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  1. Yup, I am in the process of ordering a Christensen Arms 6.5 PRC and Ammo is almost impossible as are reloading components ! I actually found some online But......... $6 bucks a round!
  2. Sako, Tikka, Savage, Browning all good brands, right now there is much uncertainty with the Remington Breakup.
  3. Awesome pics, looks like a great trip! Best of luck..
  4. I do, but sometimes access to ammo is beneficial specially when traveling.
  5. I own a 300 Remington Short Ultra magnum, I am always concerned about the availability of ammo, and brass.. good news. I have been using core Lokt bullets in my 270 and 300 Wsm for many years, good stuff.
  6. I have hunted deer from South Carolina to out west and up North to Saskatchewan and everything in between, So I have a bit of experience in the matter. Arrowing a deer anywhere with a bow is not just anything anyone can do. Sitting in a blind over bait 100+ yards away with a rifle in hand is something most can do. Trying not to get picked off or winded at 30 yds is much harder anywhere you go, some of the deer in NJ walk around looking up at trees constantly. Here in NJ my stand is 25 feet high, In NY state it is 15 and less deer pick me off there than here in NJ..
  7. Wish I could say it was funny .. but it is NJ after all!
  8. I love them all, I enjoy hunting so much the day slingshot season opens I'll be out there with that!
  9. I have 18 quick Strap on Steps for sale 50.00 Firm They are like new never used, been in a box for years.. easy fast way to set up stands and remove steps. They use a quick strap on buckle, secure tight and are easy to remove. I travel Secaucus to Stillwater weekly (MEET UP)
  10. Hunted 2-1/2 days Hard, all day sits except for today 1/2 day... 8 does, a spike and a puny 3 pointer was all I saw...
  11. like I posted Davis sport shop in Sloatsburg NY has around 30 cases of 20 gauge 7.5 no limit on purchase quantity... as of 3pm this afternoon...
  12. Davis sport shop in Sloatsburg has about 35 cases of 20 gauge 7-1/2 shot in stock..
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