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  1. The further south you go into south America the better the beef, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay in particular.... https://barbecuebible.com/2016/01/15/argentina-worlds-champion-beef-eaters/
  2. while still somewhat good they are nowhere what they used to be a few years ago.
  3. pulling the trigger is intentional, the rest was complete stupidity
  4. Tough like that in many places, but Indias infrastructure is very undeveloped. We take much for granted in this Country.
  5. Mexicans in Mexico don't celebrate it unless it's in a tourist area. 5 de Mayo is an American holiday for us to drink! Similar to St Pattys..
  6. Awesome Adventure, Thanks for sharing!
  7. Joe figure this out.. Salary Minus pension 10% Minus insurance cost Minus travel expenses Minus Uniforms/Dues and other costs Minus higher federal taxes on income while working Then compare that to your pension You will see that you are working at this point for peanuts, some retirees atually see more money when retired...
  8. When The Grim reaper shows up at your house and says it's your turn but says he has collected enough for one day and he will sell you back one more year with your family, what is that year worth....
  9. Gunbroker is a sale, what are you asking for it?
  10. Yup I used those cabins for about 15 seasons it was a great bargain...
  11. Sussex County has a few remote Campgrounds where one can purchase a Park model trailer and lot for around 20-25k One particular one Mountain Shadow lakes where a buddy has one, he has a trailer that backs up to hunting property (WMA), it gets a bit busy in the summer but come fall no one is there and hunting season is actually quite nice... He walks out the back to hunt which is convenient..
  12. let's hope they find my 2 sites soon.
  13. Was on gunbroker looking for some ammo. Came across this. Wow simply speechless........MADNESS! The buy it now price is 400.00!!!!!
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