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  1. Congratulations on a beautiful buck!
  2. Good luck I’m out in zone 8 hunting for a buck but may take a second doe tonight. Sweating bullets right now
  3. I know you can on the 125 grain. I just figure any chance of a failure I try to lesson on my part. Some people feel that’s overboard maybe. But I remember my first season losing 2 deer and never again. After that changed the bolts I was using too. Used to use the 20” wolverine ones from Walmart but they didn’t always fly true which I noticed at the range. Started using blood sports a few years back and been happy with them since.
  4. I can’t believe she made it that far. Usually it looks like a water fountain spilling out their sides. I don’t reuse any of my broadheads that’s me personally.
  5. Had a young 5 point spook and realized I had a bear about 80 yards downhill never came in. Then I had 2 does and 2 fawns come out feeding to 15 yards. I’ll be back out in the AM.
  6. I’ve had nice double lungs with swhackers where the deer didn’t even know they were hit and a few seconds later take off. I’ve had others run right away . But never get far with a good double lung, usually 40 max. Have seen some make it 60 yards though.
  7. Me personally yeah, ideally you’d wanna be as close as possible to the shoulder. I leave a little room for error.
  8. Oh well that’s why I said hard quartering not a slight angle quartering a little more extreme had to make the shot fast as the doe was turning to spook out of there. I don’t shoot past 20 yards wouldn’t take a shot on a deer like that at 30 yards for sure.
  9. Thanks just gonna enjoy myself and relax out there. Spend sometime practicing soccer with my daughter tomorrow go to the park. Then in stand by 3pm. I got a nice 4 point piebald id like to get but who knows if a nice mature buck will show.
  10. Hard quartering arrow went into lungs 35 yards down. That’s a perfect shot in my books. Middle pic is just how i turned the deer showing entrance wound. The shot was not broadside. Technically I hit liver and lungs.
  11. Set up new spot today, hunting it tomorrow afternoon.
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