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  1. I got a spot on the musky when the water level drops some I catch them all day on hot dog pieces. Never tried eating them though. Haven’t caught one in a year though, I started avoiding fishing the spot because there are so many.
  2. Not gonna say where on here, but called a check in station once that was closing local, I said I’m not freezing my bird gotta clean it. I took a pic put it on a digital scale with weight and brought beard and spurrs in and checked in next day. No issue with them. Legal or not idk 😂
  3. Just had 2 birds come in, 12 yards see an 8-9” beard clear shot....it’s a hen gray head both friggen hens ughh
  4. Out in 9, had 3 hens come through no gobblers heard yet.
  5. They’re a sister company of Big Brown Fish and Pay Lake I believe, never been to Big Brown but the place in Cresco isn’t crazy crowded at least the two times I’ve been. The preserve all I saw was Golden’s and rainbows. Big brown may have a better selection of trout ect.
  6. Thank you! She’s 3 turning 4 big for her age, sweet as can be, but a rebel when she wants to be lol.
  7. It’s hard to try and all go to the river at once with a 10 month old. So it was a good option.
  8. Took my family out to Paradise Trout Fishing preserve out in Cresco Pa today to celebrate my stepsons 11th birthday on Wednesday. Caught enough trout for the summer. A lot of laughs and smiles.Nice place, very friendly staff. Always a good time!
  9. 23.5lbs eastern jersey. Beard was 8.5” spurs weren’t the best.
  10. Couldn’t agree more! Didn’t realize the pay back part though.
  11. All you caught was a peep I see 😂
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