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  1. Attitude, and behaviour towards me have much more to do with my response towards anyone. Life is hard enough without adding more stress to it on either end.....
  2. LEOs here are not for the most part Park Police or Conservation Officers so our opinions are useless. Most of us do NOT engage others while they are hunting or fishing..
  3. and also no bear spray it is currently illegal in NJ as well...
  4. I was a loss prevention supervisor at that hub as a second gig for years, place is a complete mess and disgrace. Anything electronic stood a great chance of disappearing at any given moment..
  5. My cousin lives in Canada, and is a Canadian citizen. She was turned away last night at border returning home. The company who administered the Covid test screwed up some tests, she has to be retested on our side and the process takes over 24 hrs. Too many inconsistent variables right now to gamble thousands on.
  6. Yup, the he was extremely helpful! Hope he enjoys his retirement.
  7. I think the bigger question is what kind of mushrooms did THEY pick!
  8. up high on the Gap there is a small gravestone with the inscription "the Buck Stops here"
  9. I just ordered this baby for my upcoming move to Florida. I already own a smoker but this will be used daily. Best part is a friend who retails them is giving it to me for cost as he owes me a huge favor.. Genesis® II S-435 Natural Gas Grill
  10. Good luck to those that get to hunt..
  11. Here I am 10 years later, 2 titanium cages wrapped around my vertebrae, 4 rods and 12 screws. If I had not had the surgery I would be in a wheelchair. Every case is different..
  12. This prevented the 5 very fortunate guys from taking anything but optimal shots.. yes it was quite tough to stay and repeat every year but only made me a better hunter... You have to remember we were bowhunting sometimes 20-30 feet from the rear window of a multimillion dollar mansion....
  13. Started hunting here in NJ in 1977, PA in 1973, man how I miss those days!!
  14. Places like this are devoid of the idiots that ruin it for everyone else for the most part. To be quite honest, If I wasn't leaving the State in 15-30 days I would love to get a crack at it..
  15. I hunted under similar circumstances years ago in Bernardsville, It certainly isnt for everyone. Seeing 150+ inch deer and having to pass on them was nerve shattering. I was setup sometimes 20 feet from a house, it was very strict but rewarding as far as the amount of deer I was seeing! Oh one more regulation, you wounded a deer and lost it and it wound up on someones property if they made a complaint you were done....
  16. That think looks really well made! Congrats
  17. My Point exactly.....
  18. America ruined America! Easy living makes for softer people, we have lived far longer than any major power in history without bleeding for our freedom within out shores...... Most have forgotten the price and ultimate cost of the freedoms we enjoy daily. Thus they take it for granted.........
  19. eagerly awaiting my invite, I'll bring the meat!
  20. Congrats again, or should i wait for another change!
  21. Spent Almot 30 years in Law Enforcement and you cannot tell me the moon has nothing to do with people.. The crazies comeout when the moon is full
  22. Unfortunately I don’t. I have a predator fall camo jacket in xl
  23. Pleasure was mine, be safe and blessed..
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