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  1. A lot held late into March last year. I believe I had one 8pt in particular that held to just about April.
  2. I have a petting zoo a few mins out from my house that used to have a herd of deer in the back of the property. I was there this fall buying pumpkins and asked a guy who worked there what happened to the deer they had. He said last year about half of them just dropped dead one night. And over the next week or so the rest of them dropped also. This doesn’t sound like CWD but whatever it was is pretty scary stuff.
  3. Honestly it feels like 365 is deer season for me. I pay very little attention to anything else besides whitetails. Already have three new stands set from after the season ended.
  4. Just wanted to see how many of you guys have and use these in the deer woods and what kind of advantage you get by having one. I’ve been meaning to get one but just haven’t felt the need to drop money on one quite yet. Any brand suggestions? And does any one have experience with the GPS watches as opposed to the hand helds?
  5. Recognize the blue car Took a walk there not too long ago with no luck might have to give it another go
  6. How much does he charge btw?
  7. Seems like a lot of variety there. I have always done my own processing on all of my deer but I’m thinking next season I’m gonna take a few to a butcher to get some of the specialty stuff done up that I don’t have the equipment to do at home. That kielbasa sounds good!
  8. I always found that the years I didn’t kill one were the years I was the most motivated. Granted that hasn’t happened in a while, but the more meat I have in the freezer the less motivation I have to go sit. I spent significantly more time scouting than actually hunting this year..not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing lol
  9. That article had no substance to it whatsoever
  10. Love the wall. The saw over the mounts is an awesome touch.
  11. amaraziti


    Buck154 we did the exact same cruise two summers back. Hopped on a private charter for the day out of Ketchikan trolling for Kings. The only "me time" I had on the trip lol. If I could do it again I would forget the cruise and make it a definite hunting/fishing oriented trip DIYing it around the state. If all of the pics from that trip weren't on my old phone I would post them.
  12. Completely agree with that statement. Its amazing the things you start to notice after you start putting your time in trapping. Seeing things and making connections you never did before.
  13. Kentucky is my #1. I plan on booking a hunt down there for 2020. My taxidermist used to have a lease in Missouri and you should see the bucks he pulled out of there. The Drury Outdoors guys bought that farm so that really says something about the deer they have in that area.
  14. That is one of the best videos I have seen in a long time. Props to that man for being able to stand up and so clearly and articulately express the feelings that so many people out there wont.
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