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  1. Dloat

    F/S Lone Wolf Hand Climber

    I’m selling my lone wolf hand climber. I’ve upgraded it with...molle system, third hand archery stabilizer straps, stealth stripped most of it. I’ll throw in a third hand archery bow rest and a xop safety harness(still in sealed bag) and xop vanish seat(lost the original). Located in cape may county $300.
  2. Dloat

    Male German Shorthaired Pointer for sale

    Damn, getting a new place where I can have a dog in a few months and gshp is my number one dog. Beautiful dog.
  3. Dloat

    "QDM" Advice

    A lot of good advice and also make some great access routes to your stands. I thought where I hunted had no mature bucks til I figured it out better and made my access my priority and saw 3 nice big mature bucks in late season.
  4. Dloat

    I'm ashamed to ask, but I need some help.

    Not sure what county you’re in but in Atlantic County I’ve had clients get rental assistance for similar circumstances and even pay rent for a few months after getting their back rent taken care of, check with your county services department
  5. Dloat

    Another Dinner Thread.....pic

    Recipe please!
  6. Dloat

    11/28 AM check in

    Damn sounds great! Good luck!
  7. Dloat

    Big buck down

  8. Dloat

    Anyone hunting today!

    I struck out this am, hoping to get in for tomorrow evening
  9. Dloat

    Best uninsulated rubber knee boots?

    I have been thinking about getting another pair for later season, how do you like the 800s? I'm undecided on those or the 1200s
  10. Dloat

    Best uninsulated rubber knee boots?

    I use lacrosse alpha burly pros
  11. Dloat

    Zone 9 - 3 point on one side rule

    The cool thing I found really interesting was one of the biggest factors was what the bucks grandmothers nutritional diet was like. Bucks who's grandmothers were born and grew up in a time of nutritional abundance who's does then had the same produced the biggest bucks. I thought just the mother having good nutrition would be enough but it took two generations for it to start to have an effect.
  12. Dloat

    Zone 9 - 3 point on one side rule

    Sorry bud but you're wrong, please read up or listen to the podcasts from actual studies etc and not old wives tales. Culling doesn't work period.
  13. Dloat

    Zone 9 - 3 point on one side rule

    Haha no problem
  14. Dloat

    Zone 9 - 3 point on one side rule

    They go deeper in the podcast but here is some info on their website. http://www.msudeerlab.com/mobile/nutrigen.asp I really like the podcast as it also has a interesting one on rattling antlers among other topics that escape me at the moment.