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  1. amaraziti

    Fuse 5 Pin Bow Sight

    Just upgraded to a single pin so I am selling my 5 pin. Practically new only had it on the bow for around 6 months. Very cool light up feature. $50 located in Monmouth County
  2. amaraziti

    Lots of Trapping Supplies

    Manasquan. Monmouth county
  3. amaraziti

    Lots of Trapping Supplies

    Here's what I have for sale: 2 1/2 dozen duke dps factory powder coated brown - $200 6 110 conibears - $20 Dozen size large wire coon/fox stretchers - $50 Freedom Brand wall mounted fleshing beam with all of the hardware - $50 Dozen 18in rebar stakes - $20 Couple dozen snare extension cables both 3' and 6' with quick links - $25 Two chain skinning gambrels - $10 each 48" metal catch pole - $25 Assorted knives - a flesher, two skinners, and a pelter $40 Assorted fur handling tools - one plastic and one metal tail stripper, a tail splitter, and a wire fur comb $15 Assorted bottles - gallon of fish oil, pint of cherry trailing scent, pint of anise trailing scent, peanut butter and molasses scent spray - $20 Assorted gland lures - all call, red fox, canine, beaver, raccoon, and shellfish extract - $20 I have easily spent over $1000 on all of this. If someone wants to take all I will sell for $400. Don't be afraid to make offers if you want to bundle things together just ask If you want pics of anything on here just pm me and I can text or email them to you Prices are plus shipping I can meet some local guys if you would prefer that Small flat rate box is $7.20 Medium flat rate box is $13.65 Large flat rate box is $18.90 If the item does not fit in one of those boxes (such as the catch pole and gallon of fish oil) expect the shipping to be between $20-$30 if it is one of the items you want to purchase. Just keep that in mind - might be a good idea to bundle things together to make it worth your while
  4. amaraziti

    Duke DP Traps and Accessories

    Manasquan 08736 I can ship if needed
  5. amaraziti

    Duke DP Traps and Accessories

    I have 2 1/2 dozen powder coated Duke DP traps. Barely used for one season. I also have a couple dozen 18in stakes and a couple dozen extension cables with quick links both 3' and 6'. Asking $225 for the traps alone and $275 if you want to take all
  6. amaraziti

    Fresh/Saltwater Baitcasting Combo

    Still available
  7. amaraziti

    Fresh/Saltwater Baitcasting Combo

    I have a 6'6" blacktip rod with a Lews fire carbon LH baitcasting reel. Barely used it. Bought it as a fluke jigging setup. Could also be used for freshwater. Asking $75 OBO.
  8. amaraziti

    Fishing Kayak

  9. amaraziti

    Fishing Kayak

    300-350 I believe
  10. amaraziti

    Fishing Kayak

    I have a 10' Potomac Tidewater angler Kayak for sale. Has three rod holders, storage compartment between your legs, and bungee chords in the back for additional storage. I put a cleat on the front so you can tie it off to a dock if needed. Made it easier for me to load all of my stuff in. Also comes with a rubber grip paddle, flag, anchor, and towing wheels. Asking $300.
  11. amaraziti

    SKB Bow Case

    Located in Manasquan Dimensions are 39L x 15W x 6H on the inside. Holds bow with quiver attatched
  12. amaraziti

    SKB Bow Case

    Bump shoot me an offer
  13. amaraziti

    what bow ya shooting come fall?

    Mathews Z3
  14. amaraziti

    Mission Craze Compound Bow

    Manasquan in Monmouth County
  15. amaraziti

    SKB Bow Case

    Just bought this a couple months ago but don't need it anymore. Got it for $150. Asking $80 for it.