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  1. Doesn't make too much sense with so many departments buying/using Ford patrol vehicles. I would thing all the agencies across the US buy more Ford vehicles than BLM.
  2. I have them at my farm in KY. If they are small I cut them at the ground and spray them with diesel and triclopyr. If they are large I use a hatchet and cut a few pockets around the trunk. I then spray them with a mixture of diesel and Triclopyr.
  3. Archer 36 is correct. Under Federal Law it is not considered a firearm and no Federal 4473 or NICS is needed. However in the state of New Jersey it is considered a firearm and a State of New Jersey Certificate of Eligibility must be filed, no NICS check just like a pellet of BB rifle. As well as having a FID and DL with matching address. If you do not believe me call the NJSP FIU at 609-882-2000 x2060.
  4. I did see the Sturgis video. Thats why I wanted to try it. I have a 1/2 acre that I planted winter wheat in last September. At the end of April I increased it to 1 acre and I have a mix I got from Hancock seed (oats, rye, clover, wheat) I want to plant in the fall using the throw and go method. I am putting the Buckwheat in next week as a builder.
  5. I ordered 150 lbs of Buckwheat from Growmark they say they will have it tomorrow. I have a 200+ acre parcel of land that I lease out 50 acres for ag corn/beans to a local farmer. The rest is wooded except for a 4 acre area I am building a house and pole barn. I have 2 other foodplots on the land and I am making a third that is about an acre. I want to try throw and go on this new plot. I sprayed and cut it. I am going to throw the buckwheat in to help build the soil and plant a blend come August/Sept. And yes I did a soil test, and added lime and fert. It was cheaper do have ag lime done at
  6. Deercreek looked good but the free shipping is for 25lbs or less. I have a 1 acre field that I wanted to put some Buckwheat in and that will take at least 100 lbs.
  7. I am in East Brunswick, NJ. Checked locally but didn't pan out. I ordered from Merrit before for their Hillcrest Trail Mix for around my cabin. Stuff worked great better than any grass seed I could buy. But to buy 100 pound of buckwheat for 90.00 and then spend 70 for shipping gets expensive quick.
  8. Does anyone know a place in NJ where I could buy cover crop/food plot seed. I'm thinking of things like buckwheat, winterwheat, and oats? Everything I find has to be ordered online and shipping is a killer. Looking for larger amounts 50lb bags.
  9. Keep checking Craigs list for that area you may get lucky.
  10. jwalsh

    Chainsaw Help

    If you don't use your chainsaw frequently spend the money and buy the True Fuel for it. It is a canned pre-mixed non-ethanol fuel that doesn't gum up the carb or eat the rubber hoses. Of course you need to get yours working first. When I bought my new Husky three years ago I started using it and I have never had a problem starting it.
  11. I'm not sure what happened but the post posted on it's own before I finished typing. Anyway I'm farm exempt. My property taxes are 660.00 per year. You read it right. I am 20 minutes from a main town that has shopping, 50 minutes from Bowling Green that has everything imaginable. 1 hour 20 minutes from Nashville I lease out 60 acres to a local farmer who alternates corn and soybeans, I collect money for doing nothing. My neighbors are friendly, helpful and polite as are everyone I've encountered. Gas and food are cheaper. The first 41,000 of my pension is tax
  12. I'm not sure why Kentucky is listed as dead last. I retired in 2017 after 25 years and did a lot of looking around. I ended up buying a 205 acre farm in south central Kentucky that has a 900 square foot cabin on it.
  13. Guys, In New Jersey you cannot have a semi-automatic shotgun with a pistol grip or thumbhole stock. Here is the New Jersey State Police Link. https://www.state.nj.us/njsp/info/pdf/firearms/njac-title13-3. A semi-automatic shotgun with either a magazine capacity exceeding six rounds, a folding stock or a pistol grip; or a semi-automatic rifle with a fixed magazine capacity exceeding 15 rounds. For purposes of this paragraph, "semi-automatic" means a firearm which fires a single projectile for each pull of the trigger and is self-reloading or automatically chambers a round, cartri
  14. Yes the online check in is convenient but I do miss the old metal tags. I Euro many of my heads and liked hanging the tag on the antler. Now I shove the paper tag where the spine was.
  15. Dominic at WAACD is a good guy and knows his stuff around bows. Yes it is more of a hobby business for him, his bread and butter is the tire business next door. Guys need to realize he is a small shop. If you buy your bow online because you "got a great price" and bring it to Dominic to set up you are going to pay for his time.
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