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  1. My general rule is long or dense coated dogs get the long contact points. My wirehair (Griffon) uses the long points, his undercoat is dense. For E-collars I like to position the receiver at the 4 to 5 or 7 to 8 clock position on the neck. The collar should be high on the neck and fairly tight, if I don't think the dog is getting stim I tighten it. I always test a new collar or check an old collar on the palm of my hand, working it though the levels. Not only do I want to know if it works but how quickly it ramps up on stim. Make sure both units are well charged.
  2. Buttonwood- Hunt's Family Preserve- Bent Creek
  3. Thank you very much for answering my question! The cover looks nice with that good looking GSP retrieving a bird. A 2 hour hunt would make it worth it for me, it's not that far for of a drive.
  4. Could you give me a idea of the size of the fields and how long you could hunt for say for 4/6 birds? So could you work a 100/200 yard pointing dog in there for a couple of hours? Thanks!
  5. Nice to see Lucky doing well, he's come a long way and you both are lucky to have each other.
  6. I have been feeding my dogs raw for more than 15 years, very happy with results and never had a problem.
  7. Looks like a nice dog!!! You should be proud all that training is paying off. Just love to watch a young dog turn into a hunter.
  8. I think ones perspective is based on if your area was helped or hurt with the new pheasant allocation and how many years you have been hunting. The numbers don't lie, there will be a 50% reduction in birds at many WMA's in north Jersey compared to 2015 numbers. With fewer birds the state has increased the areas that they stock. The state should take another look at their stocking practices, reduce the areas they stock, do away with 1 of the mid week days. Stop putting birds out in the first field from the parking lot, this would be a start. For me its all about bird density, or flushes per hour. I am not a big bird killer, I like to work the dog, if he does everything right I will shoot the bird. If he doesn't I let the bird fly, pick it up later or let someone else have at it. For me it's not about what you kill, ground shooting, or out of trees, or banging away at a passing bird is dangerous and turns my stomach. But I would like the dog to have a reasonable number of bird contacts. I look at the bigger picture of Upland hunting in NJ, there are somethings that should be addressed. The cover in the north should be improved, mowing lanes through the nasty stuff is BS hunting and dangerous. I cant get into most dog training areas preseason, they don't mow them out and there isn't a good field to work near the parking lot. Can anyone tell me why do we have a Grouse and Partridge season? I live 10 minutes from Clinton, I can't train there and I don't like to hunt there and last year the bird numbers where down a lot. So I travel one to two hours each way to hunt, some days I pass 3/4 WMA's. Along with everything I said I just get pissed off with stupid stuff the state dose, Why would you plant that much Sorghum in the dog training area at Pequest, you cant walk though it? Why would you stock fields that are on the road or around homes or in a safety zone? I'll end it here and take the dogs out for a run, Good luck everyone enjoy the season!!!
  9. I went to Pequest early Saturday morning trying to beat the heat. The entire big main field is now cluster planted in sorghum, not in rows. It beat the hell out of my young pointing dog and me and in 30 min he was bleeding from nose and tongue. He did put up 2 hens after working them for 10 mins each, just kept relocating, although all I could see was the tops of the sorghum move. So we went to the other side and worked the hedge rows and put up rooster, for a total of 3 birds. Most others didn't see a bird, it's tough in there and I don't think that they put out a lot of birds, saw a lot more birds last year. Took the old dog for a short walk at Clinton Sunday evening we didn't see any birds but Clinton is hard on an old dog.
  10. I guess i'll just have to watch hunting shows, when they take a knee it's not about politics. Besides the dog likes them better and he is a great judge of character.
  11. Nice first post Upland 75, your spot on. I saw a Huge reduction in birds in the north, some areas are un-huntable. I got calls from other hunters last season, asking about the lack of birds. On big stocking days I hear 5/6 birds shot with 30/40 hunters, all over in a hour or less, lot of bitching going on. I live 8 mins from Clinton WMA , in there about a dozen times, saw 1 bird, 50 % of the time I don't carry a gun in there. I travel to hunt now, 1 to 1 1/2 hours just to find a safe area that has a few birds. I don't think getting 30/40 shooters to line up with a couple of guys walking in early to shoot 6 birds is safe or enjoyable. NJ Stocking #'s 2015 55K total North Total 29K Clinton 4,630 Flatbrook 6,460 Black River 4,460 Birds 2016 Clinton 3,610 Flatbrook 4,240 Black River 3,330 Birds 2017 41K total North Total 15K Clinton 2,560 Flatbrook 2,650 Black River 2,200 Birds I don't think they are releasing the numbers they say they are, I don't see that many birds. On the positive side I do see some attempts at improving the field conditions. Lots of Sorghum being planted, clustered not in rows, like it should be. I just don't like the direction this is headed.
  12. DonT

    Quad sold

    Great price and it runs!!!
  13. That came out very nice, hang in there
  14. Finally a good picture of the Loch ness monster. Nice to see the Lab working, there's is a lot of money in those sunken/reclaimed logs I hear.
  15. I sent you a message. Good luck
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