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  1. ChrisNJ

    Potentially stupid shotgun question

    Just nothing loose, pulled the bolt back to lock it, pushed the button to release it and is seems solid, was just wondering about other things to look for, I will find a video so I can clean it.
  2. ChrisNJ

    Potentially stupid shotgun question

    It is a gun my father bought in 1955 while in the army in Alaska, been my go to Pheasant gun for the past 37 years, this past season on an easy double it ejected the first shell but failed to load the next one, I don't know, just ready to try something been sitting in my closet for a long time for next year as it is also very light.
  3. Anywho I have always shot pump shotguns, however 5-10 years ago I bought a Ithaca semi from a guy on the other NJ hunting site for what at the time was what I considered very cheap. So this past season my 37 failed me and I decided to try the semi out for use next season. So my question is, I don't want this thing blowing up in my face first time trying it out, it seems tight and fine but is there anything I can do prior to pulling the trigger to make sure it is ok, or is it fine just by the fact it is what it is and tight? hope this makes a bit of sense Thanks
  4. ChrisNJ

    Finally scored on the Muski today

    A little more info on those Woody poppers please, is that cream cheese amongst it ? So a chunky of duck in the Jalapeno wrapped with bacon and ?