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  1. I use a butcher, all my ground venison is not mixed with any pork fat or beef. Make tacos, meatballs, throw it in lasagna or ziti, even burgers. Egg and bread crumb for meatballs or burgers. I know my specialties I order like kielbasa and sausage are mixed though.
  2. Still too early for scouting...
  3. It was nice getting out because I got a 3rd kid on the way and may not get out at all next year. Breasted the Brant and Buffy and froze, gonna try a jalapeño pepper bacon recipe from a buddy. He soaks in buttermilk for a night then a marinade for a day then does the rest. Also heard some guys make crab cakes out of buffies but didn’t get enough to try that.
  4. Drove 3 hours down to cape May around 3:30am, got set up missed a few buffies it was almost slack high tide, windy and really choppy, moved to a spot to hunt divers and Brant on a eel grass flat long line got tangled in the motor, had to paddle and drift with the wind, got to a spot dragged boat up on shore and cut the line and fixed the decoys . Got one hen buffie, had a flock of 4 Brant decoy into to my diver decoys and doubled up, then missed some mergansers and one old squaw caught me by surprise. Also took some pics of Brant coming in to the dekes. Had a lot of fun and it was a nice relaxing hunt for the most part.
  5. Ryanm

    Only at work

    Yeah it’s broken thought it was in person but when I went back and looked at pics guess I was seeing things lol
  6. Ryanm

    Only at work

    Strange rack looks broken in some pics but was a solid 8.
  7. Ryanm

    Only at work

    Walked up to 15 yards in Tenafly looked like he was hurting when he got up probably lost a fight.
  8. Take that pic door to door a neighbor will identify him.
  9. Congratulations great story and nice buck!
  10. I’m on call for work lol. Lucky I got out New Year’s Day.
  11. Which ones? Never mind I saw can’t believe I missed hen mallard lol. and harlequin I was skeptical and didn’t wanna google to verify that’s why I went with hen old squaw lol
  12. hen redhead 3 drake ringnecks Common merganser black duck drake old squaw Drake widgeon black duck drake wood duck common scoter hen golden eye drake blue bill gadwall flock of pintails hen bufflehead red breasted merganser drake drake hooded merganser surf scoter hen old squaw drake common eider drake ruddy duck hen shoveler think I got them all...
  13. I usually try to clip them with my Jeep first before I finish them off.
  14. Congratulations to the hunter, a beautiful buck!
  15. Not me. Only got does and small bucks currently on cam waiting for colder weather.
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