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  1. I took my stepson to a fishing contest Roxbury fishing derby. I watched a younger kid maybe 13 catch a fish before the legal starting time. And he ran up as soon as the contest started with his bass. And of course this kid was casting all over for a bite and his father didn’t even care. I had to explain to my step son that there’s rules to follow and better to be honest instead of a cheater. I don’t know if the kid won anything. I thought about saying something at the beginning but wasn’t there for drama just wanted to have a good time with my stepson so knew it wasn’t worth it.
  2. If you double lunged that deer no way it’s going 700 yards. But congrats on the recovery and sticking with it, a long distance to track!
  3. They state he asked multiple property owners to search their property. Doesn’t say how far the deer went, was the deer pushed ect. He was probably hunting the border of public land.
  4. Saw they started a go fund me page for a replica what a friggen joke. Goes into detail how many properties he was granted permission to search on. Who would want a replica of the deer they didn’t recover.
  5. I know a friend her baby died at 22 weeks now instead of aborting the dead fetus she was forced to carry to term and delivery a dead fetus. Also I’d a woman is raped say your daughter or wife, and she’s pregnant she shouldn’t have the option to abort? She should.
  6. I don’t follow politics to much, I do support trump. But what’s with all the misinformation about abortions? Everyone complained about NYs law. They changed it so after 24 weeks if a woman’s health was at risk, mental issues, or if the fetus was dead they could abort. Why’s everyone so sour about that? Sally down the street isn’t getting knocked up and waiting until 30 weeks to be like oh crap I don’t want a baby and aborting. Lol
  7. I’m shooting 260fps. Not fast and don’t want any type of failure on my end. And with mechanical broadheads if you don’t get all the fat and gunk out. I don’t want equipment error on my end if you understand what I’m saying. Owe the respect to the game. Last thing I want is to lose a deer because of mechanical error on my part.
  8. I don’t look for my arrows if they’re not sticking right in the ground. I don’t reuse swhacker broadheads or my bloodsport bolts. When I do find them into the quiver and then the dumpster when I get home.
  9. I’ve taken 18 deer in the last 4 seasons with the swhacker 125 grain no issues no lost deer. Shoot just like field tips. I don’t ever look for my arrows. 90% of the time they’re sticking in the ground right where you hit the deer. If you make a poor shot they’ll fall out on the blood trail. It’s usually user error. I’m also shooting 260fps so wouldn’t say fast either.
  10. If you’re hunting a field edge or in a hedgerow. Make sure you pick a spot where you’re in range of the tops of the trees low hedgerow ect. Also when the lead scout crow comes in solo first take him out. Usually flies right in range. If you miss he usually perches at distances warning other crows.
  11. Ryanm

    Bird ID

    I’ll have to wait until September usually when I get 100s of them out of nowhere
  12. Ryanm

    Bird ID

    These birds I thought were ravens sorry not best pics. Didn’t have any others. Also thought it was near a bearded hen on cam. Have like 16 turkeys coming in together.
  13. Ramsey’s is way over priced normally so with sales, what are they at average price for items now
  14. A lot of people complain they revived the ODed guy. I’m glad they did why let him die not knowing that he did. Now he has to live with it and face the punishment. It’s a shame for the families effected by it.
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