of my soybean food plot never seen it before. Also if you know is a good plant for deer to forage on?
  8. Haha I’m sure she’ll have plenty and be a heartbreaker. I try to spoil her, poor guy when he finally dates her won’t know what he’s getting a himself into lol
  9. My baby Adelyn turned 4 today
  10. Had the pleasure of meeting Allman yesterday, great guy. Boats a beauty I’m excited for duck season
  11. I used to catch snakes as a kid now I want nothing to do with them lol
  12. Ryanm

    Friend dying of cancer

    It was originally lung cancer then everything was going great and they said the cancer spread to the bone. I don’t if there’s different types of bone cancers all I know is he was in a hospital for a few weeks then was home on hospice for his last few days.
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