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  1. Ryanm

    Best wind indicators?

    My cigs 😂
  2. Ryanm

    Admit it...Who is addicted to it?

    I like to check on my break at work, since I’m at work and not hunting nice to see how other people’s hunts are going
  3. Ryanm

    Older deer?

    October 27th is when he first showed usually hits my bait a few times a night.
  4. Ryanm

    Older deer?

    Unfortunately only have a few day pics. I notice the bump on his back and belly sag. Hard to tell to be honest.
  5. Ryanm

    Older deer?

    Never seen a deer with a face colored like this, what’s your opinion older deer? id like to get him during gun season if he sticks around
  6. Ryanm

    Roons trout spot

    Exactly, my wife doesn’t eat fish, but me and my daughter love trout on the grill.
  7. Ryanm

    Veterans Day Buck Down!!!

    Congrats, nice buck!
  8. Ryanm

    Roons trout spot

    Well hit Roons trout spot today, I call it his spot cuz in the summer I always see him there and he out fishes me lol since I’m tagged out on a buck figured I’d try some fall trout fishing biggest was 15” middle fatty was 12” and small one 10” gut hooked (why I kept it) my three year old will be happy I have some fresh trout for the grill
  9. I have my 119” 8 pointer mounted I shot in 2016 it was my first big buck. I shot an 86” 7 pointer this year first on public land, it was a liver/gut shot in the rain, I tracked him for 300 yards for two hours and my buddy came out and helped me drag him out at 9pm at night, that ones going on the wall. My wife went on her first deer hunt ever with me this year and shot a scrub 5 and that one is also being mounted. I guess mounts have to do more with sentimental value to me. If I went out west and shot a pronghorn or a mule deer regardless of size I would get them mounted as well.
  10. Ryanm

    My Biggest bow buck

    Nice buck, congratulations!
  11. Ryanm

    I am crushed

    Couldn’t have said it any better. My grandpa used to take all sorts of shots I don’t take. It was common neck shots with a bow ect. I rather just wait for a quartering away or broadside shot. More room for error. My first bow season lost two bucks and one doe. Haven’t lost a deer since but now I don’t take shots that are small percentage shots and I don’t personally shoot over 20 yards. Can I group good to 40 yards sure, but I’ve killed every bow deer within 20 yards.
  12. Ryanm

    Need Opinions Help!

    With the tracker you’ll find him in the morning. Good luck post pics of the recovery.
  13. Ryanm

    Need Opinions Help!

    Depends on where you hit, did you hear a crash? I took a quartering away shot Sunday, the deer turned more hArd quartering away and shot back further than I wanted. Deer was down in 40 yards no pass through no blood trail, but heard a crash in five seconds. I hit the femoral artery or possibly aorta.
  14. congratulations! That must have been an awesome experience out there!
  15. Ryanm

    Antlered or Antlerless?

    Antlered it’s greater than 3”. Smart move passing. might be 6” one side 4” other or even 5” one side and 3” other but still considered an antlered buck.