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  1. Found a couple of Bucks at Dorbrook. They are everywhere - but I saw one reading the signs at the parking lot. Hopefully they hang around...
  2. Jersey Bucks representing this year... 9/2/18 - top secret spot in Monmouth County NJ very near Dorbrook park. ;-)
  3. He's still handing around. Wacky rack dude sniffs me out. 9/2/18
  4. In my last post, I meant to add this shot - check out the atypical rack on the left buck. He was hanging with the guy on the right, and another pair of big bucks were just to the right of the treeline on screen right. Big racks growing this year...
  5. Two pair of Bucks spotted last Wednesday - well fed and looking healthy. Too early for Buck fever? ;-)
  6. Signs everywhere to the contrary. Wonder if they ever have special days there.
  7. While driving down to Fishing Beach on the day before the big snowstorm, this guy and two others were eating just off the side of the road. Didn't care I was driving by in my truck - or when I took out my camera to grab some shots of this old dude.
  8. I've seen pictures of a Snowy Owl eating a white winged scoter. There are so many of them for the Owls to dine on.
  9. Snowy Owl at the Jersey Shore this Christmas Eve 2017.
  10. Big Poppy out for a jog in Colts Neck, NJ on Halloween 2017. Big Azz 10 pointer was spooked not by me, but by a hiker with two big dogs that came around the corner as I was pointing my camera at him and his Doe friend. ;-)
  11. How many can you take at once in Jersey? These 5 were lined up almost side by side at one point. (And Yes - this was taken in Sandy Hook NJ.)
  12. Hiking last week, came around a corner and saw this 6 pointer with head down munching away. I crept closer and he spotted me. Instead of running he just put his head back down and continued eating. Moments later I found out why he was being so nonchalant. 2 Big boys popped their heads out of the thick cover. The biggest stomped a couple times and just stared me down for the longest time. Just as I started to wonder if I would become one of those viral video guys, armed only with a pocket knife and a camera, who gets stomped to death by a wild bachelor group of big NJ bucks, ;-) All three turned and bolted outta there. Wow.
  13. Thank you. Here's a clearer shot of the 8. He was in some good company that evening - just a few days ago actually. This would have been the money shot. Also here is a shot later that day of one of his buddies and an atypical 10 pointer - 6 on one side, 4 on the other. Same area. Thanks again. Great site.
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