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  1. I have a new old stock 16ga lee load all that I don’t need as I have a mec in 16ga as well. Hunterdon County
  2. Also the ultra light has a mid Height rib like M2& Sbe and the Monty has a flat rib.
  3. I saw the same dead birds at Pequest Tues afternoon, otherwise no live birds. And shot bird feather piles just outside the safety zones and first fields.
  4. Lovely pup, she going to be a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing you and the pup at training.
  5. I have 6 1 1/2 to 2 hour late afternoon non stocking day hunts in Clinton in 2 different areas, saw and shot one pheasant. I see some shot feathers in the first fields off the parking lots but that's not my kind of hunting. I live 10 mins from the Clinton fields and know every inch of it and have a good dog that will run 7/ 10 miles in a short hunt. Running a dog without a reasonable number of bird contact will ruin a dog. Good thing I hunt PA and New England.
  6. Bird Brain's litter mate pointed 7 WC in a couple of outings last week in Hunterdon County. Not a lot of Pheasant around here but it's nice to see the little birds this late.
  7. Jimmy, for now the only GPS collar worth spending money on is the Garmin Astro or the Alpha. I have talked to a fair amount of people who have either done a lot of research or have purchased one of the other units including the phone based ones and they all ended up with a Garmin. I was on the fence, even with a NAVHDA coupon until I lost a dog for 45 minutes. Turns out he was on point on spring Woodcock and I couldn’t find him. So I purchased an Alpha, I use it WAY more than I thought I would, mostly to locate a dog on point. If you want to see the unit work let me know, I can meet up with you somewhere. By the way I got a NAVHDA UT prize 1 204 points (max score) on the Griffon and have qualified for the Invitationals In Iowa next year. Don
  8. You can talk about numbers, make fancy graphs and charts and do quantum equations but they are not stocking enough birds up north. I don't even think they are stocking the numbers they claim. This opinion comes from running a good dog and conversations with other dog hunters I know. The fact is dogs don't lie, if they say they stocked a couple hundred birds that day and I run several areas and hear 8/10 shots and flush 1 or 2 birds with a really good dog, who do you believe? Running a dog to often without a reasonable number of bird finds just ruins a good dog, regardless of the $40 cost of the stamp. I have mostly given up on NJ bird hunting and hunt out of state, but yes I still get out locally here and there, I just don't expect much when I do. Lack of birds aren't my only issues, overall management, field conditions, regulations and the constant changes. What it took F&W 20 + years to figure out the Grouse where in trouble. Never mind Chukar for the last stocking, just brilliant. Enjoy your season Guys, I'll run a trial next week then it's a trip to New England.
  9. My general rule is long or dense coated dogs get the long contact points. My wirehair (Griffon) uses the long points, his undercoat is dense. For E-collars I like to position the receiver at the 4 to 5 or 7 to 8 clock position on the neck. The collar should be high on the neck and fairly tight, if I don't think the dog is getting stim I tighten it. I always test a new collar or check an old collar on the palm of my hand, working it though the levels. Not only do I want to know if it works but how quickly it ramps up on stim. Make sure both units are well charged.
  10. Buttonwood- Hunt's Family Preserve- Bent Creek
  11. Thank you very much for answering my question! The cover looks nice with that good looking GSP retrieving a bird. A 2 hour hunt would make it worth it for me, it's not that far for of a drive.
  12. Could you give me a idea of the size of the fields and how long you could hunt for say for 4/6 birds? So could you work a 100/200 yard pointing dog in there for a couple of hours? Thanks!
  13. Nice to see Lucky doing well, he's come a long way and you both are lucky to have each other.
  14. I have been feeding my dogs raw for more than 15 years, very happy with results and never had a problem.
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