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  1. Fired 1 time. $1200 or BO ...PM me....Morris or Sussex County Pickup Thanks
  2. You sure Clemenza didn't have a hand in this?
  3. Did it once ..right thru the breast bone on a dopey doe..went to look for arrow...couldn't find it..gutted it and there it was..ran 10 yds
  4. I want him not bear...they share the corn
  5. Yes it is amazing the quality and quantity..especially around zanesville it is heavily hunted. Well I will be going back as a guest on totally different private property in the center of the state. My host sent me this
  6. Hi everyone Just joined here today from other site where I was member 233...see ya later alligator.. To start off my first post... my buck from Ohio last year. Woods look dense and full...plenty of food should result in a healthy herd.
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