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  1. amaraziti

    Cheap deer bait?

    Thanks guys For the few of you who said you get truck fulls of cob corn can you give me phone numbers and addresses?
  2. amaraziti

    Question on sighting in

    Thanks for the help so far. The scope is a Nikon prostaff slughunter 3-9x40 through the reccomendation of the guy at the gun counter at cabelas. He installed it for me and I do believe he bore sighted it (or at least said he was going to when he took it in the back to put the scope on). I bought the gun used he suggested switching out for a better scope than what was on it.
  3. amaraziti

    Question on sighting in

    Alright gonna admit it here first before I start asking stupid questions. I have never hunted deer with a gun before. I am familiar with shotguns as I do a bit of upland hunting. But I have never shot or attempted to sight in a slug gun with a scope before. I purchased my first gun last week. Savage 220 with a Nikon prostaff slug scope. I am going to the range this weekend to sight it in. I guess my question here is how one would begin to sight in a brand new scope on a slug gun. Please any pointers for a newbie would be appreciated.
  4. amaraziti

    Cheap deer bait?

    Does anyone have a place they know of to get cheap deer bait in bulk? Doesn't matter what it is. Corn, apples, pumpkins, etc. I am spending a fortune by buying bags of "deer corn" from tractor supply. I am up to four properties that I hunt so I go through it quick. I am located in Monmouth county but for the right price I don't mind driving.
  5. amaraziti


    Bump make an offer
  6. amaraziti

    Outfitter tips?

    I have only been on one out of state hunt. Down in Florida for hogs. I tipped my guide and the kid who skinned and quartered my hog. If it were an overnight with included meals I would've tipped my cook too. I agree with what everyone is being said the outfitter himself is making enough coin already.
  7. amaraziti

    11/14 Check in

    Happy birthday get after em
  8. amaraziti

    Trail cam pic

    That sunset pic...I agree that's worth framing. I personally frame my best trail cam pics
  9. amaraziti

    I've been stewing myself over this

    If it were me I would try to boot him imo. I get it he had permission first, but at the same time when he didn't show up for three years he gave it up. And he even didn't tell the landowner that he was planning to start hunting it this year to see if anyone else was given permission since he hasn't been there (idk I always thought that was common courtesy?). If I were the landowner personally I would boot him for you.
  10. amaraziti


    Bump $200
  11. amaraziti


    Well I am racking up the taxidermy bills this year (not complaining) and have been meaning to get rid of some inventory so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone here. I am looking to sell all as a lot. Here's what I got HUNTING - 15 or so assorted broadheads - Montecs, Trocars, Hypodermics, etc. Mostly brand new but if used before then they were re sharpened. Mostly fixed and some expandable. Comes with a broadhead hard case and a package of spare o rings and blades. - 2 packs of 100 grain field tips - Reversible stone sharpener. Course and fine side. - Barnett crossbow 3 dot scope - Barnett crossbow discharge bolt - Fuse 5 pin bow sight - Moultrie SD card reader for iphone and android - Guide Gear trail cam bag brand new holds six cams - Allen camo poncho brand new in package - 3 arrow quivers - Crossbow and compound bow tree hangers - Cabelas adjustable shooting monopod - Crossbow cocking rope - TrueFire velcro bow release - Package of elbow game cleaning gloves and butt out tool - License holders - Knight and Hale rattle call - Hunting pack first aid kit - Range finder retractable belt clip - Bag of 5 Tinks scent bombs - Pair of Tinks scrape drippers - Bottle of doe in estrous scent - Shooting ear muffs - Misc hats/masks/gloves size large - 5 tree stand safety harnesses brand new - Mission Craze bow soft case - Redhead gun w/ scope soft case - Assorted ropes and lines Plus more FISHING - Youth neoprene waders barely used - 2 live bait containers - Seining net - Super Spreader cast net brand new in box - 2 trays of Spro and Spro type bucktail jigs 3/4oz - 3oz. Few dozen or so jigs. - Container of 6" Gulp Sandworms - 3 packs of soft plastic shads - Soft plastic eel jigs - Bag of assorted poppers and plugs - 2 stretch 25s - 2 red striper trolling tubes - 8 Fin Strike bluefish bait rigs - Box of weighted bunker snags - Assorted brand new AVA jigs with bag of teaser tails - Bag of new bobbers - Assorted bottom fishing rigs - Pack of wire leaders - Several plastic tackle trays Plus more As you can see I have a whole lot to get rid of. All for $300. If you don't need all of it you could always pick out what you want and sell or give away the rest. I have most of this organized and packed in a large plastic container with the larger stuff on the side. Located in Manasquan NJ (Monmouth County) but I don't mind driving. I am a college student out in Bucks County PA so I can meet somewhere out there too during the week. You could PM me on here or if you want to get in touch another way you can text me at 732-908-0766
  12. amaraziti

    Fuse 5 Pin Bow Sight

    Just upgraded to a single pin so I am selling my 5 pin. Practically new only had it on the bow for around 6 months. Very cool light up feature. $50 located in Monmouth County
  13. amaraziti

    Lots of Trapping Supplies

    Manasquan. Monmouth county
  14. amaraziti

    Lots of Trapping Supplies

    Here's what I have for sale: 2 1/2 dozen duke dps factory powder coated brown - $200 6 110 conibears - $20 Dozen size large wire coon/fox stretchers - $50 Freedom Brand wall mounted fleshing beam with all of the hardware - $50 Dozen 18in rebar stakes - $20 Couple dozen snare extension cables both 3' and 6' with quick links - $25 Two chain skinning gambrels - $10 each 48" metal catch pole - $25 Assorted knives - a flesher, two skinners, and a pelter $40 Assorted fur handling tools - one plastic and one metal tail stripper, a tail splitter, and a wire fur comb $15 Assorted bottles - gallon of fish oil, pint of cherry trailing scent, pint of anise trailing scent, peanut butter and molasses scent spray - $20 Assorted gland lures - all call, red fox, canine, beaver, raccoon, and shellfish extract - $20 I have easily spent over $1000 on all of this. If someone wants to take all I will sell for $400. Don't be afraid to make offers if you want to bundle things together just ask If you want pics of anything on here just pm me and I can text or email them to you Prices are plus shipping I can meet some local guys if you would prefer that Small flat rate box is $7.20 Medium flat rate box is $13.65 Large flat rate box is $18.90 If the item does not fit in one of those boxes (such as the catch pole and gallon of fish oil) expect the shipping to be between $20-$30 if it is one of the items you want to purchase. Just keep that in mind - might be a good idea to bundle things together to make it worth your while