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  1. Pics to a previous post.
  2. Pics to my Post.  




  3. On my way home from trout fishing today seen this Gobbler at the train stop in NorthBranch. Funny stuff. He was pecking at the glass and garbage can like crazy.
  4. 2019 CamAm Defender, love the thing.
  5. Congrats Tom. Beautiful buck. Happy you connected and closed the deal.
  6. Dan, bought the same pair in HD while in Illinois for the gun season. Forgot to bring mine and knew I needed a pair. Tom Cook drove me to a Farmers store that sold everything. Salesman said I wouldn’t be disappointed. Got them for $129 with a Military discount. Love them.
  7. Great wood stove. I also have the same one and heat my basement with it. Once you dial in the air damper and use good wood, she burns excellent. Good luck with the sale.
  8. Congrats Tom. Did you get him from that area you mentioned yesterday? Beautiful buck.
  9. A beauty to say the least. Good luck hunting him.
  10. I live by Power Place neighbor, good luck.
  11. Was there Sunday Tuck. Only 6 nice keepers, lots of shorts.
  12. Adam, thanks again. Sorry I couldn’t make the TC conference meeting.
  13. This is a great deal, I just want it gone.
  14. At work currently. When I get home I’ll lay out the kayak and and all that comes with it. Haven’t used it in 3 years after buying a boat.
  15. I have a Hobie Adventure peddle drive with all the extras. $600 with the truck bracket for traveling. Over $2500 invested. Just don’t use it anymore. Nothing wrong with it.
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