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  1. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #2 is a winner in my book. Lots of good ones above tho! https://www.cigarsinternational.com/mobile/p/arturo-fuente-don-carlos-cigars/1410627/
  2. Jay is the man, he’s done over a dozen for me and my buddies. He’s an artist.
  3. Milk and Honey for breakfast in the Gulch is great and I swear I had the best margarita of my life at Bakersfield in the downtown area. Have fun!
  4. Looks like a great day!! Couldn’t agree more with the quality of the birds this year. Every bird I’ve taken has been big and healthy. Seems like the state made the right decision.
  5. What is capone’s natural personality? Is he usually a bold, independent pup? I wouldn’t worry too much. Take him out again and see what happens. If he does the same thing, encourage him to hunt and walk like nothing is wrong. Hopefully he warms up and catches a scent that distracts him and he’s back to normal. Good luck this season!!
  6. Happy birthday!! Hangover on Veterans Day is Marine Corps tradition!
  7. Confession time, enlisted, got married and told my parents a year afterward. F’n marines, lol
  8. Good looking pup, enjoy the first year. It’s a lot of fun watching them figure things out.
  9. That’s a great fish. I miss my enlisted days chasing trout and reds in the tidal creeks of NC and GA. Tell him to keep up the good work.
  10. I carry most of the same as already listed. My most used item especially this time of year is eye wash. My pup’s eyes are great at collecting seeds. Great thread.
  11. A tired dog is a good dog!! Nice job getting him out there and doing right by him.
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