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  1. Pete and Elders in Neptune great pizza
  2. When I retire I would like to drive around the US and see the country. During that time I would like to drive to Alaska can I drive through Canada with a handgun in my vehicle?
  3. So what is the best sharpener? LOL Have a Merry Christmas to ALL.
  4. Out in 16 dead no movement at all
  5. That looks like one comfortable stand!!! Looks like your hunting from your attic . Good Luck to all I will be out in 17 for afternoon hunt
  6. Can I leave blackhorn in my ML for a week will it be corrosive or any harm to my ML. I left it in over night but was wondering if a week would be to long?
  7. I need my leaf blower repaired Im in Wayne can you give his name and number. TY
  8. Thanksfor the info I will look into them
  9. Are any of these products made in the USA. All these hunting companys sell 99% of there products here but do not manufacture any of them here. I try to buy American made sure gets hard with colthing and boots.
  10. outlander

    Bucks sparring

    Can you rattle bucks in this time of year or only during the rut?
  11. Why do you need them do they get you a tax break or do they make your land more huntable never heard of a forester I dont own hunting property would like to some day
  12. Thank You Bucksnbows .I tried to contact of TnG a couple of times that was weeks ago no answer bad coustomer service Evolved products the Parent company of Throw n Grow did not answer either I posted here 10 minutes later I have two answers I put it down for a test to see what it looks like and if the deer will feed on it . Next year I will try it where I can hunt over it probably a different brand. No discharge law here so just watching and feeding. aAdoe and two fawns ate almost 30 lbs of corn out of my feed this could get expensive Thanks again
  13. Thanks Rutting Buck I have not seen the deer eating it yet
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